‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’: Johnny Depp runs from ghosts in new teaser

The film, directed by   Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, will open in theaters on May 26. With it, he’ll have total command of the seas and the power to stop Salazar from taking   him from the land of the living. Watch the new teaser below. The Maze Runner actress gets a larger spotlight in the new teaser for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Show Full Article The footage, released across Disney’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, glimpses more of Captain Jack’s drunken antics, as well as recycled   looks at Javier Bardem’s vengeful ghost Captain Salazar. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales also features Geoffrey Rush as Captain Hector Barbossa,   Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, Stephen Graham as Scrum, Kevin R. “Are all pirates this stupid?” Carina   asks, to which   the crew agrees, yes, they are. “I’m a woman of science. McNally as Joshamee Gibbs, Brenton Thwaites as a Royal Navy sailor Henry, and Golshifteh Farahani as the sea witch Shansa. I choose not to believe in ghosts,” her character, Carina Smyth, proclaims in the face of a phantom army chasing after Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. Carina, an astronomer, plays a part in Jack’s mission to track down the mystical artifact known as the Trident of Poseidon. Kaya Scodelario ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

‘Inside the FBI: New York’ promo reveals premiere for Dick Wolf’s docuseries

“The threat’s   always evolving, so we always have to be evolving.”
Wolf executive produces Inside the FBI: New York, which hails from   Marc Levin. Watch the promo above. Each episode promises to put a spotlight on a division   within the New York office, including Counter Terrorism, Gang Units, Cyber Crimes, and Human Trafficking. But with Inside the FBI: New York, the docuseries hones in on   the real world of the   Bureau’s New York field office. RELATED: 12 Law & Order Episodes Ripped From the Headlines
“Marc and his team were embedded with the FBI’s flagship New York office for over a year, and his extraordinary access has resulted in a never-before-seen look at the lives and work of the FBI agents who keep Americans safe,” Wolf said in a statement (via Deadline). A new promo from USA Network offers a first look at the upcoming project   and   announces a   premiere for Thursday, April 27 at 10 p.m. Dick Wolf has long fused fact with fiction in his Law & Order series, as many   episodes were   inspired   by actual   events. ET. “While we do care about what’s going on overseas, New York is home, and this is where I’m worried about. Show Full Article Anytime something happens here, I take it personal,” agents say   in the footage.

Norman Reedus and Jimmy Fallon get existential with an ‘Intense Staredown’

Watch the “Intense Staredown” in the clip below. In the latest rendition, the   late-night host cracks up while listening to Reedus’ goat confession. Norman Reedus has some enlightening revelations   about the mysteries of the world. Show Full Article RELATED: The Walking Dead Season 7: 6 Exclusive Photos
Elsewhere, Reedus muses over   Chipotle haiku while rubbing his nipples, before he and   Fallon succumb to the   meditative melodies of Earth, Wind, and Fire. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC. “My mother is a woman, my father is a goat, I am a man — but you don’t wanna see my down-there area, that’s all goat stuff,” the actor jokes. The Walking Dead star walks in the footsteps of Jared Leto and Robert Downey Jr., who channeled Tibetan monks while perching on alpine stones with Fallon. “Open your eyes to see the world, close your eyes to see your mind, squint your eyes to see the secret dolphin in the Magic Eye poster,” he says in Jimmy Fallon’s “Intense Staredown” from The Tonight Show on Friday night.

Mark Hamill honors Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds: ‘They are a part of us all’

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) March 25, 2017

The memorial, which began at 1 p.m. For they are a part of us all.” He recalled in a separate collage, “Then there was the time she promised if I went 1st-she’d heckle my funeral. pic.twitter.com/D3obeK00PH
— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) March 25, 2017

Then there was the time she promised if I went 1st-she'd heckle my funeral. Hamill retweeted one attendee who shared an image of the memorial program. Fiercely funny-I know she would also like us all to laugh today. pic.twitter.com/hRiwg13Zs3
— Jen (@GRRRLISME) March 25, 2017

Reynolds was buried at Forest Lawn with a portion of Fisher’s ashes following private memorial services for the women in December. PT on Saturday, featured a dance tribute from the Debbie Reynolds Studio, as well as music from Star Wars composer John Williams, the Gay Men’s Chorus of L.A., and singer James Blunt. Show Full Article Fiercely funny-I know she would also like us all to laugh today.”
Fisher, who led the cast of the original Star Wars trilogy with Hamill and Harrison Ford, died Dec. Three months later, crowds gathered for a public memorial held at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills to pay their respects. “We Remember Them…” he wrote in a Twitter post, accompanied by   images of the mother-daughter duo through the years. Mark Hamill paid   tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds as their public memorial began in California on Saturday. We Remember Them…As long as we live, they too shall live.For they are a part of us all. 27 in Los Angeles. “In lieu of flowers, we kindly ask you to honor Debbie   and Carrie’s incredible legacy by making a gift in their memory to support mental health at UCLA through the Thalians,” the cover read. Reynolds passed away   the following day from   a stroke. RELATED:   Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher Through the Years
See Hamill’s tribute below. PLEASE consider contributing to this very worthy cause. “As long as we live, they too shall live. Handed this @ #CarrieFisher & #DebbieReynolds memorial.

James Corden rides with Take That for Carpool Karaoke on Red Nose Day

with   Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen of the boy band turned man band Take That. RELATED: Carpool Karaoke: James Corden’s Most-Watched Videos
As it happens,   Carpool Karaoke got its start when Corden filmed an earlier segment with George Michael for Comic Relief in 2011 where he reprised his persona from Gavin and Stacey. “And then we realized, ‘Maybe we’ll lose the prison, but what if there’s still some fun for me and George to be in the car and we’ll sing some Wham! Corden hit the streets of L.A. “The fans are different now, like they’re the same people but they’re all older. Instagram it! Do the whole thing,” Corden told bystanders as he handed out their albums. The quartet sang through some of Take That’s classic repertoire, such as “Shine,” “Greatest Day,” “Babe,” “Giants,” and “Never Forget.” They also confronted pedestrians to see if American listeners   were even aware of the group. “My original idea was to pick George Michael up from prison in a car,” he   had said. Show Full Article songs?’”

Watch the latest sketch   come full circle with Take That in the clip above. So like where they used to throw bras and underwear, now is it like just [a] mass of Spanx?” Corden joked. “Tweet it! A British invasion came for James Corden‘s special Carpool Karaoke segment for Red Nose Day, the U.K.-based fundraiser to help impoverished children. Well, more British than usual. “Your wives will love it, your kids will love it,” he promised   construction workers.

Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher public memorial to feature James Blunt tribute song

She was 60. PT, will feature a dance tribute from the Debbie Reynolds Studio, as well as memorabilia and costumes from their movies and roles, and music from Star Wars composer John Williams. The public memorial service for mother-daughter Hollywood legends Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher   is Saturday, three months after their deaths that came just one day apart. Taking place at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills where they’re both interred, the memorial, starting at 1 p.m. Her funeral service was one   day after a private   memorial service   for Fisher at her Beverly Hills home. 27 in Los Angeles after suffering cardiac arrest on a flight four days earlier from London to L.A. Show Full Article The memorial will live stream   at DebbieReynolds.com. RELATED:   Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher Through the Years
Fisher died Dec. Reynolds died the following day at age 84 after suffering a stroke at her and Fisher’s property. The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles will perform, and a tribute song written by singer James Blunt, who once briefly lived at Fisher’s home   — the Star Wars actress was also his son’s godmother —   will accompany a photo montage. Reynolds   was   buried at Forest Lawn with some of Fisher’s ashes, which were in an urn shaped like a Prozac pill.

Bill Maher: Trump’s health care plan ‘was always bait and switch’

It’s like saving money on your kids’ education by letting them stay home and watch Judge Judy.”
Maher further slammed Trump supporters, saying they “didn’t elect the next Reagan,” but instead “elected every cheap huckster who you should’ve known was full of s— because he was always promising the moon. “The Trump approach to health care was never going to be repeal and replace, it was always bait and switch,” Bill Maher said on HBO’s Real Time Friday night. Earlier in the day, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan pulled the   GOP-dubbed American Health Care Act   and proclaimed the nation will be   “living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.” But, according to Maher, this plan has always been indicative of “the con man’s approach to everything.”
“Did I say health insurance for all? What a truly novel approach to making health care less expensive: saving money by not giving people health care. “Did I say Mexico would pay for the beautiful wall that keeps drug dealers out and locks the freshness in? Everything is always ‘foolproof’ and ‘100 percent.’” The host likened Trump to Kurt Russell’s used car salesman in the 1980 film Used Cars. Watch Maher’s takedown of Trump’s health care plan in the clip above. “No sense crying over spilt snake oil,” he joked. I meant access to insurance,” the personality said in mocking   Trump’s promises. Show Full Article I meant Mexico would pay us back.”
RELATED: 30 Stars Who Spoke Out Against Donald Trump
As quoted by The Washington Post, Trump claimed, “We’re going to have insurance for everybody…much less expensive and much better.” Maher added, “But when we saw the bill it was a giant tax cut for the rich paid by kicking 24 million people off their health insurance.

Terrence Howard defends past mistakes, says he’s ‘never been abusive to anyone’

I am the same loving being since day 1! Kiss for a [kiss],” he added. “I just hope the mistakes I make now are smarter mistakes.”
This article originally appeared in People.com

Show Full Article The couple have two   sons —   Qirin, 22 months, and Hero, 7 months. I am the same loving being since day 1!”
His tweets came seemingly in response to an interview in the current issue of PEOPLE, in which he said,   “I’ve made terrible mistakes throughout my life.”
On Twitter, Howard   clarified. Trusting the wrong people! “When I say that I’ve made mistakes, it is not regarding violence but judgement,” he wrote. I have loved and paid the price for love. News and   New York Magazine   reported. “This double standard that has permitted abusive women to feel that they can assault a man and not reap where they have sowed is wrong!”

I've never been abusive to anyone in my entire life. — Terrence D Howard (@terrencehoward) March 25, 2017

Howard   was arrested in 2001 and plead guilty for disorderly conduct after punching first wife Lori McCommas “twice with a close fist,” according to police —   Rolling Stone, E! “I still have growing to do,” Howard told PEOPLE. Terrence Howard   has faced numerous allegations of violence against his two ex-wives. But I wasn’t trying to hit her.”
In a 2015 divorce hearing, Howard’s lawyer argued that he signed their spousal support agreement “under duress.” The judge called Howard a “bully” but ruled in the actor’s favor. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. “I have loved and paid the price for love. — Terrence D Howard (@terrencehoward) March 25, 2017

When I say that I've made mistakes, it is not regarding violence but judgement. The decision is currently under appeal. Howard has claimed self-defense in regards to the Ghent altercation — telling   Rolling Stone,   “She was trying to Mace me and you can’t see anything so all you can do is try to bat somebody away, and I think that something caught her. Howard is currently married to third wife, Mira. In 2013, Howard’s   second wife Michelle Ghent was granted a restraining order against him on the grounds that he hit and kicked her during a family vacation and threatened to kill her. “She was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids,” Howard, told   Rolling Stone   in 2015, expressing contrition. “Trusting the wrong people!”
“I firmly believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. “Her lawyer said it was a closed fist, but even slapping her was wrong.”
The couple were married in 1989 and divorced in 2003 — only to be remarried in 2005 and divorce again in 2007. Kiss for a 😘
— Terrence D Howard (@terrencehoward) March 25, 2017

This double standard that has permitted abusive women to feel that they can assault a man and not reap where they have sowed is wrong! “I’ve never been abusive to anyone in my entire life,” Howard wrote on Twitter early Saturday morning. But despite previously admitting to hitting his first wife, the 48-year-old   Empire   star now says being abusive is not part of his history. — Terrence D Howard (@terrencehoward) March 25, 2017

I firmly believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski welcome first child — a girl

PEOPLE confirmed   the couple’s   engagement last September. The announcement of the   birth of their daughter comes a week after Sadoski revealed that he and Seyfried wed   during a secret ceremony. A rep for the actress confirms to PEOPLE that   the couple welcomed their first child, a girl. PEOPLE confirmed their relationship in March 2016. The new parents   first met while working together on the off-Broadway show The Way We Get By in 2015, and began their romance when they reunited on the set of their upcoming film The Last Word. Seyfried, 31,   was pictured wearing a silver band on her left ring finger while out and about with her beloved dog Finn in New York City. This article originally appeared in People.com

Show Full Article “I’ve never been excited by anything more in my life — and ready,” she   recently told   Vogue Australia about becoming a mother. Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski are parents!

Lola Albright, star of ‘Peter Gunn’ and Kirk Douglas’ ‘Champion,’ dies at 92

She later   married actor Jack Carson from 1952 to 1958, and in 1961, she married pianist Bill Chadney. This article originally appeared in People.com

Show Full Article Albright also recorded two albums, Lola Wants You in 1957 and Dreamsville in 1959. “She went very peacefully,” friend Eric Anderson said. She is survived by her step-daughter, Susan Chadney. They divorced in 1971. of natural causes. Sultry singer and actress Lola Albright, who starred in TV’s   Peter Gunn and in Kirk Douglas’s classic film   Champion, has died at 92. “She died at 7:20 a.m. Albright married for the first time in 1944, but she divorced in 1949 as her career began to take off. She starred opposite Elvis Presley in 1961’s   Kid Galahad and appeared   again with Kirk Douglas in 1967’s   The Way West   alongside Robert Meechum. She’s perhaps best remembered for playing the smokey-voiced nightclub singer Edie Hart opposite Craig Stevens in the NBC television show Peter Gunn, which aired from 1958 to 1961. She performed as a vocalist   on both records, and was accompanied by Henry Mancini’s orchestra. We loved her so much.”
Albright’s breakout role came as Douglas’s   spurned lover in the boxing classic Champion, which earned Douglas an Oscar nomination. Albright died Thursday in Toluca Lake, California, her friend, Eric Anderson, confirmed to Ohio’s   Akron Beacon Journal. She was nominated for an Emmy in 1959 for the role. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty continued working   through the 1980s, sometimes   making cameos   on TV shows   like Starsky & Hutch, Kojak, Columbo and   The Incredible Hulk.

Nicole Kidman is ‘Queen of the Desert’ in trailer for Werner Herzog film

“I said to Nicole, ‘I have to shoulder something very, very big onto you. “Every step in the desert, life and fire claim me,” Kidman’s Gertrude says in the footage. I have to put it onto your shoulders. Show Full Article “The deeper we immerse   ourselves into the desert, the more everything seems like a dream.” Such is the surreal trailer for Queen of the Desert, Werner Herzog’s odyssey across the Middle East   with   Oscar winner Nicole Kidman. Watch the trailer above. Damian Lewis also ranks among the cast of the film, which was written by Herzog and shot on location in Morocco and Jordan. You will be in every single scene in the film, with the exception of the very first one,’” the illustrious filmmaker said during the   Queen of the Desert press conference at the   Berlin   Film Festival in 2015. The actress stars as real-life trailblazer   Gertrude Bell, who left England for Tehran in pursuit of a more liberating life. The film will open in theaters and VOD platforms on April 14. Lawrence (played by Robert Pattinson). Her journey brings   her a romantic tryst with a British officer (played by James Franco), danger from rigid cultures   marred by female oppression, and a meeting with T.E.

‘Love Actually’ reunion: See what fans thought of the sequel

If the love actually message from Hugh Grant isn't the most needed thing right now, i don't know what is #rednoseday
— Jade (@JadeEden_) March 24, 2017

That was a particularly poignant speech by Hugh Grant at end of #comicrelief Love Actually film. While the original film was contentious — successful at the box office, but panned by a number of critics — the ensemble cast appears to have satisfied critics and fans alike this time around following its U.K. premiere on Friday. This article originally appeared in Time.com

Show Full Article The cast of the popular 2003 Christmas movie reunited 14 years later for a 12-minute mini-sequel as part of the U.K.’s Red Nose Day charity fundraiser. Love Actually is back, and people are actually loving it. Love will win pic.twitter.com/ULWmQDi2q5
— Iain Blundell (@BlackburnLawyer) March 24, 2017

me watching the Love Actually sequel pic.twitter.com/Ev1dPLiP2o
— Mai Taher (@_MayTaher) March 24, 2017

thinking about the love actually special has me like #comicrelief pic.twitter.com/urXDXmCFoE
— abby :))¡!)) (@abbyhickmott) March 24, 2017

Comic Relief, Actually has so far only premiered in the U.K., but it will hop across the pond on May 25 when NBC airs its annual Red Nose Day charity event for American viewers. Entertainment Tonight was full of praise, bluntly writing, “We actually love this!” and the British newspaper the Telegraph gave the skit four out of five stars, saying that the Love Actually sequel was “winningly nostalgic and a triumphant return.”
Fans and casual viewers additionally took to Twitter to express their satisfaction with the mini-movie. Seems appropriate after events of yesterday
— Gavin Hamilton (@GHmltn) March 24, 2017

"Wherever you see tragedy, you see bravery" – the #RedNoseDay #RND2017 #LoveActually script couldn't have been more relevant! RELATED:   See Exclusive Photos From the Love Actually   Red Nose Day   Sequel
Tom Sykes of the Daily Beast wrote that the short, titled Comic Relief, Actually (a nod to the charity that organizes Red Nose Day), was a “showstopping grand finale” to an otherwise uneven television special.

‘Justice League’: New trailer brings new age of heroes

Ben Affleck’s Batman goes from the wary observer we saw in the first Justice League trailer to the most qualified driver ever of the Batmobile. Bruce Wayne’s   interaction with Barry Allen is particularly memorable when the latter inquires about Batman’s superpower. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman changes from some sort of art docent in white to a fierce warrior with cuffs of steel. Here it is:

The first trailer taught us that Batman was putting together a team of fabulous misfits? Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions. Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone a.k.a. 21, says:
Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon. The official synopsis of the forthcoming film Justice League, due out Nov. All this is set to the same rhythmic baseline of the White Stripes’ “Icky Thump” that the first trailer was tuned too. What does this one tell us? The team most certainly unites, as we see each of “the others” off in their own lives. Now we are ready for the second trailer. And of course, Ezra Miller’s The Flash get all martial arty in his crimson suit. “I’m rich,” Bruce dryly replies. By now you’ve all seen the teaser trailers that mix quick glimpses of footage from the first Justice League trailer with snippets of new scenes from the upcoming movie from director Zack Snyder. Show Full Article Which after this much pomp and circumstance better pay off. Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman gets his massive trident from Batman and whad’ya know, he can control the ocean. It also looks like he’s created a new suit for himself, probably one that stands up better to semi-automatic weapons. Cyborg transforms from genial college co-ed to part man, part massive laser-firing machine. While delivering on all the expected action — check out the new footage of the league fighting parademons from Apokolips — we also get our first look at Amber Heard as Queen Mera, Billy Crudup as Barry Allen’s father (who we see briefly in a jail-time visit with his son), and J.K.

‘Power Rangers’ director breaks down mid-credits scene

We’ve completed the story of the five kids we care about. (Thanks, Billy!)
Below, director Dean Israelite gives some more hints on who Tommy is, talks crafting the tease (props to a classic ’80s film),   and what it means for a potential sequel. Did you consider what his character would be like   beyond this   scene? We shot it in four hours. WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the 2017   Power Rangers   reboot. Fans know who Tommy is, but what can you say now about this version of Tommy? [Laughs] Yes, that was in my mind when we were doing that. So he’ll   presumably appear in any potential   sequels, yes? Having the teacher call out his name over and over… that was an homage to   Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, right? It took place in the cafeteria and it just wasn’t as cool or dynamic, but it was basically the same thing. They saved it from Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), who had been the Green Ranger fighting alongside Bryan Cranston’s Zordon before going green with evil 65 million years ago. Midway through the end credits of   the   Power Rangers   big-screen reboot, the film unveiled a scene revolving around Tommy, who fans know as the eventual Green Ranger — and who’s so slick he’s bolted from detention, where all five of the new Rangers have wound up after saving the world. Right, it’s very germane to the movie, and I also think it’s a bit of a fun story to tell once it all ended. I always loved that. Power Rangers   is now in theaters. Even for non-fans, he would be an incredible character to bring into this ensemble, and of course you want to keep going. We thought about the fact that the movie is an updated version of the show, which was teenagers with attitude, so [the tease is saying] if you think   these   teenagers have attitude, wait ’til you see Tommy. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Was it always the plan to leave audiences with a tease for the Green Ranger? DEAN ISRAELITE:   Yes it was. Ferris Bueller   is   one of my favorite teen movies of all time. It’s part of the conceit of this kind of movie. We had shot, actually, a different tease for Tommy that wasn’t working out as well, and when we did a bit of additional photography, we put this version in which we think plays much better. In   Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Tommy initially works as a henchman for Rita but after freeing himself from her control, he joins the original Rangers and later   becomes the White Ranger. I find I always wait for the end credits scene in Marvel movies, and if I’m not familiar with the [franchise]   I really have no idea what just happened, but I get it. This felt much more organic to what was going on at the end of the movie. It was a part of that end scene in detention with all the other kids, so we just added it on to that. Here, there’s not much about his rebooted origin story: No actor appears as Tommy or voices him from off-screen. Show Full Article Plus, I guess if you paid attention during   Power Rangers, you would understand   that the Green Ranger was a possible character with Rita having been one. I agree that it’s the one thing in the movie that is so much more enjoyable if you’re [already] a fan, but I think that’s really typical of movies that are based on pre-existing content. All we see is an empty desk with a green jacket as the detention supervisor calls out his name, before the scene shifts to a deserted school hallway and… an explosion goes off. Obviously, the next generation [of films in the franchise] would hopefully include what we’re teasing at the end of this film, because I think that’s something that fans are really going to enjoy. That’s what this scene is trying to hint at. What was the original version? He brings it in bucketloads. I think the end credits scene is entertaining for non-fans and fans in that you kind of understand that there is someone who isn’t there that’s really important, and what does that all mean? How did you toe that line in the scene, to balance it for hardcore fans who would probably freak out about seeing a hint about the Green Ranger and new fans of the Power Rangers who might need a little more context? Tommy Oliver has arrived in Angel Grove.

‘The Bachelor’ turns 15: Chris Harrison looks back on the first night one

It was very simple. On March 25, 2002, The Bachelor started its dramatic, historic journey to find love. Obviously they have a teleprompter but I didn’t know so I had memorized it. In honor of the 15-year anniversary of the show’s premiere, which featured a young Alex Michel hoping to find a wife in Malibu, EW spoke with Harrison about that first hour and how they went about creating the show that’s become a phenomenon. The concept was there for this one guy to meet these women and then it was more like a social experiment of maybe this will work but we really don’t know because there is no template for this. You have to have that tipping point. “There was no template for any of this.”
With that in mind, The Bachelor producers were left to their own devices to craft   what has now become one of the most successful reality shows of all time. Now we have Rachel and these new guys and the show stays young, which is important. The numbers we were pulling in were Oscar and World Series-type numbers. I’ll never forget the first words he said to me when I pulled up the first day: He looked at me when I got out and he gave me a hug and he’s like, “Okay the host of my show can’t drive a Nissan Altima.” I said, “Well do you realize what you’re paying the host of your show? We had to create all the lines, all the cliches, all the things that have become part of the vernacular. I don’t know if we would be here today without her. The concept was simple: One man would meet 25 women in the hopes that he’d find the one he’d want to marry, and along the way, America would fall in love with the story, tuning in week after week to watch romantic dates and try to guess which woman would land the final rose. I did not drive a Nissan for much longer. This was my big break. It was the first Bachelorette ever and she has the power but then we thought a woman still wants to be proposed to and a gentleman should propose. And I haven’t spoken to him. It was so elaborate and so stupid and we wasted so much time. One thing I will say that has evolved over 15 years is our skill set as producers. I always credit her for being the godmother of the franchise. The network was struggling and then The Bachelor came along in the spring of 2002 and it was good but it wasn’t life-changing. That is a huge part of our success and why I’m sitting at a rose ceremony 15 years into this. You weren’t driving that Nissan for much longer. All the sudden I could tell something was different and once we really got into Aaron Buerge’s season, in the fall of 2002, I knew my life had changed. The “can I borrow you” or “steal you away” didn’t exist. How does this work? There was no experience or background to show that we were capable of this or that it was going to work or that it was going to look good. Yeah it was a house in Malibu. The gimmicks didn’t start until much later. We cut it out immediately because it just made no sense. I was so excited. Back then they didn’t even have Dancing With the Stars to perform on so they were left to their own devices. The Bachelor was my first big network gig and the first walk-and-talk was like five pages of dialogue that took me from the bottom of this pool area a good 100 yards up into the house, through the house, and out the front door. Do we know where he is? Now we’re in Bora Bora and Thailand and Finland. We did date boxes in episode one where the girls would meet me on the beach and I had a ginormous box and they would open it. It was the end of an era: There as NYPD Blue and According to Jim and Eight Simple Rules, and I think The George Lopez Show was on, so nothing was really killing it and all those shows were kind of at the end of their lifespan. We were like a therapist just getting out of college: You kind of know what you’re doing but not really. But something happened over the summer of 2002, from Alex Michel’s finale to the beginning of Aaron Buerge that was just this title wave. They’re like no that looks like a choir performance. They’re no longer a part of our show. I was kind of walking into it blind, so Alex and the girls had really been cast before I was attached to the show. When did you know the show would be a success? The show was good but you have to have that. And not just as producers of television but as producers of love and of relationships. It was a social experiment and a great television show and we were there to entertain you and then if it worked, great. You could feel the excitement. So it’s like okay, let’s put them on the stairs. No I think he’s still on the back of the milk carton. It wasn’t refined yet, so it was all a little loose and a little exploratory. At least she found true love. There really was genuine excitement when I would go in and announce we were going someplace. We had no idea what to do with the rose ceremony because it wasn’t invented yet. Because we didn’t know to have people steal. It   was hysterical. And back then, too, you have to give a lot of credit to Alex Michel because he truly was the guinea pig. I’m excited and there’s stuff happening that’s never happened before. I would like to apologize to the Bachelors and Bachelorettes that came before the big bank account, when the exotic dates were like driving down to Malibu or going up to San Francisco. They’re a part of our story and we will continue to keep them a part of the family and that story will continue, but we start over. And I’m not married anymore; my first line was “I’m a happily married man,” so that’s how dated that is. The first season, ABC was not doing well in the ratings. You look at all the things that have become commonplace and they happened in that first episode, but not really. That’s   what we triangulated: Somewhere in that general vicinity, but I don’t know where he is. The other thing we did, we shot everything the very first day: my intros, everything, we shot all in one day. It wasn’t the first season. [Ed note: It was the show’s highest-rated episode with 25.9 million viewers.] That’s when I knew. But that was part of the excitement too that I have a memory of when it all began: The innocence and naiveté of all of us — from producers to cast to the crew — there was so much energy from everybody including Alex and the girls because they didn’t know what was happening because we didn’t know what was happening. I had heard rumors he was either in New York, Dallas, or London. Your opening involved a   serious walk-and-talk. She was that tipping point that validated everything we were doing and made everybody in our audience believe and realize what we’re doing is legit. At least, that was the plan. Trista never lets me forget that! And by the way, back then you didn’t even know: We got to that moment and we thought, wait, who proposes? We didn’t have the life experience yet. How history could’ve been changed! And there were no gimmicks! But we really don’t know how to do that yet. We shot so much stuff because we didn’t know what we would use. There were a lot more group chats. We finished at 7 or 8 in the morning and then we turned right around and the first date started at like 8:30 in the morning. The premiere didn’t involve women “stealing” Alex away. I wanna say Aaron Buerge’s finale had close to 30 million viewers. I knew this was a different show. It stays young and it stays relevant, and it stays fresh. We were like, okay next time let’s not have me standing right behind the Bachelor. I was actually one of the last pieces of the puzzle put in place. “Nothing had ever been done like that before: Survivor had only been on one season and that was it for the reality shows,” host and executive producer Chris Harrison tells EW. Show Full Article We are so much better at facilitating that part of the show and I think that’s why you see so many more successful couples than we had back in the day because the show really is now built to be successful. It really was a leap of faith from this guy who trusted us with his life to go do this. I can barely afford this.”

I had never been a part of something so big. I’m a sucker for the old days but that was probably the most romantic. I always forget that it was a different house. It didn’t exist that first night. I think I upgraded to a Jeep Grand Cherokee. There’s no way you’re going to remember   upward of 30 names in one night, especially when it’s such a whirlwind.   I just remember being scared to death and pulling up on set in my Nissan Altima that I was driving at the time and my boss, Mike Fleiss, was standing there. What were some of the biggest debates you all had crafting that hour? But would it work? The girls started showing up and they met Alex and then they took like 10 steps and they met me. Has anyone found Alex at this point? What’s the key to a successful night one? We were like, no, that seems too casual. At first we had all the furniture in the room, so they were sitting on the couches. We’re good at creating these couples and they last. I get sentimental and cry when people get engaged and get married and have babies. I think if we had done five or six seasons and never had a successful couple, it probably would’ve waned. People have to remember, back then, none of what you see and even laugh at now existed. That’s probably the most romantic finale. This was by far the biggest thing I had ever been a part of. Back then, there was genuine excitement and energy not knowing what was to come. What is your more prominent memory from that night? I love it and I can’t get enough of it. Who are we going to marry and have sex with?”   [Laughs] It was so weird. But instead, she legitimized everything we were doing and then we were off and running. I appreciated seeing him ask women to repeat their names. I didn’t know how network TV worked and so I memorized the entire thing. I’d only been in LA a couple years and so to be shooting in Malibu, I was the redneck who had made it. We were all so excited to be creating something. Whether you loved Nick or hated Nick, it’s gone. So let’s have them stand up, and they’re like, that’s weird we’re all just standing for no reason. I should be jaded and I really shouldn’t care about this franchise anymore, but I do. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So I just re-watched the premiere of Alex Michel’s season…
CHRIS HARRISON: I watched that not too long ago and I was laughing at the original intros where I’m standing like 10 yards behind Alex. The show starts anew every time. I talked to the girls later and they were like, “Wait, who are you?” No one had ever seen the show, so they were like, “Are you another guy? And so now I think we do have that life experience and we really are good at what we do. When we started, that was our hope. It was like somebody moving their Christmas tree around a room — “No, here!” “No, here!” “No, here!”   It took like all night just to figure out what the rose ceremony was going to look like. We just killed ourselves. The last I saw him was at an industry event where we spoke on a panel and that was it; that’s the last I ever saw of him. I’m as into it now as I was 15 years ago and that shouldn’t happen. I never auditioned; I just met with the producers and I officially got the job really close to Christmas and then I was going home for Christmas with my family and we started I want to say like January 12th or 13th. All these debates that we’ve had over the years that now you don’t think twice about, but back then there had to be a discussion of, okay who’s going to get down on one knee: Is it her or is it him? I just love it. The women got out of the limo, shook his hand, and that was that. It all evolved. It was really odd how little I knew about the show and how little I knew about Alex and the girls. Do you remember much about casting Alex? The fact that it’s fresh.

‘Twin Peaks’: Laura Dern reveals her unanswered questions for revival

Is Ben Horne Donna’s father?” she began, trying to cram as many questions in 90 seconds. What about Pete and Andrew Packard? Show Full Article Dern also pointed to Leo Johnson and the tarantulas, Nadine Hurley’s amnesia, the fate of Annie Blackburn, and much more. For more details on the Twin Peaks revival, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday. The original Twin Peaks left viewers with a lot of questions, but here are some to help guide you through the upcoming revival on Showtime, courtesy of Laura Dern. The Big Little Lies actress may have a role in the 18-part limited series, but she won’t say which of these will be revealed and which ones will remain mysteries. ET. EW revealed the first look at the Twin Peaks revival in the latest issue, including exclusive photos and details. Did Audrey survive the bomb at the bank? Twin Peaks returns May 21 on Showtime at 9 p.m. “What is the Black Lodge? “Find out which questions are answered or totally unanswered when Twin Peaks returns this May on Showtime,” she teased. You can buy all the covers now, or purchase the individual issues featuring the owl, donuts, and pie. Don’t forget to subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. Watch the cast discuss the show’s odd universe and the upcoming revival in the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) special EW Reunites: Twin Peaks here, or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile and web devices. RELATED: See 9 Exclusive First-Look Photos From Twin Peaks

Dern will appear alongside stars Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn, Madchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, James Marshall, Peggy Lipton, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, Sheryl Lee, and many more.

Mandy Moore rejects ‘Tangled’-‘Frozen’ fan theory

Watch Moore in the   video above. In a recent interview with TVLine,   Moore — who voices Rapunzel in the Disney Channel’s new Tangled TV series   —   was not very receptive to the theory. Show Full Article “I don’t know if we need any crossovers at this point.”

In any case, the Tangled–Frozen theory isn’t the only game in town: Frozen co-director   Chris Buck likes to think Anna and Elsa’s parents got shipwrecked on an island and gave birth to Tarzan. RELATED: The Best and Worst of Disney Animated Films
Moments before, Moore had suggested that Tangled: The Series   already has   plenty of material to draw on without bringing in other properties. Mandy Moore   is throwing cold water on a fan theory connecting the Disney animated movies Frozen and   Tangled. “It feels like someone is really reaching, like into   Lost   territory or something.”
Or This Is Us territory, she granted. “I know that Disney Channel is very big on crossovers, but I feel like the world and kingdom of Corona is so rich,”   she said. The rather macabre theory, which gained traction   on Tumblr, hypothesizes   that the King and Queen of Arendelle (from Frozen) were headed to the wedding of Rapunzel and Eugene (in Tangled)   when their ship sank, thus obligating the newlyweds   to attend   Elsa’s coronation ceremony. “That’s a pretty morbid fan theory,”   Moore said.

U.K.’s Red Nose Day kicks off with ‘La La Land’-inspired opening

Watch the video above. Hugh Grant wasn’t the only one dancing for Red Nose Day. While the special aired Friday in the U.K., American audiences will get to watch The Red Nose Day Special, including the Love Actually reunion, come May 25 on NBC. For the opening of the British telethon, many of the night’s participants came together for   their own take on the epic La La Land highway scene. Show Full Article “Ha Ha Land” began with comedian and Comic Relief charity co-founder Lenny Henry urging viewers, “To chill out, relax, and give some cash.” Among the other presenters to sing their way through traffic were Warwick Davis (Harry Potter) and Miranda Hart (Spy). RELATED: Harry Potter: Where Are They Now?

Watch Gorillaz perform music from their new album ‘Humanz’

Show Full Article A day after announcing the upcoming release of   Humanz, their first album in six years, Damon Albarn’s virtual band took the stage in London to perform the new song collection   in its entirety. Joining the concert — which was partially streamed on Facebook Live — were guests including De La Soul,   Noel Gallagher, Pusha T, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kelala, and   Anthony Hamilton. In addition to showcasing   their new material, Gorillaz also played some old favorites, such as   the 2001   earworm   “Clint Eastwood” with their old pal   Del the Funky Homosapien and the 2005 hit “Feel Good Inc.”
Humanz is slated for release   April 28. Gorillaz are back, and evolving. Watch Gorillaz in concert above.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ showrunner Dave Erickson exiting after season 3

Fear the Walking Dead is losing its leader. “I look forward to completing work on season three, sharing it with the fans and developing new projects with my partners at AMC.”
RELATED: Fear the Walking Dead First Look: 7 Photos From the Set
Having previously created the Julianna Margulies legal drama Canterbury’s Law   and written on Sons of Anarchy, Erickson was with Fear   from the beginning, helping Robert Kirkman develop The Walking Dead companion series. The third season, which includes new series regular Daniel Sharman, premieres   this summer. Show Full Article Showrunner Dave Erickson has signed a new development deal with AMC, which means at the end of the upcoming third season   he will step down from running Fear, although he will stay on as an executive producer. “I have truly enjoyed working with the writers and directors, cast and crew on Fear and am so proud of what we have accomplished over our first two seasons,” said Erickson in a statement.