‘Doctor Who’: See Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor in unearthed Red Nose Day special

You know him as Mr. The Blackadder took on the mantle of everyone’s favorite Time Lord for a 1999   Doctor Who   Comic Relief Red Nose Day special   titled   The Curse of Fatal Death. The half-hour episode, which you can view above, sees the Doctor (played dryly by Atkinson) and his companion Emma (Julia Sawalha) go up against the Master (Jonathan Pryce a.k.a. Game of Thrones‘ High Sparrow) as he attempts to kill them on the planet Tersurus as an act of revenge. Bean, but now get ready to meet Rowan Atkinson as… the Doctor. Show Full Article This is the first time it’s been available to watch online. That last regeneration indicates that   the Doctor can change genders, (See: the   Master becoming   Missy), though this shouldn’t come as   too big a surprise to fans, as the writer behind the special is none other than current   Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat. Grant (who would go on to play   Who   villain the Great Intelligence),   Love Actually star Hugh Grant, Harry Potter‘s Jim Broadbent, and Absolutely Fabulous   star Joanna   Lumley. The special was initially broadcast in four parts in 1999, before being combined into a single episode for the VHS copy. RELATED: The Best   Doctor Who Cameos
The special is notable not only because of its comedic camp factor but also because it features multiple regenerations of the Doctor, thus resulting in alternate versions of the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth   Doctors, played by Richard E.

Political reporter explains Trumpcare fail with ‘Arrested Development’

And they didn't know how to apologize. pic.twitter.com/hRKb1NeFI1
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

13. pic.twitter.com/9KUnADsRwj
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

12. Sure — maybe they couldn't always close the deal. pic.twitter.com/8piSm2E13l
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

14. Read Diamond’s full thread below. Accompanied by a blank white screen that read “no footage found,” Diamond wrote, “But despite the dysfunction, everyone agreed: It all turned out well in the end.”
This isn’t the first time Trump and the series   have met online. On Thursday, the day   before Republicans pulled their health care bill, Politico’s Dan Diamond used Arrested Development plots, clips, and GIFs to demonstrate the similarities between the series and President Trump’s rushed attempt to replace Obamacare. The story of a wealthy family who … wasn’t actually that wealthy. Not to spoil the show, but it turned out the Bluths had bigger problems than failed construction projects. His   Twitter thread began, “That time a novice chief executive made a foolhardy promise, his erstwhile allies rushed to get it done-and it all fell apart in the end.”
The seemingly clear aim at Trump took a turn when Diamond followed up by saying he was talking about the season 2 episode of the Fox comedy where Gob Bluth (Will Arnett) promises he can build a house in two days. Still — for a moment — it looked like they actually could pull it off. 2. The story of a family with a few unsuccessful product lines. pic.twitter.com/Wddwsc61Dv
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

10. Back in October, after a presidential   debate, a video went viral that combined Trump’s answers with Ron Howard’s deadpan narration. pic.twitter.com/X5dQrCFUF2
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

7. pic.twitter.com/asroIyhpQo
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

9. The relationship between blustery GOB and wonky Michael reminds me of a power dynamic in D.C., but I can't put my finger on who. While Arrested Development fans keep wondering when they will get the long promised fifth season, one political reporter revived the show on social media, laying out the case that the failure of Trumpcare is eerily similar to the beloved comedy. Of course, I’m talking about ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’s classic episode, “The One Where They Build a House.” pic.twitter.com/UdWOL7jtvM
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

4. Of course, the failed house-build was just one in a series of screw-ups that came to define the Bluth family. pic.twitter.com/f0YjZYstdZ
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

Show Full Article pic.twitter.com/RmauSU7nB3
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

8. Until it literally collapsed — and everyone saw that while it looked like a house on the outside, it was actually a cynical, empty shell. To be clear — I’m just talking about ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. pic.twitter.com/CJvm4SIUmu
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

11. pic.twitter.com/j13oRbWwlE
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 24, 2017

5. But despite the dysfunction, everyone agreed: It all turned out well in the end. He continued, “Until it literally collapsed — and everyone saw that while it looked like a house on the outside, it was actually a cynical, empty shell.”
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The 14 tweet thread eventually   ended in perfect Arrested Development fashion.

Keira Knightley once thought ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ would be ‘a disaster’

The reunion features most of the original cast, and was created to benefit Red Nose Day, a popular U.K. Of course, that project turned out to be the wildly popular   Pirates of the Caribbean   franchise that made her an international   superstar. debut of a short follow-up to   Love Actually, which promises to catch up with its main characters over a decade later. In an op-ed posted to Radio Times, Richard Curtis, the   romantic comedy’s writer-director, reflected on where his stars were in their careers when the film debuted in 2003. “When we shot the film, I remember Keira Knightley saying that her next project was ‘some pirate thing — probably a disaster,’” he revealed. What a strange and delightful outcome that would be for our little, old, slightly chaotic ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Christmas film.”
This article originally appeared in People.com

Show Full Article And Knightley wasn’t the only   Love Actually   alum to score a role in the blockbuster. The writer-director also mentioned that Andrew Lincoln, who famously professed his love to Knightley with cue cards in   Love Actually, “had   never come across, let alone killed, the Walking Dead.” And   Chiwetel Ejiofor, who went on to earn an Oscar nomination for   12 Years a Slave in 2014 “hadn’t been a slave for five minutes, let alone 12 years,” wrote Curtis. The   Pirates of the Caribbean franchise   has raked in billions of box-office booty, but according to her   Love Actually   director, Keira Knightley wasn’t   always sold on the idea. “So I hope that a lot of you will turn on to BBC1 on Red Nose Day to see the mini-sequel and maybe find it in your hearts to give a bit of cash to save and change a lot of lives, at home and abroad. “I know the film is very much not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve been surprised ever since it came out, and so grateful, that some people are really fond of it,” Curtis wrote. children’s charity. As Curtis pointed out, “Bill Nighy was also later a be-tentacled Davy Jones” in 2006’s   Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and 2007’s   Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The trip down memory lane comes in the wake of Friday’s U.K.

Chris Pratt plays foosball with a fan at children’s hospital in heartwarming video

We won’t spoil the ending. Chris Pratt has bested intergalactic supervillains, genetically engineered dinosaurs, and Wild West bandits, but he may have finally met his match — at the foosball table. Pratt, visiting   CHLA in support   of the annual fundraising initiative Make March Matter,   jumps out to a commanding 4-1 lead in the match. But his young opponent, Emmanuelle, enjoys   home-court advantage and refuses to   go down without a fight. Show Full Article Watch Pratt and Emmanuelle’s match above. In a heartwarming new video from   Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World star faces off with a young patient   and has his foos skills   put to the test.

Jane Fonda teases a ‘chance for a fresh start’ in ‘Grace and Frankie’ season 3

“That’s what the show’s all about.”

Show Full Article “The thing I get the most feedback about is women —   not just older women, but college-aged millennials as well —   tell me they love the show because it makes them feel hopeful about the future,” says Fonda. Storming out of a double family gathering in a slow-motion strut,   Grace and Frankie   ended season 2 with a shocker: The duo was starting a company to   sell vibrators to elderly   women. Fonda doesn’t promise a smooth ride in season 3, but she can guarantee inspiration. “They like seeing these two older women who are healthy and rambunctious. “Yes, they’re doing it partly to save face after the way season 2   ended, but Grace also really wants to be a business woman and is very good at it, unlike Frankie,” Fonda tells EW. Grace (Jane Fonda) welcomes the change while Frankie (Lily Tomlin) fumbles. I love the fact that so many women say that the relationship between Grace and Frankie   makes them feel hopeful, and I really like that younger people tell me it makes them less afraid to get old.”
The new season also offers some action beyond that hilarious   “fallen-and-can’t-get-back-up” moment in the trailer. “After that grand exit, they really have to face the music,” showrunner Marta Kauffman says of season 3, streaming now on Netflix. Fonda won’t   spill, but as is the case in previous seasons, romance takes a backseat to the show’s main theme of female friendship. “She can get wound pretty tight and Frankie can   get her out of it; she needs her. This next chapter finds the ladies getting back into the groove with   their new venture while juggling romantic entanglements with the same   old   hilarity   that made the comedy a hit. “She’s the main hitch   because   Frankie, being what she is, is just not good business; she’s difficult   to reign in and I end up having to tell her what to do because   she just blows it all the time.”
That causes a problem   or two in the ladies’ already tumultuous friendship, but the foundation is ultimately unshakeable in the aftermath of their ex-husbands Robert (Martin Sheen) and   Sol (Sam Waterston) coming out as gay. “You can really screw up in life, but there’s always a chance for a fresh start,” she says. “What happened in the first season was very, very hard on Grace, but   with Frankie’s help she’s starting to get stronger,” says Fonda. Deep down, despite all the annoyances, we really love each other and it’s both fun and important to play women who aren’t bickering at each other all the time —   you know, the stereotype.”

It doesn’t hurt that they find   a common enemy in   charming   business tycoon Nick (Peter Gallagher), who challenges the double act as they dive head first into their new industry   and face setbacks. “There’s a really funny driving scene, and in another we go up in hot air balloon for a big surprise!” she shares. “He’s a slick operator for sure,” Fonda says of Gallagher’s character. “But he’s so handsome you can’t hate him.”
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Are Nick’s looks enough to wow Grace?

Alice Lowe talks killer fetus horror movie ‘Prevenge’

“I realized, ‘Why don’t I use all this stuff — being a woman, being pregnant — that is perceived as being a handicap in the film industry?’”
The gimmick of Lowe directing a film about a woman carrying a psychotic fetus while pregnant herself was enough to get British indie-film company Western Edge Pictures on board. “For such a tiny feature to have the life it’s had has been really unexpected,” says Lowe. See the trailer for Prevenge, above. “She’s smuggling this sinister force within her, but nobody suspects because she’s pregnant,” Lowe says. Show Full Article “I had been trying to develop a project as a director for a long time, and it wasn’t going anywhere,” she says. “There have been pregnant directors before, but I don’t know if they’ve been starring and directing,” Lowe says. “So we knew that we would get press — and the film being good is a bonus!”
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Prevenge premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year and garnered strong reviews when it was released in February in the U.K. The actress, a veteran of the U.K. “Not yet,” Lowe says. “She might be a cunning evil genius, hiding in plain sight to take over the world later, but she’s very angelic right now.”
Prevenge is out in theaters in New York and Los Angeles and is also available to watch on the horror streaming service, Shudder. The twist? Speaking of new life: Is her baby, Della Moon, showing any ill effects from having “played” a psycho fetus? The way Alice Lowe tells it, directing and starring in her filmmaking debut, Prevenge, while almost eight months pregnant was a breeze. “And the producers were like, ‘Um, yeah, there were some problems — we just didn’t tell you.’”
In the low-budget British horror film, which Lowe also wrote, the actress plays a woman named Ruth who starts killing the people she believes caused the death of her boyfriend. Ruth is acting under the instructions of her unborn child, with whom she has a telepathic link. “Afterwards I was like, ‘God, the shoot went so smoothly!’” says Lowe, 39. film scene, had starred in and co-written 2012’s Sightseers but was eager to jump behind the camera.

Celebs respond to Trumpcare bill fail

Popcorn please. They've not done. We're figuring out whose fault it is but it's not ours."
— Dave King (@DaveKingThing) March 24, 2017

a lot of smart and true things being said about today's events but let me just add (gives hot take, get 1 mil retweets, is loved forever)
— el-p (@therealelp) March 24, 2017

Show Full Article I'll get my healthcare thru cos I'm so good at deals and oh"https://t.co/gFhgRzzmtl
— David Schneider (@davidschneider) March 24, 2017

Paul Ryan currently locked in his office, shrieking "HAVEN'T ANY OF THESE PEOPLE READ THE FOUNTAINHEAD"
— Patrick Monahan (@pattymo) March 24, 2017

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) March 24, 2017

hey @realDonaldTrump you suck at this
— Jen Statsky (@jenstatsky) March 24, 2017

getting owned is his specialty. “Decency won, driven by you! #loser @realDonaldTrump
— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) March 24, 2017

Congratulations @realDonaldTrump on your complete and utter failure on repealing ObamaCare. Watch me do deals. just the most beautiful owns, everybody says they're really the most spectacular owns https://t.co/EI5B6gjYUu
— The Mountain Goats (@mountain_goats) March 24, 2017

If the rest of America pulled out as quickly as Trump did from this vote, we wouldn't need birth control. Decency won, driven by you! Neither are we. — yvette nicole brown (@YNB) March 24, 2017

Lastly, Ryan lamenting how hard it is to get the Dems' help w/GOP plans when they vowed to block EVERYTHING Obama set forth is laughable. We came up short. They can’t even be man enough to admit they control it now. — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) March 24, 2017

Turns out this was all a big misunderstanding. Humbled to stand shoulder to shoulder with you!”
Read more   reactions below:

Congratulations to the #Resistance for win on Health Care. There's more to do, but this is a real win. ❤ https://t.co/sIpmby47cb
— yvette nicole brown (@YNB) March 24, 2017

That #PaulRyan stood there & declared how grim the #ObamaCare future is when he has the power to institute a fix tells you even more. — Wil Wheaton (@wilw) March 24, 2017

This is extremely important. Make crazy claims you can't back up. — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) March 24, 2017

Thank you to all those who called their representatives and resisted ACA repeal in other ways. “Congratulations to the #Resistance for win on Health Care,” Ruffalo tweeted. — Grace Parra (@GraceParra360) March 24, 2017

Paul Ryan right now pic.twitter.com/BlumHUqGUc
— Kal Penn (@kalpenn) March 24, 2017

"Don't be afraid to walk away. Dig in. If some things need to be fixed, FIX them! — Stephen King (@StephenKing) March 24, 2017

national mood https://t.co/HbIhSiwVWe
— Nick Offerman (@Nick_Offerman) March 24, 2017

.@realDonaldTrump No shit NACHO https://t.co/HC6G2TcNjj
— Nick Offerman (@Nick_Offerman) March 24, 2017

I'm overjoyed for all the folks who get to keep their healthcare. So much for the Art of the Deal. Blame everyone else. So nice to some see integrity out there! This is good but it's just the start. Never stop fighting. — Albert Brooks (@AlbertBrooks) March 24, 2017

Many more battles to come. #Loser pic.twitter.com/FEyziQo6RL
— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) March 24, 2017

…and there it is. Sit in a big truck." — The Art of the Deal
— Ken Tremendous (@KenTremendous) March 24, 2017

"We had 7 years to prepare for this. — Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) March 24, 2017

Trump will want to pass the blame, as if #Trumpcare wasn't his even though he campaigned for it. We spent 1 week on it. On Friday, as Republicans lacked the votes to push forward their new health call bill and replace Obamacare, President Donald Trump advised Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to have it pulled. — yvette nicole brown (@YNB) March 24, 2017


Watching Paul Ryan still blame Obama.Pitiful. Typical behavior. — RainnWilson (@rainnwilson) March 24, 2017

✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 https://t.co/ufqzptW1Li
— Zendaya (@Zendaya) March 24, 2017

Trump has blinked. Bye bye #KillTheBill #Trumpcare #Obamacare https://t.co/MdGx10lN3w
— Dulé Hill (@DuleHill) March 24, 2017

Trump: "I'm the best at doing deals. https://t.co/C1MJJdkKwP
— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) March 24, 2017

What kind of day has it been, @realDonaldTrump? Now let's fix the areas that need a fix! Ryan   later admitted that   the nation will be “living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.”
The news of the controversial bill’s failure was met with excitement, pride, and mockery on Twitter, including by plenty of high-profile celebrities like Ava DuVernay, Billy Eichner, Albert Brooks, John Legend, and Mark Ruffalo. pic.twitter.com/m3k9F48MTE
— billy eichner (@billyeichner) March 24, 2017

Jus' sayin… https://t.co/A2Gu8kETcq
— Ava DuVernay (@ava) March 24, 2017

Listen to Keith, guys. The Repubs decided if they couldn't win the game, rather than play they would take their bats & ball & go home. We're going to lose a lot of fights, and we need to remember this when we do. https://t.co/ZkycABBOXk
— John Legend (@johnlegend) March 24, 2017

Oh hello there…. Whine. — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) March 24, 2017

Did Trump learn how to make deals at Trump university
— Ike Barinholtz (@ikebarinholtz) March 24, 2017

Thank you GOP moderates for killing that putrid piece of legislation. — (((Joshua Malina))) (@JoshMalina) March 24, 2017

Historically unpopular, despised president, under cloud of scandal and suspicion, fails to strongarm passage of unpopular bill. Trump told Ryan he wanted to retweet, not retreat. — yvette nicole brown (@YNB) March 24, 2017

Remember government officials are elected to make things better for their constituents. Humbled to stand shoulder to shoulder with you! Go have drinks with your friends, breathe deep, Monday we're back at it. #Resistance https://t.co/WFJ9MLo1Ro
— Wil Wheaton (@wilw) March 24, 2017

— edgarwright (@edgarwright) March 24, 2017

No vote. It's a good day for America. — Mark Duplass (@MarkDuplass) March 24, 2017

I got 99 problems but Mitch ain't one of them. Ryan will be the scapegoat.

Laura Dern wants Reese Witherspoon for a ‘Citizen Ruth’-‘Election’ sequel

“She’s equally hateful. I was just a disgusting mess!”
She credits Payne for his confidence in the material, and in her far-out performance. But the actresses share another lineage: They both worked with acclaimed director Alexander Payne earlier in their careers, both playing   utterly unique characters. Dern credits Payne and his writing partner Jim Thompson for putting their faith in such an unsympathetic (yet oddly lovable) protagonist – a faith that Dern also perceives in Payne’s follow-up film, 1999’s   high school farce   Election. “He’d made his thesis film at UCLA, but this is his first professional feature. Ironically, the two were kin in   Wild, where Dern played Witherspoon’s mother. Blockbusters like   Jurassic Park and the upcoming   Star Wars: The Last Jedi   sit on her resume alongside some of the high   classics of independent cinema, to say nothing of her ongoing always-experimental collaborations with David Lynch or her memorable side career as   a TV star. “No one had laid the rules out yet, you know?” Dern says. “They’re real symbiotic characters,” she laughs. “I wanna do a sequel,” Dern says. “There was not a scene where I wasn’t barfing or f—ing or vomiting or burping. “The confidence he showed in never questioning [Ruth], I think he carried that beautifully with Reese’s character in   Election,” says Dern, referring to Witherspoon’s memorable star turn as ultra-ambitious   Tracy Flick. “Tracy Flick and Ruth Stoops in a heist, or a road picture. because they are the biggest s—show   in town, man!”

Show Full Article She’s the worst!”
But Dern sees some potential in the pairing of her Citizen Ruth   layabout and Witherspoon’s machiavellian politician. As a performer, she’s been at the center of nearly every kind of movie there is. He put his trust in Ruth. Currently, she’s on the small screen with   Big Little Lies, playing the nemesis of Reese Witherspoon’s character. “I’ve never fallen in love with a character more,” she explains, laughing. Now the Oscar-winning filmmaker   behind movies like   The Descendants and   Nebraska (starring Dern’s father, Bruce), Payne was a first-time director when he collaborated with Dern on   Citizen Ruth. For Dern, her role as Ruth Stoops in 1996’s abortion satire   Citizen Ruth stands above and apart in her filmography. He loved her, and he believed in her, and she could no wrong for him.”

For more from Laura Dern, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now, or buy it here — and subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. In the new issue of   Entertainment Weekly, Laura Dern looks back at some of the most memorable roles in her brilliant career.

Dove Cameron sings the ‘Liv and Maddie’ theme song for the last time

I'm incredibly proud of this show, this episode, the cast, crew and writing staff I was blessed to work with and the positive messages we were able to disguise inside a boatload of fun. Beck shared emotional posts on Instagram. Whether you're a kid, or a grown-up who watched WITH your kids, it was our pleasure and honor to spend the last four years with your family in your home on your TV. As we take our bow, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who put their blood sweat, tears and laughs into making the show. I met my best friends on this set, friends that I would do anything for. ❤️ Thank you to EVERYONE involved. ET on Disney Channel. RELATED: See Photos From the Liv and Maddie   Finale
A new “Better In Stereo” music video features Liv’s singing interspersed with a montage   of major sister moments from the show’s four-season run and ends with both sisters getting choked up and hugging. I gained four seasons of knowledge, love, experience, friends, laughter, and a family. See their posts below:

11 hours until the #livandmaddie series finale. #livandmaddie #livandmaddiecalistyle #goodbyelam #disneychannel #lamfam
A post shared by Emmy Buckner (@emmybuckner) on Mar 24, 2017 at 10:32am PDT

Tonight we say goodbye to Liv and Maddie 💛 the best four years of my entire life… I love you all so much…Goodbye Rooneys 💔 #goodbyelam #livandmaddie #livandmaddiecalistyle #endarooney
A post shared by Jessica Marie Garcia (@jess_m_garcia) on Mar 24, 2017 at 10:14am PDT

On Friday, March 24th, at 5:30PM on @DisneyChannel, we will air the final episode of #LivAndMaddie, the show I was fortunate enough to create with @ronhart44 @bsullenger & @herrdirektor. Besides living my dream of being on the Disney Channel, this show gave me a whole new family. I owe so much gratitude to anyone and EVERYONE who let me be a part of Liv and Maddie. But when Karen wants the family to   leave California and head back to Wisconsin for a reunion,   each of the Rooney kids finds themselves faced with an exciting opportunity, throwing their summer plans in chaos. Show Full Article Bam, what?! “Sisters by chance, friends by choice.”
If knowing that   Liv and Maddie   is coming to an end hasn’t brought a tear to your eye,   Dove Cameron‘s callback to the show’s very first episode (and a subsequent theme in future episodes) will definitely get the waterworks flowing —   especially when it’s paired with a final, acoustic rendition   of the show’s theme song. We have been done shooting for a bit now, but it's crazy to think tonight the final episode ever airs. People that have impacted me more than I could have ever hoped for. This is not the end of the story. Just the end of the part we are currently telling. raise your hand if you're not ok 🙋🏼
A post shared by ♡DOVE♡ (@dovecameron) on Mar 23, 2017 at 6:36pm PDT

When I booked Liv and Maddie, I had no idea the impact it was going to have on my life. As   Liv and Maddie’s journeys come to an end, Dove Cameron (who plays both characters) and her costars Emmy Buckner and Jessica Marie Garcia, and creator John D. The Disney Channel show’s final half hour—titled “End-a-Rooney”—sees the Rooney house rebuild finally completed. Willow, will always be a huge part of me and thank you thank you thank you for letting me play her. A post shared by John D Beck (@johndbeck) on Mar 23, 2017 at 4:38pm PDT

The   Liv and Maddie series finale airs 5:30 p.m. I had just moved to LA a few months prior, and was SPOILED to have had this opportunity. Tune In. 😢This show has changed my life, forever. Working on this show was much more than just a dream come true. We hope you enjoy watching the "Liv and Maddie" series finale, #EndARooney as much as we enjoyed making it. And I'd like to say an even bigger thank you to those of you who watched.

‘Bones’: Brennan’s life might be on the line in exclusive series finale promo

Catch the Bones series finale Tuesday at 9 p.m. “Stay with me,” he tells her. Show Full Article “I love you. The lab looks bad, to say the least — as does Brennan, whom Booth finds lying on the floor, passed out and bloody. ET on Fox, and continue checking   EW.com for more coverage. “There’s been a massive explosion in Jeffersonian Institution,” a narrator says as images of the wreckage appear on screen. Some advice: Have a box of tissues handy. Don’t forget that.”

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As if saying goodbye to the show isn’t hard enough, now Brennan’s life is in jeopardy? “245 Episodes,” “275 Crimes Solved,” and “One Final Episode,” reads a Bones series finale promo, debuting exclusively on EW.com.

Adam Sandler signs new movie deal with Netflix

Netflix has agreed to finance the production of four more Sandler films, all of which will be produced by Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions and premiere exclusively on the streaming platform.  

Show Full Article The third movie on Sandler’s original four-film deal will be Sandy Wexler. Sandy Wexler   is set to hit Netflix April 14, with five more films to come in the following years. In addition to Sandler, it stars   Jennifer Hudson, Kevin James, Terry Crews, Lamorne Morris, Nick Swardson, and more. In a statement, Netflix described   The Ridiculous Six   and   The Do-Over   as “the biggest film releases for the service,” though Netflix has still not made its internal viewership numbers available. Following the success of their previous collaborations,   The Ridiculous Six   and   The Do-Over, Sandler and Netflix have inked another movie deal. While his previous Netflix films mixed Sandler’s slapstick style with the Western and action genres, Sandy Wexler   will be a straight romantic comedy set in Los Angeles during the ’90s. Adam Sandler and Netflix won’t be parting ways anytime soon.

Cher exits Lifetime’s Flint water crisis movie due to ‘serious family issue’

Unfortunately I will be unable to leave Los Angeles during the scheduled filming as I am dealing with a serious family issue that prevents me from going on location for the April filming,” said Cher. The movie is inspired by the Time cover story “The Toxic Tap” and executive produced by Katie Couric. Show Full Article Cher — who donated 180,000 bottles of water to Flint residents last year and has been critical of Gov. Deadline was the first to report Cher’s exit. Cher has left her role in   Lifetime’s upcoming movie   about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, EW has confirmed. “This has been a project so near and dear to my heart and I was truly looking forward to helping tell this story. Rick Snyder’s handling of the crisis — was   supposed to play a   resident whose family is seriously affected by the crisis. Directed by Bruce Beresford from a script by Barbara Stepansky,   Flint   explores how   three women from the city fought to expose the contaminated water crisis, which resulted from a cost-cutting measure that switched the city’s water supply source. “I’m so glad that [executive producers] Craig [Zadan] and Neil [Meron] plan to move ahead and I know that this Lifetime movie will be done beautifully.”
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It is unclear whether or not the role will be recast or if she will still remain on as one of the executive producers. The Oscar winner (Moonstruck) was supposed to begin shooting Flint in Toronto next month, but has since left the movie due to family issues, she explained in a statement.

‘Twin Peaks’ stars on why it was a cultural phenomenon

You kind of immersed yourself in a different place. “The characters did things that you didn’t expect them to do. Watch the cast discuss the show’s odd universe and the upcoming revival in the new   People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) special   EW Reunites: Twin Peaks   here, or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile and web devices. “And I’m like, ‘Well, I don’t know. Even now, Twin Peaks boasts a rabid fan base — which still obsesses over every weird Lynchian detail in the show. I think people forgot where they were when they watched the program. For more details on the   Twin Peaks   revival, pick up the new issue of   Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday. For EW’s new cover story on the upcoming revival, original Twin Peaks cast members like Sherilyn Fenn, Kyle MacLachlan, Madchen Amick, and Peggy Lipton reunited to reflect on the show’s peculiar legacy. Twin Peaks mania spread across the nation, surprising even the cast of the show. Don’t forget to   subscribe   for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. “It was new for its time,” says MacLachlan, who starred as FBI Agent Dale Cooper. You can   buy all the covers   now, or   purchase the individual issues   featuring the   owl,   donuts, and   pie. They just kind of fell into the world of Twin Peaks.”

Show Full Article Millions watched the pilot, entranced as creators David Lynch and Mark Frost introduced a quirky small town where high school beauty queens washed up on the beach and the local diner served the best cherry pie you could buy. “I remember they screened the pilot,” recalls Fenn, who played Audrey Horne. No one’s going to see it. When   Twin Peaks   hit the airwaves in 1990, it captivated the country in a way no other show could. Everyone’s sleeping with everyone!’ I mean, I had no idea.”
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Despite Fenn’s doubts, the show was a massive success. But it was more than that: It was a world.

‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’: EW review

Though they risk discovery every day, their most dangerous adversary is a former colleague, the Berlin Zoo head Lutz Heck (Daniel Brühl, an actor who seems contractually obligated to play the Bad German in an American movie at least once every two years); now an SS officer with privileges, he aims to take whatever pleases him, including Antonina. But it’s 1939, and there’s no question what lies in store for Poland. The movie is nicely shot and sympathetically acted, but there’s an odd lack of stakes and urgency, considering their mission—the real-life couple did, in fact, save some 300 lives over the course of the war—and scarcely a moment or character that strays from the familiar. Director Niki Caro (The Whale Rider) has adapted Diane Ackerman’s best-selling 2007 nonfiction book into a well-meaning but disappointingly schematic film: Subtract the zebras and the spider monkeys, and it’s one more timeworn tale of tragedy and triumph, poisonous Nazis and noble resistance. After a horrendous, riveting scene of the city’s first major bombing—and the surreal sight of shell-shocked leopards and kangaroos wandering the streets of Warsaw—the movie settles into its conventional narrative: Jan and Antonina decide to turn their newly emptied grounds into a pig farm, which itself becomes a front for smuggling Jews out of the sealed-off ghetto into the vacant underground pens and ultimately to freedom with newly forged papers. Jessica Chastain and Flemish actor Johan Heldenbergh (The Broken Circle Breakdown) star as Antonina and Jan Żabińska, whose pre-War life as proprietors of the Warsaw Zoo seems like a dreamy sort of human-animal idyll: Lion cubs nap like house cats in their young son’s bed; a baby camel trots jauntily behind Antonina as she does her morning rounds, feeding apples to hippos and hauling fresh hay for her wild menagerie. Even at its most engaging (those cubs!), Zookeeper   can’t help evoking the dozens of films that have told these stories before, and better. Is there a true, inspiring World War II story still left untold? It’s hard to name a subject more exhaustively plundered by Hollywood, though The Zookeeper’s Wife does at least have something to set it apart from its endless predecessors: lions and tigers and bears (also: elephants, cheetahs, a bald eagle, and a live bison birth). B–

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‘Twin Peaks’: EW launches Showtime revival podcast

The hosts will start by taking a closer look at the series’ first season, then will revisit season 2, as well as the confounding 1992 film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, in the following weeks. Show Full Article Until then, feel free to send questions and comments on Twitter to @EWDocJensen and @DarrenFranich, or send an email to twinpeaks@ew.com. Talk about a damn good podcast! Subscribe now to get the newest episodes when they arrive – and listen to the audio above for a preview of the season ahead. There will be a podcast episode posted every Monday during the new season’s 18-episode run, in which Jeff and Darren will give their analysis on the show’s twists and turns, provide behind-the-scenes intel, and (try to) answer your burning questions. A Twin Peaks Podcast: A Podcast About Twin Peaks will be your essential guide to understanding and examining the mysteries of Showtime’s trippy horror-soap by David Lynch. It will all lead up to the highly anticipated series revival launching May 21. Launching May 1, EW’s men from another place, Jeff Jensen and Darren Franich, will take you back to where it all began. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for EW’s forthcoming podcast all about the show that changed television.

Peter Parker takes a break in new ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ poster

Even Spider-Man has to take a breather sometimes. Holland and Downey are both reprising their roles for Homecoming, and they’re joined by Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, and Tony Revolori. Jon Watts is directing Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will hit theaters on July 7. The Manhattan skyline stretches out behind him, with Avengers Tower looming large. Show Full Article Sony shared the new poster on Twitter with the tagline: “Homework can wait. A new Spider-Man: Homecoming poster has hit the, um, web, showing Peter relaxing with his headphones. The city can’t.”

The upcoming Sony/Marvel picture finds Peter Parker (Tom Holland) back in high school, after joining Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in Germany for the events of Captain America: Civil War.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ gets awesome in Bowie-soundtracked teaser

One more milestone in that long wait was reached today, with tickets for   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. “So here we are,” declares Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord in a new teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Show Full Article 2 now on sale, as advertised in that aforementioned teaser. “A thief, one thug, an assassin, a maniac, and an angry little tree.”
That would have seemed like an unlikely lineup for a team of big screen superheroes not so long ago. 2 (out May 5). But almost three years on from the huge success of director James Gunn’s original Guardians of the Galaxy, the same filmmaker’s sequel is undoubtedly one of the most-anticipated films of the season as fans await the further adventures of Pratt’s Peter Quill, Zoe Saldana’s Gamora, Dave Bautista’s Drax, and the Vin Diesel- and Bradley Cooper-voiced Groot and Rocket. You can watch the video above.

Read an exclusive excerpt from the new ‘Friday Barnes’ book ‘No Rules’

The dust jacket read The Sheikh’s Ambitious Bride, but when she removed it the title on the spine of the book was Advanced Mathematics, 17th Edition. “Since I promised not to cause trouble,” said Friday. They weren’t there. Textbooks are much larger.”
“Of course,” said Friday. “There wasn’t time,” said Miss Franelli. “I think instinct would make them walk farther away.”
“But it was raining outside,” said Miss Franelli. “They just sit around reading romance novels,” said Miss Franelli. “You’re the only teacher in the math department who has a grasp of fourth-dimensional geometry.”
“I did mention that I am very qualified and that I have a master’s degree in pure mathematics,” said Miss Franelli, “but he just shook his head and said that it was this sort of patriarchal thinking that was holding back my career.”
“But what do they do in class if they’re refusing to study?” asked Melanie. She especially didn’t like children who touched her books. “I confronted Tristan Fanshaw about it and he told me that human relationships were the backbone of civilized society, and therefore romance novels were much more educational than anything I’ve taught him.”
“He probably just enjoys the kissing parts,” said Melanie. The yelling could be heard from as far away as the school swamp. “That was fun,” said Friday. Luckily, Friday doesn’t have much time to ponder interactions with her classmates, as she’s too busy solving the puzzles, and cases, they bring her. She loved the subject herself, but she was a kind, shy woman, so she felt terrible for forcing children to study something that the vast majority of them loathed. “But VP Pete’s talk of freedom seems to have gone to their heads.”
“Can’t you report them to him?” asked Friday. “Where are we going?” asked Melanie. After recess, the books were gone. Given Friday’s love of books, you would think she would be a librarian’s favorite. “Now, where could they go without getting wet?”
“Along the corridor,” said Melanie. “They are not the right size. She was just beginning an analysis of her id when she was interrupted. Most of all, she didn’t like impertinent children who criticized the purchases she made for the science section, which is exactly what Friday had done when they first met. Two minutes later they were standing in the romance section of the school library. “The boys as well?” asked Friday. Spratt’s Holmes-ian   creation is a genius at solving crime   but not so great at social niceties — something that comes up now that she’s at an exclusive boarding school (and has a best friend). “Miss Franelli’s class left the first half of their lesson yesterday with their textbooks. The sophomore dormitory is on the far side of the school. “All their textbooks have gone missing.”
“Where have they gone?” asked Friday. “So what exactly happened?” asked Friday. “You will?” said Miss Franelli hopefully. “That’s your classroom up there, isn’t it?” asked Friday, pointing to the second-floor classroom at the end, closest to the math staff room. “I haven’t had a good mystery to solve in ages.”
“Since Ian left,” said Melanie. “Precisely,” said Friday. “They’ve hidden every single textbook?”
“Ingenious,” said Melanie. These are standard hardbacks. She led them to the far end of the library where two entire bookshelves were jam-packed with oversize romance novels. All the evidence leads to here. She looked about. “I think I will,” said Friday. “I’ll get them,” said the librarian with ominous menace. But her eyesight failed in her later years and she mainly read large-print romance novels.”
“Where are they kept?” asked Friday. “The walkway to the library,” said Melanie. There’s also the matter of the new Vice Principal who’s been behaving a little strangely…

With   No Rules: A Friday Barnes Mystery set to hit bookstores Aug. Not in the grounds or the gardens, or the bushes just outside the windows. “Let’s go and see your classroom.”
Friday, Miss Franelli, and Melanie left the study hall and walked across to the school quad. “I think the students have hidden them, but I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find them.”
“Really?” asked Friday. They would’ve been soaked if they’d tried to walk. And they weren’t. “But you haven’t even searched the scene of the crime,” said Melanie. She did not like children. I searched the classroom, the staff room, and the book closet. Friday and the librarian did not get along. “I wish I’d thought of that.”
“They were never very enthusiastic students before,” said Miss Franelli. “People with bad eyesight,” said Friday. She had actually written well over seven thousand words because she found the subject of herself so compelling. “I let them come in here to get out of the rain, because goodness knows only meteorological intervention could possibly inspire them to read, and this is how they repay me!”
“Don’t worry,” said Friday, “Miss Franelli knows where your novels are.”
“The hard part will be getting them to give them back,” worried Miss Franelli. “My sophomore class,” said Miss Franelli. “We were all so worried.”
The class sniggered at his sarcasm. “In their own section,” said the librarian. “You’re right. “Romance novels aren’t printed in that format,” said Friday. “Let’s go and see.” She walked directly across the quad to the library on the far side. But I don’t understand. “No, they just look like romance books,” said Friday. But the librarian at Highcrest Academy was a woman of strong views. “Are you going to cross-examine them?” asked Miss Franelli. “They’ll just enjoy taunting me, and I’d rather not give them the pleasure.” She turned and walked back to the doorway. I couldn’t find them anywhere.”
“Perhaps they took them back to their rooms?” said Melanie. They were clearly a group who spent more time styling their perfectly disheveled hair than they did on their schoolwork. Spratt
Chapter 9
The Case of the Missing Math Textbooks
Later that afternoon, Friday was with Melanie in study hall writing her self-analysis. “Come on.”
When they climbed the stairs and arrived at the classroom, Miss Franelli’s sophomores were lounging around reading their novels. The students won’t tell me where. But with   their master of mystery-solving out of the country, Highcrest Academy is in a panic. “Yes,” said Miss Franelli. They were standing with the downstairs corridor on one side and the doorway to the quad on the other. “You’re not going to find them here,” said the librarian. Besides, it was raining yesterday.  
Exclusive excerpt from   No Rules: A Friday Barnes Mystery by R.A. Ever since, the librarian had hated Friday with the intense repressed rage only someone who works in an environment where yelling is forbidden can possess. “It will be my pleasure,” said the librarian as she strode off with Miss Franelli toward the math classroom. “Before recess, they all had their textbooks. She reached out and took a book from the center shelf, then took off the dust jacket. “If they had stepped foot out into the rain, they would have ruined their self-consciously disheveled hair. “Don’t be so sure,” said Friday. “Then it all fits,” said Friday. “I don’t know,” said Miss Franelli. “We’re looking for math textbooks,” said Friday. “I did,” said Miss Franelli. The apathy of the sophomore students was palpable. “There is one covered walkway,” said Friday as she stepped out into the quad. “But then they’d be walking back toward their classroom,” said Friday. “Lady Cutler was an avid reader.”
“We can see,” said Friday. If you haven’t heard of Friday Barnes yet, you’re going to want to get very   well acquainted with the young detective who’s already managed to solve   three   books’ worth of mysteries since her debut last year. “Oh yes,” said Miss Franelli. “I can’t wait for the Headmaster to get off probation so I can be a nosy again.”

Show Full Article They were dry when they got back to class.”
“Hmm, I think I know where the textbooks are,” said Friday. “But there aren’t any students here who are visually impaired.”
“No,” said the librarian, “but we did get a large collection of books donated to us by Lady Cutler. “Actually,” said the librarian, “they are when they are published in large print for the visually challenged.”
“The what?” asked Melanie. “What better place to hide twenty books than in a building full of tens of thousands of books?”
“We’ll never find them,” said Miss Franelli. Not in any of the nearby classrooms. 1, EW presents an exclusive first look at   one of the cases on Friday’s upcoming agenda. Not only did all the teachers get fired as a prank, but Ian Wainscott, Friday’s nemesis-slash-love-interest, is the prime suspect. “Those little ingrates,” said the librarian, snatching down books and discovering one textbook after another. R.A. Miss Franelli was a math teacher. The textbooks must be here somewhere.”
“Do you have any oversize romance novels?” asked Melanie. “Okay, this one actually is a romance book, but the textbooks will be here somewhere.”
Friday started taking stacks of romance novels down from the shelves. “I’m sure of it,” said Friday. “A library full of books.”
“You think the textbooks are there?” asked Miss Franelli. She had an excellent ornithology collection and first-edition travel memoirs. However, No Rules, the fourth book in the series, opens with Friday deported to Switzerland. “You always search the scene of the crime, preferably with a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers, examining every minute detail.”
“This time I just need to check the geography,” said Friday. “What’s the problem?” asked Friday. “You said they were all entirely dry when they returned from recess,” said Friday. “You do?” said Miss Franelli. “Recess is only fifteen minutes. “Let’s get the books.”
“Good luck with that,” called Tristan Fanshaw as Friday started walking down the corridor with Melanie and Miss Franelli. “These are all romance books,” said Miss Franelli. “Class,” said Miss Franelli, “Friday Barnes has come to help find your textbooks.”
“Oh good,” said Tristan Fanshaw. “He told me that I needed to befriend the students and speak to them on their level, and if I didn’t do that I’d have to look for a position at a less progressive school.”
“He can’t fire you,” said Friday. When they returned they had romance novels.”
“These are not math textbooks,” said the librarian, snatching the books away from Friday and stacking them back on the shelf. Friday scanned the room. So, wherever they took the books, they got there by walking under cover.”
Friday reached the end of the corridor and walked down the large staircase to the ground floor. “There’s not much point,” said Friday. “Well, I had them for a double period but it was split by recess,” said Miss Franelli. “Excuse me, Friday dear, I was wondering if you could give me some help?”
Friday turned to see Miss Franelli, a mousy woman who looked fifty-five but was really only twenty-nine. “What are you doing?” demanded the librarian, striding over to the section. She took one down from the shelf and opened it up.

Julia Roberts and Laura Dern in 1990: ‘This innocent, wild, in-love time’

We had this period of time   when we were inseparable.”

For more from Laura Dern, including that time a teenaged Jodie Foster taught her French swear words, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now, or buy it here — and subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. I feel like I’m always behind.”
“Immediately when I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I have to send this to her!’” she laughs. I’m not a big presence on social media, I get overwhelmed. We loved each other. In 1990, Dern was already a seasoned professional, having spent her teen years acting in films like Blue Velvet,   Mask, and punk-rock cult classic   Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains. “This picture brings up this innocent, wild, in-love time,” she explains. I think it’s my deep character flaw. “What’s an email for Julia so I can send her this picture?”

Show Full Article She was also a member of a rising generation of young performers. “It brought up a reminder of being children. Loving each other, as a group of children, who are thrown into professional lives, and lose each other. Dern sounds   nostalgic now, looking   at a picture (above) of herself with Julia Roberts at the 1990 premiere of   Young Guns II. I loved her so much, and we went on vacation together. “It was pre-cell phones, and pre-texting — and I’m horrible at all that, too! An acclaimed performer born to acclaimed performers — parents Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd have five Oscar nominations between them — the Big Little Lies costar   will   next be seen on the big screen opposite   Woody Harrelson in   Wilson, the   dark comedy adapted from Daniel Clowes’ acclaimed novel. In this week’s issue of   Entertainment Weekly, Laura Dern takes   a look back at   her brilliant   career. I like my old record-a-call answering machine. “I was not skilled at how to be a friend, do jobs, and press, and travel, and keep up with everybody,” Dern explains.

Learn to fight like a Power Ranger with this exclusive tutorial

You might not have a Zord, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to fight like a Power Ranger. Show Full Article Watch this full episode of EW: The Show, available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). In the movies, you have to make sure not to hide your pretty face   behind your fists; in real-life, that sort of “superhero lite” pose means you might run   the risk of getting knocked out. Check out their moves in the video above. Download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile, and web devices. Power Rangers,   the big budget reimagining of the ’90s phenomenon,   is in theaters Friday. The cast of   Power Rangers   stopped by   Entertainment Weekly to walk   correspondent   Shirley Li through some Morphin’ superhero moves, like the “bomb shelter,” the “get-out-the-way,” the “wind-up/windmill,” and, of course, the ever-important “Tss.”
Ludi Lin, who plays Zack the Black Ranger, points out that some elements he’s learned from Muay Thai boxing have to be adjusted for the big screen.