Netflix pays tribute to female characters in International Women’s Day video

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During the montage, the female characters disappear from their   scenes, causing the viewer to switch to another title. The climax features footage from the penultimate episode of OITNB season 4, with the women of Litchfield banding together to protest how they’re being treated by the guards. “Our stories don’t work without women,” says the video. Show Full Article On International Women’s Day, Netflix is paying tribute to its female characters. “And the world wouldn’t, either.”

Today. In a video released Wednesday, the women of the Netflix family are spotlighted, including Stranger Things‘ Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), House of Cards‘ Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), The Crown‘s Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy), and the large ensemble of Orange Is the New Black.
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Samantha Bee shows what a day without women looks like on ‘Full Frontal’

In this PEOPLE exclusive clip of the show — it returns tonight after a two-week break — the star of the series demonstrates how vital women are to every aspect of the TBS hit, from camera work to scripts to audience management. “Oh, and about half the writers and producers, all your researchers, the digital department, half the control room,” said another, as they ticked off other missing staffers. “Where’s the audience?” she asked in mock-confusion after appearing out of focus and off-center onscreen. Show Full Article ET on TBS.
— Full Frontal (@FullFrontalSamB) March 8, 2017

The female members of Bee’s staff are taking part in   A Day Without Women   — coinciding with International Women’s Day on Wednesday   — in which they take a day off from paid and unpaid duties in a “demonstration of economic solidarity,” according to the movement’s   official website. Organizers of the enormously successful Women’s March on Washington are behind the effort, and according to The New York Times it’s “a test of whether anti-Trump fervor can be turned into a sustained political movement.”
But all that was seemingly news to The Daily Show alum, who jokingly seemed shocked when she learned she was the only female staffer not taking part in the mass demonstration   — even if she ultimately proved her feminist cred. RELATED: Samantha Bee’s 10 Best Full Frontal Moments
Then, as the comedian peered out into the audience, she could see that it was empty except for four seats occupied by male staffers. Turns out women do a whole lot to make sure Full Frontal with Samantha Bee runs smoothly — and by a whole lot we mean almost everything. “I am outta here!” she declared, then awkwardly ripped off her jacket to reveal her “feminist” T-shirt underneath. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. (They then flashed to the lone woman on set aside from Bee   — the stage manager, who was sitting down and reading a book while holding a “This is a protest” sign.)

The Trump WH is so feminist, EVERY day is Day Without a Woman. This article originally appeared on “Are you saying it’s the day without a woman and nobody told me,” a bemused Bee, 47, announced after delivering a head-scratching sports joke that segued into a Trump administration quip featuring the name of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn misspelled as “Micael Flyne” below a photo of Cookie Monster. “Uh, your audience coordinator’s out today,” one man said.

40 movies to stream by female directors

Where to stream: Netflix, iTunes, Google Play  
‘Obvious Child’ by Gillian Robespierre

After its rapturous debut at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014, this off-the-wall dramedy earned raves for Jenny Slate’s portrayal of a young woman dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. ‘American Honey’ by Andrea Arnold

Arnold’s dreamy coming-of-age story follows a young girl named Star (Sasha Lane) as she travels around the country with a ragtag crew, selling magazines. Where to stream: HBO Now
‘Tiny Furniture’ by Lena Dunham

Before she brought Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna to HBO with Girls, Dunham wrote, directed, and starred in this indie about an aimless twenty-something who recently graduated from film school. Plus, that “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene. Where to stream: Hulu, iTunes, Google Play
‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’ by Marielle Heller

This poignant Sundance hit stars Bel Powley as a teenage girl who embarks on a relationship with her mother’s boyfriend (Alexander Skarsgård). As if. Not only did Clueless champion the merits of yellow plaid and remind us all that it does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty, but it’s also notable as the last time Paul Rudd showed any signs of aging. Where to stream: Google Play
‘Ravenous’ by Antonia Bird

Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle star in this gory, unexpectedly humorous cannibal thriller, set during the Mexican-American War. Where to stream: iTunes, Google Play

Show Full Article Where to stream: Netflix, Showtime, Google Play
‘The To Do List’ by Maggie Carey

Carey made her directorial debut with this raunchy comedy, which stars Aubrey Plaza as a teenage girl intent on losing her virginity before college. Where to stream: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
‘The Babadook’ by Jennifer Kent

This chilling horror flick tells the story of a single mother and her son, who are menaced by a malevolent presence. Where to stream: Starz, iTunes, Google Play
‘Me and You and Everyone We Know’ by Miranda July

July made her directorial debut with this oddball romantic dramedy, starring herself, John Hawkes, and Miles Thompson. Where to stream: Max Go, iTunes, Google Play
‘But I’m a Cheerleader’ by Jamie Babbit

This cult classic stars Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne as, yes, a cheerleader —   who’s sent to gay conversion therapy camp, only to fall in love with another female camper. Where to stream: Netflix, FilmStruck, Sundance Now, iTunes
‘Mustang’ by Deniz Gamze Ergüven

Nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, this dreamy, Virgin Suicides-like drama follows five Turkish sisters whose family keeps them under strict rule. It’s no secret that female directors are grossly underrepresented in Hollywood. Where to stream: Amazon, Google Play
‘Orlando’ by Sally Potter

Based on the Virginia Woolf book, this ornate ’90s   drama stars Tilda Swinton as a gender-bending British noble who lives for centuries (with Quentin Crisp as Queen Elizabeth I). Where to stream: iTunes, Google Play
‘Bend It Like Beckham’ by Gurinder Chadha

Parminder Nagra stars in this 2002 classic comedy as a young British-Punjabi woman torn between her strict family and her love of football. Where to stream: Google Play
‘Wayne’s World’ by Penelope Spheeris

Spheeris brought Mike Meyers’ Wayne and Dana Carvey’s Garth to the big screen with this trippy slacker comedy. Where to stream: ITunes, Amazon, Google Play
‘Yentl’ by Barbra Streisand

Streisand co-wrote, directed, and starred in this tale of a young Jewish girl who disguises herself as a boy — becoming the first and only woman to win the Golden Globe for best director. Where to stream: iTunes, Google Play  
‘Clueless’ by Amy Heckerling

Heckerling helmed comedies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Look Who’s Talking, but can anything beat her 1995 rom-com? Where to stream: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
‘Enough Said’ by Nicole Holofcener

Holofcener’s charming middle-age romance stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini —   who died before the film was released. Where to stream: iTunes, Google Play
‘A League of Their Own’ by Penny Marshall

Marshall’s tale of a World War II-era women’s baseball team is a girl power classic, starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, Lori Petty, and Rosie O’Donnell. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you’re looking for a great film by a great female director, here are some suggestions on where to start. Where to stream: Max Go, iTunes, Google Play
’13th’ by Ava DuVernay

From 2012’s Middle of Nowhere to the Oscar-nominated Selma, DuVernay has established herself as one of today’s most influential female directors, and her recent documentary 13th takes an unflinching look at racism and the U.S. For years, both movie stars and industry activists have been speaking out about the need to hire more female directors, but the film industry still has a long way to go: A recent study from San Diego State University’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film found that in 2016, only 7 percent of the year’s top films were directed by women. prison system. Where to stream: iTunes, Google Play
‘Children of a Lesser God’ by Randa Haines

Haines’ 1986 romantic drama stars William Hurt as a speech teacher and Marlee Matlin as the young deaf woman he falls in love with. Where to stream: Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
‘Belle’ by Amma Asante

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in this lavish period drama as the illegitimate mixed-race daughter of an English nobleman. Go Peaches. Where to stream: Netflix
‘The Piano’ by Jane Campion

Campion won a best screenplay Oscar for her 19th-century New Zealand drama about a mute piano player (Holly Hunter, who also earned a best actress Oscar) and her daughter (Anna Paquin, who won best supporting actress and became the second-youngest Oscar winner in history). Where to stream: Netflix
‘The 33’ by Patricia Riggen

Riggen’s gut-wrenching drama tells the true story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days. Where to stream: iTunes, Google Play
‘The Fits’ by Anna Rose Holmer

This gorgeous and tense coming-of-age tale follows Toni (Royalty Hightower), an 11-year-old Cincinnati girl who trades boxing for dancing —   only to watch as her new dance teammates mysteriously succumb to seizures and fainting spells. From horror flicks and rom-coms to documentaries and dramas, these movies are proof of the immense contributions female directors have made to film. Where to stream: Starz
‘The Edge of Seventeen’ by Kelly Fremon Craig

Fremon Craig made her directorial debut last year with this sharp high school comedy, starring Hailee Steinfeld as an acerbic teenager whose life is crumbling around her. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Where to stream: Starz, iTunes, Google Play
‘Maggie’s Plan’ by Rebecca Miller

Greta Gerwig stars as the titular Maggie, who strikes up a relationship with a married professor (Ethan Hawke), only to wonder if he’d actually be better off with his wife (Julianne Moore). Where to stream: Netflix, Google Play
‘Paris is Burning’ by Jennie Livingston

This seminal documentary explores the New York City ball culture of the late ‘80s, chronicling everything from the origin of “voguing” to the ongoing issues faced by the LGBT community. So to celebrate International Women’s Day, we rounded up a few of our favorite films by female directors — all of which are available to stream right now. Where to stream: Amazon Prime, Sundance Now, FilmStruck, Fandor
‘The Hurt Locker’ by Kathryn Bigelow

With The Hurt Locker, Bigelow weaves a powerful tale of an American bomb disposal unit during the Iraq war; the film earned Bigelow an Oscar, making her the first female director to ever win the Academy Award for Best Director. Where to stream: Sundance Now, Amazon, Google Play
‘Pariah’ by Dee Rees

Adepero Oduye stars in this Sundance hit as a young black teenager coming to terms with her sexuality. Even more depressingly, that number is actually down from 2015, when female directors made up 9 percent of the year’s total. Where to stream: Google Play
‘Sleepless in Seattle’ by Nora Ephron

Ephron is the mastermind behind everything from When Harry Met Sally… to Julie & Julia, but you can’t go wrong with this 1993 rom-com starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Matlin earned the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role, becoming the first deaf actor to ever win. It’s also the movie that launched Keira Knightley’s career. It debuted at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, taking home the coveted Jury Prize. Where to stream: Amazon Prime, Google Play
‘The Gleaners and I’ by Agnès Varda

One of the most celebrated documentaries of the last 20 years, Varda’s masterful film spotlights the “gleaners” of France, who scavenge for leftover food. Where to stream: Google Play
‘The Virgin Suicides’ by Sofia Coppola

Coppola’s acclaimed filmography includes Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, Somewhere, and The Bling Ring, but her feature film debut is practically perfect, telling the story of five isolated young sisters in the 1970s. Where to stream: Amazon, Google Play
‘Thirteen’ by Catherine Hardwicke

Long before Evan Rachel Wood was bringing herself back online in Westworld or Hardwicke was directing vampires in Twilight, the two teamed up on this controversial coming-of-age story about a young teenage girl. Where to stream: FilmStruck
‘The Kids Are All Right’ by Lisa Cholodenko

Annette Bening and Julianne Moore star in this Oscar Best Picture nominee as a married couple who strike up a relationship with the sperm donor father (Mark Ruffalo) of their two children. Where to stream: Vudu, Google Play
‘Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles’   by Chantal Akerman

Akerman’s minimalist masterpiece follows the life of a Belgian widow as she repeatedly cooks, cleans, cares for her son, and works as a prostitute — culminating in a shocking ending. Where to stream: iTunes, Google Play
‘The Iron Lady’ by Phyllida Lloyd

Meryl Streep earned her third Oscar for this powerful portrayal of former U.K. Where to stream: Netflix, Shudder, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
‘Whip It’ by Drew Barrymore

The actress made her directorial debut with this delightful feminist indie about female roller derby players (including Barrymore, Ellen Page, and Kristen Wiig). Where to stream: Showtime, Google Play, iTunes
‘In A World…’ by Lake Bell

Bell directed and stars in this hilarious indie about a young voice actress who dreams of breaking into the male-dominated field of film trailer voiceovers. Where to stream: Starz, iTunes, Google Play
‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ by Lynne Ramsay

Tilda Swinton earned a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of a mother struggling to cope with her teenage son’s murderous tendencies. Where to stream: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon
‘Winter’s Bone’ by Debra Granik

Jennifer Lawrence earned her first Oscar nomination for this chilling Oscar drama, starring as a teenage girl trying to track down her meth-making father. Where to stream: Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
‘The Savages’ by Tamara Jenkins

Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman play siblings who reunite to care for their elderly, dementia-addled father.

Margaret Atwood: There’s nothing in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ ‘that didn’t happen, somewhere’

It is frightful. Show Full Article Who knew that this would ever have to be defended? Her   book, about a near-future version of North America in which the Constitution has been overthrown and women lose all their rights, is being made into a Hulu series starring Elizabeth Moss, slated for release next month. Everything is ‘as best as possible’ right now.”
The Handmaid’s Tale   stars Moss, Joseph Fiennes, and Alexis Bledel, and is set to premiere on Hulu on April 26. Then there is the whole issue of sexual violence being used as control —   it is such an old motif.”
And perhaps most noteworthy was one Reddit user’s pointed question, “How does it feel knowing America is basically on the road to becoming Gilead [the fictional theocratic dystopia in her story]?”
Atwood’s answer: “I cannot tell you how strange this feels. On Wednesday, the celebrated author hosted a   Reddit AMA in which she addressed the chilling proximity between her book’s universe and the current state of affairs for women. I’d say in general: be informed, be aware. The priorities in the US are roughly trying to prevent the roll-back that is taking place especially in the area of women’s health. Dead bodies on the floor will result. Childbirth care, pre-natal care, early childhood care —   many people will not even be able to afford any of it. “They are interesting in and of themselves, and they do not always behave well…We are now in what is being called the 3rd wave — seeing a lot of pushback against women, and also a lot of women pushing back in their turn. Support your leaders who are standing against unconstitutional laws; keep informed, as best as possible. When asked about her main points of influence for   The Handmaid’s Tale,   this is what she had to say:
“1) What some people said they would do re: women if they had the power (they have it now and they are); 2)17th C Puritan New England, plus history through the ages — nothing in the book that didn’t happen, somewhere.”
When asked about   feminist influences, and what advice she has for the younger generations of women, Atwood does not shy away from touching upon the most pressing of issues:
“My interest was in women of all kinds —   and they are of all kinds,” she wrote. I wrote the book hoping to fend it off, and I believe it will be fended off: America is very diverse, a lot of people have been jolted out of political slumber and are paying attention, and the Constitution still stands. If we are to learn just one thing from dystopian fiction, it’s to try and make sure not to let evil empires, dictatorships, or totalitarian states rise. The upcoming Hulu TV series of which I’ve seen 3 episodes is even more up-to-date and chilling than the book, so let’s see how that may impact. But Margaret Atwood, author of the pivotal 1985 speculative fiction   The Handmaid’s Tale,   has been increasingly vocal about the current political climate, and what it means for individuals — especially women.

Retro superheroes come alive in new ‘All Time Comics’ trailer


Show Full Article Superheroes don’t just “pow” like they used to. Josh’s brother Samuel Bayer, who once directed Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video, applied his skills to a new live-action trailer for the line. But with their new   All Time Comics   line, Fantagraphics seeks to remedy that with a group of superheroes eager to mash modern violence with old-school fun. All Time Comics: Crime Destroyer   #1 is available now, and   All Time Comics: Bullwhip   #1 is on sale March 15. “Pow” and “boom” abound as she takes down the gang of criminals, headed by none other than Sex Pistols’ icon Steve Jones as a guitar-playing supervillain. A new live-action trailer for   All Time Comics   proves how well that balance can be struck. Watch the trailer below. Denise Schaefer stars as Bullwhip, who infiltrates a criminal hideout to free her imprisoned friend Crime Destroyer (LaMonica Garrett). As movie adaptations like Zack Snyder’s   Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice   and James Mangold’s   Logan   steer the genre ever more to the “grim and gritty” side, there’s little room for the colorful pop of, say, the Adam West TV Batman. The   All Time Comics   line (which encompasses the characters   Atlas, Bullwhip, Crime Destroyer, and Blind Justice) is helmed by writer Josh Bayer.

‘Game of Thrones’ concert: Here’s what you missed

EW attended the   Game of Thrones   Live Concert Experience in New York’s Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night alongside throngs of fans, some even decked out as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Given its high death toll, proclivity toward violence, and shaky government structure, Westeros should be avoided at all costs. The same experience happened with   the Red Wedding — maybe not the most pleasant re-viewing— and both sequences managed to immerse fans through the sound of the orchestra playing with the clips. Naturally, the Targaryen scores led to bursts of flame across the stage — the most impressive being the ones from above that mimicked the onscreen dragons’ flames — while the Greyjoy theme featured a cellist sitting on a platform, splashed by water from below. (Yours truly was seated in the Bolton section, unfortunately.)
Early in the show, Djawadi also brought actor Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran, out to greet the fans — and the cheering didn’t stop there. The arena had the sections arranged under banners bearing house sigils and began the performance with a montage of each house’s best and most brutal moments, inviting passionate applause for those loyal to their houses. The live concert helped emphasize the power of the score from beginning to end, as the audience watched most of the battle, beginning with Rickon’s non-zig-zag path to   death and ending with Sansa’s victory. During the show’s most thrilling moments, it was like being at a rock concert — and in its most tender, like attending a chamber orchestra performance at   Lincoln Center. Well, that’s worth a visit. And speaking of Cersei, Lena Headey contributed a sassy   message in a recording at the start of the show reminding attendees to silence their cell phones, or else they’ll be brought to her — and remember, she finds contact with her subjects   “distasteful.”
And Now Your Rewatch Begins
The Battle of the Bastards looked incredible, but the sequence was sonically powerful as well. Below, the coolest moments from the show. The most immersive segment involved a digital weirwood tree projected on a series of screens that surrounded the violinist (see the image above). And when “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” plays jauntily over a cheeky In Memoriam reel, well… that’s something different altogether. The crowd   ooh-ed and   ahh-ed as fake, blood-red leaves fell from above during the Stark theme, blanketing sections close to the stage in a version of winter Ned would have appreciated. The Night Is Dark and Full of Cheers

Immersive didn’t just mean special effects, or even the white confetti that fell during Jon Snow’s theme onto the audience’s laps (and into their drinks). RELATED: Game of Thrones: 17 Biggest Changes from Books to TV
Ice and Fire and Water and Sparks
With composer Ramin Djawadi and the orchestra seated on a stage that took up only about a third   of the space, performers were free to wander onto the other sets, including stages rigged for special effects beneath the large screens, which played clips and highlights from the drama that aligned with the music. Show Full Article And the grand finale finished with green wildfire enveloping the sets as the Sept of Baelor exploded in all its glory on screen. Tickets to   Game of Thrones   Live Concert Experience are available here. Whenever a Stark appeared, fervent fans shouted “King in the North!”; when Daenerys arrived on screen, shouts of “Mhysa!” rang out; and when Cersei’s walk of shame played, some in the audience giddily shouted “Shame!” Still, Cersei should feel proud of her   concert appearances: She inspired cries of “more wine!” often throughout the show. The show began with an elaborate unveiling of the Iron Throne, which rose out of the center with sparks and fog, then followed it with bursts of pyrotechnics   and other effects depending on the theme being played. But when Westeros arrives in the form of a live concert in one of the largest arenas the country, with special effects to boot?

Bill Murray is animated with happiness in Paul Shaffer’s ‘Happy Street’ video

That’s the inescapable message of the new animated music video for “Happy Street,” off Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band’s upcoming self-titled album. Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band   will be released March 17. The two have known each other since their old days on   Saturday Night Live   together. Walking down the street, the animated Murray blissfully sings about how “it’s so great to be alive.” The “Happy Street” video also   abounds with references to Murray’s career. Steve Zissou of   The Life Aquatic   appears in graffiti around the 1:52 mark, followed by a reference to   Groundhog Day   in a newspaper   at 1:58. The end of David Letterman’s Late Show tenure has freed Shaffer to reconnect with old friends for his new album, and Murray’s contribution is a definite highlight.  

Show Full Article Watch the video below to find   all the references. Life is pretty good when you’re Bill Murray.

Hugh Jackman, Noomi Rapace in talks for Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari’

Bale previously departed the project in January over health concerns, primarily tied to the required weight gain   necessary to play the role of the real-life   moto racer and founder of his namesake automobile   marque. According to Deadline, which first reported the news, Mann had first partnered with late director Sydney Pollack to make the film   nearly   17 years ago. Hugh Jackman could soon be replacing Christian Bale in Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari biopic. The bulk of the planned film — based on a script written by Mann — takes place in 1957, charting Ferrari’s contentious   battle for industry dominance against rival brand   Maserati. Rapace will next appear in Alien: Covenant   as Elizabeth Shaw, a role she originated in Ridley Scott’s 2012 sci-fi adventure Prometheus. Jackman’s final X-Men   spinoff, Logan, claimed the No. A four-time Oscar nominee, Mann’s filmography includes 1995’s Heat, 1999’s The Insider,   2004’s Collateral, and the 2009 historical gangster flick Public Enemies. Show Full Article Production on Ferrari will reportedly begin in summer 2018. Both the Logan   star and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace (Niels Arden Oplev’s   The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)   are in early talks to board Ferrari, EW has confirmed, potentially playing the titular Italian figure   and his estranged wife, Linda, respectively. 1 spot at the domestic box office last weekend, grossing $88.4 million over its first three days on North American   screens, and has since crossed the $254 million mark worldwide.

‘The Catch’ star Mireille Enos previews season 2’s rom-com reset

That’s new for her. Is there still a part of her that’s guarded with him? That’s what we’re attempting to do with The Catch. Their love is undeniable, although the way that they got together is Ben had designs on using her as a mark. I’ve never gotten to tell an epic love story before. So, throughout the course of the season, as these things come up, she has to look at it in the face and say, “I choose him, but do I choose the context that he comes with?”
RELATED: All about T.R. That will be her life if she chooses him. Valerie (Rose Rollins) has someone from her past that comes in; some more is revealed about her. Tell people who didn’t watch season 1 what this show now is. All the cases that happen are connected to their past. There are constant twists and turns, there’s constant attention from the law, she’s in bed with people who make very questionable choices. That was the goal, to start over. Allan Heinberg   likes to surprise the audience by bringing it down to something grounded, so throughout the season, there will be this surprising moment, where the stakes are high and the feelings are real, but overall, it lives in the lighter, more playful tones, and then occasionally it drops into something really real. So both of them are working now on the opposite side of the line and trying to make that work. Her brother is a mess, she’s always having to pick up the pieces for him; that’s been true historically in their relationship. To get the scoop on how the show is different, EW sat down with Enos:
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The season premiere resets the series in a lot of ways. When the show returns, gone is the case-of-the-week format, and the series instead will put its focus on character-connected cases, like the introduction of Alice’s brother Tommy (Grey’s Anatomy alum T.R. I never concern myself that much about it, because it’s out of my control. So when we added a brother character, suddenly it opens the possibilities to revealing Alice’s history and backstory, which in season 1, we didn’t have any time to look into [that]. We pick up in season 2, and there’s a new set of problems: Benjamin Jones gave the ultimate sacrifice, he gave himself up for Alice; he’s in prison. Can you talk about that dynamic between Tommy and Alice? Knight), who arrives with a problem of his own and looks to his sister for help. Anything else fans should know about this season? Fans of The Catch will find a very different show when they tune in for the season 2 premiere on Thursday night. I think that relationship stays steady and true. She’s now working some of the people from Benjamin’s world, and she’s trying to keep things as close to legal as possible, but also she’s got secrets now that she’s having to safeguard. Tonally, how do you think season 2 is different from season 1? It’s all part of the show embracing more rom-com aspects in season 2 as part of a bid to bring in fresh viewers by undergoing a bit of a reset. There aren’t any sideline cases. The world is complicated right now, so to have places of escape is a nice way of renewing ourselves. It’s just a delicious kind of storytelling. ABC/Kelsey McNeal)
While the show is getting away from the case-of-the-week format, what are we going to see in terms of them trying to rebuild the firm? The Catch returns on Thursday at 10 p.m. But he ended up falling in love with his mark and ultimately going to jail for her by season’s end. Show Full Article You have people from Kensington firm that are tangled up in their own messes that Alice gets involved in. We have to solve one of those cases. Before you knew you were going to get that renewal, how difficult was that for you guys in hoping to find an audience? ET on ABC. All the cards came onto the table, and the show is a test of how two people who love each other can make it through whatever the odds are. Is there a little bit of a dynamic shift between Alice and Valerie this season as they’re rebuilding everything? Yes, we sat down — me, Pete, Allan Heinberg, Shonda Rhimes, and Betsy Beers — and had a creative meeting before rebooting, saying, “These are the things we really enjoyed doing, this is when we felt like the show was singing, these are our hopes for season.” It was a really positive conversation   because we were all on the same page. I felt like we were all putting our heart into it, and we got a second season, and that was happy news. The only thing that I can do is show up every day, do the best job I can telling the story that’s in front of us. She’s trying to stay one step ahead of the law, which is different for her. In season 2, we had an opportunity to say, “Okay, given the things that were working, what do we actually want to do with the show?”
RELATED: 10 Stunning Portraits from EW’s Shondaland Shoot
Did you have any input on the changes? Knight is joining the show as Alice’s brother. So we get to see this scrappy big sister/mom part of her come out, which we haven’t examined before. Rhys develops a romantic fascination with her. When we would mire ourselves in a case of the week, that felt less like what the show wanted to be. They continue to be touchstones for one another as their history comes back up more in this season — looking at past loves and choices. The choices that she has to make, she finds herself in bed with the bad guys. You make creative decisions every day. She’s an FBI agent, but she’s working with Ben and Rhys (John Simm). We are different with our family than with any other people in our life. For part of last season, the audience was ahead of Alice in knowing what was Ben’s true motives were. And how does Alice rebuild her company? MIREILLE ENOS: It does. The only person that Alice had in season 1 to really show an intimate curtains-dropped side of herself was Ben, and that lover dynamic is very different from a brother. Gina Torres is so great. We put some great pieces in place in season 1, but with the change from the original concept and everything, we were flying by the seat of our pants. We loved it when the two worlds were thrown together, like when I got to work with Sonya [Walger], so we were definitely hoping to do a lot more of that, which is true in the second   season; we’re all thrown into this soup pot together. She’s such a powerful point to that triangle between those two boys. All of us in season 1 felt like there was real potential here, and we hadn’t 100 percent tapped into it, so we were all really glad to get a second season and get to try again. The youngest series in Shondaland, The Catch stars Mireille Enos as Alice Vaughan, a Los Angeles-based private investigator who was targeted by con man Benjamin Jones (Peter Krause). So now, from that place, how do we rebuild? It’s not that she distrusts him in any way. You just forge ahead, and it will either find its niche or not, but you’d make yourself crazy trying to figure out the magic elixir. Yes, he did go to jail for her, but where does trust now lie in their relationship? How does Ben make a deal so that he can use his skills to work the system to his advantage? It makes it really fun. They love each other. Then, in that process, they fell in love. There is so much storytelling happening right now, and there’s such a wide range of audience, any given show will have people who adore it and people not so much. How do you think Alice is different now being in the know? We went into season 2 with this renewed energy and feeling like the love story really worked and the high jinks really worked. It continues to be tumultuous, although the boys love her. Knight’s triumphant return to Shondaland on The Catch
T.R. There continues to be Alice and Val sitting on the couch with a glass of something, saying, “What’s the next step?”
There’s also a new foil this season with the introduction of Gina Torres as Agent Justine Diaz. I actually think that their trust is proven, but there are still questions about what being in a relationship with this man means about her life, and is it the kind of life that she wants? It’s really fun. The important things to know when you’re starting watching this show, if you’re picking up in the middle, are our two lead characters: Benjamin Jones comes from the world of crime, he’s an established con artist, and Alice Vaughan is a high-powered private investigator. So all of these main pillar characters are now being thrown together and having to use their skills to solve things. The cases that the firm takes are all tangled up in the main characters of the show, so you’ve got Tommy, who brings in his troubles that they have to help him with. She bats him around like a mosquito. She brings in this really fresh, powerful energy into that con world dynamic. I don’t think so. Alice’s very powerful firm is in wreckage.

Darren Criss and brother Chuck talk their groovy new music project, Computer Games

That’s a nice coincidence, considering that the music is nostalgic thematically, and all the songs that we have are about growing up and, because we grew up in the era, it’s sort of appropriate. DARREN:   The only setback I would say is having there be more than one person. The result? So I don’t necessarily enjoy that. There’s no red tape to cut through when we’re collaborating on stuff, we can disagree without any bulls—, which is nice. The actual game is kind of grueling. Why did now feel like the best time for you to guys to do this together? DARREN: What games do you play on your phone even? After Glee was over, there was a space that opened up, and I’d been planning to put out music for a long time, and it’s sort of a joke for people that have been following me that I’ve just never put anything out. What were your favorite computer games growing up, and what are they now? Darren and Chuck Criss are embracing ’80s and ’90s nostalgia with their new music project: The brothers released their first EP under the name Computer Games Wednesday. It’s fun. So we’re basically chasing our adolescence, but we wouldn’t have been able to make this music when we were young people. DARREN:   That wasn’t the intention, but it certainly came out that way. Plus, I like the way that it sounds because it’s sort of an all-prevailing concept, where if people are listening to the music, they are playing computer games, just like we’re playing computer games the same way we played Oregon Trail   or Sim City 2000 as kids. Darren, who   got his big break on   Glee and can soon be seen on both American Crime Story and The Flash-Supergirl musical crossover episode,   and Chuck, a member of band Freelance Whales, officially joined forces for the first time on the Lost Boys Life   EP. What are computer games now? We share this endeavor. A lot of times I would just use cheat codes to make a dream city. Read the interview and watch the lyric video for “Every Single Night” below. So when you’re walking the red carpet, it’s like, Chuck’s there. That’s the same creativity we’re applying to making music on ProTools or Ableton or Logic. CHUCK: It’s something that we wanted to do for a long time   because we wrote music together when we were teenagers. You don’t have to coordinate with anybody, you’re fine to do [red carpets and photoshoots alone]. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So why call yourselves Computer Games? I like strategy games. It’s almost like we get to cheat a little bit in the songwriting process ’cause   we know each other so well, so there isn’t this level of compromising just for the sake of being nice because   you just met this person and you have to write a song with them. I’m glad you hit on the nostalgia thing, because “Every Single Night” sounds to me like it could be a Lionel Richie song. CHUCK: I loved Sim City 2000. CHUCK:   A lot of responsibility. We’re a year and a half apart so we’ve always been really close. I was really into Cut the Rope. It’s all on you, and that can be a lot. What are the benefits and drawbacks of working with your sibling? I used to make cities and print them out, and I thought it was so fun. CHUCK: You know how sometimes you’re nicer to strangers than your own family? It streamlines the artistic process and any arguments — which I can’t even call it that — are few and far between. CHUCK: They’re just called video games. So there’s that, but also, it happens that the music that we have is nostalgic and reminiscent of our adolescence. I was at a point where I was like, “OK, what do I have that I do feel cool about putting out?” This whole project is honoring our teenage selves and kind of fulfilling a promise that we made to ourselves forever ago. And that has a lot to do with the fact that I was never happy with stuff, and it just never felt right. There’s some Picasso quote about keeping a child’s brain to create, and I feel like I can get into that headspace with Darren ’cause it’s like we’re just back in the basement writing songs. Lost Boys Life   is now streaming. But I just loved making these big cityscapes and designing neighborhoods and dream parks and all that stuff. CHUCK CRISS: It just sounds fun, and   the way we interact on our phones, everything is a game now with your computer in certain ways, whether it’s dating or just keeping up with your aunt on Facebook. But the irony of that is, yeah, you are alone. I look forward to the idea that if you didn’t know StarKid, if you didn’t know Glee, if you didn’t know Freelance Whales or any of us, that you can approach this music with full objectivity. It was a really good place to let your imagination go wild. You have to like, raise taxes and it’s…
DARREN: A lot of responsibility. Ahead of the EP’s release, EW caught up with the Criss brothers to talk band names, nostalgia, and sibling rivalries (or lack thereof). I feel like if I’d waited any longer, it would’ve driven me mad. It’s like, “What do you think of this?” “I don’t like it.” “OK, cool.” I want us to both like it. Show Full Article DARREN:   Chuck and I are in the same headspace musically, artistically, everything, because   we grew up on the same stuff. DARREN: It’s really overdue. DARREN: But we get to do it from an adult perspective. DARREN CRISS:   Chuck and I grew up playing computer games. As a big Star Wars fan, that was like, Rebel Assault, Dark Forces, all Star Wars-themed games. Four tracks that sound like a funky blast to the past in the spirit of some of the grooviest ’80s superstars like Lionel Richie, Miami Sound Machine, and Peter Gabriel. But what’s great about being with Chuck is that this is something we are both proud of. And then now my favorite games would probably be like…. It’s a fresh start across the board. We weren’t allowed to play video games, so for some reason, computer games   were a loophole. And it’s actually better now because we’re more experienced songwriters, more confident musicians. The music has quite coincidentally ended up hearkening back to the sounds of the popular dance records of the time when we were young children, so late ’80s, early ’90s. I’ve worked by myself for the most part with music. DARREN: I was a big LucasArts fan. Those are our games now, and the music that we make is literally computer games.

‘Billions’ renewed for season 3 on Showtime

The hit drama, which is now in its second season, chronicles the ongoing battle between dogged   U.S. RELATED: EW’s 25 Best TV Shows in 25 Years
According to the network, the show’s second 2 premiered was the biggest sophomore opening since   Homeland, and the show’s most recent telecast was up 13 percent from the premiere, making it the best telecast of the season. on Showtime. Billions   – which also stars Maggie Siff and Malin Åkerman — airs Sundays at 10 p.m. The show’s second season made history by introducing television’s first gender-nonbinary character in Asia Kate Dillon’s   Taylor, an exceptionally bright intern who works for Axelrod. Season 2   is off to a tremendous start and has only whetted our audience’s appetite for what will come in season three.”

Read our most recap of the most recent episode here. “Billions   continues to be a show on the rise, growing not only in audience, but in critical buzz and cultural relevance,” said Showtime president and CEO David Nevins in a press release. Billions   has been picked up for a third season, Showtime announced Wednesday. “It offers a unique mix of pure entertainment with sly commentary on our current have/have-not economy. Show Full Article Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) and crooked billionaire Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis).

‘Jurassic World 2’: First photo stares into the bones of the beast

Wu says in the [first] film, when he’s warning Dr. Howard seemed to tweet a behind-the-scenes photo of the girl on the film’s eighth day into filming. “‘Though she be but little, she is fierce!’   Inspired by this kind, intelligent, & inquisitive little lady,” she wrote. Wong’s Dr. “So excited to show you this!! With her back turned to the lens, she stares into the gaping eyes of a triceratops skull with more displays visible on the sides and in the back. Mesrani, ‘We’re not always going to be the only ones who can make a dinosaur,’” he said. Could this be her? But who is the mystery character at the center of it all? Bayona and producer Colin Trevorrow, who helmed   the first Jurassic World, tweeted the image on Wednesday. Wu said. But the identity of this other actress is   unclear. The image reveals a young girl in a museum. So excited to show you this!! “Dr. A first look of the new Jurassic adventure. Bayona (A Monster Calls) proceeds   filming Jurassic World 2, the first photo from the production has dropped online. “I think that’s an interesting idea that even if we don’t explore fully in this film, there is room for this universe to expand.”
Jurassic World 2 will stomp into theaters on June 22, 2018. Life, uh, continues to find a way. Show Full Article Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return for the sequel, along with new faces like Ted Levine, Justice Smith, and   Geraldine Chaplin. "Though she be but little, she is fierce!"
Inspired by this kind, intelligent, & inquisitive little lady. A first look of the new Jurassic adventure,” Bayona wrote. As director J.A. #iwd2017
Day 8#jurassicworld2
— Bryce Dallas Howard (@BryceDHoward) March 8, 2017

Plot details are equally mysterious, but Trevorrow had teased a story involving something B.D. #JW2
— JA Bayona (@FilmBayona) March 8, 2017

According to a casting call that was making the rounds online, the studio was allegedly   looking to fill the role of a 9-year-old girl named Lucy.

Emma Watson and ‘book fairies’ are leaving feminist gifts around the world

Watson promoted Angelou’s work in 2016   as part of   her   book hiding endeavors   when she left copies   for London Underground readers to discover. The book fairies are busy hiding copies of Half the Sky at some iconic landmarks #IWDoursharedshelf #ibelieveinbookfairies
— The Book Fairies (@the_bookfairies) March 8, 2017

Who will find this hidden gem on a statue in Dublin, Ireland? #IWD
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Brooklyn book lovers, meet your local Book Fairy @ekmcgold! #IWD #ibelieveinbookfairies
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Who will find copies of Mom&Me&Mom at this station in GERMANY this morning?#IWDoursharedshelf #IWD #ibelieveinbookfairies #BooksforChange
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@caitlinmoran @EburyPublishing 2 copies left on SNP nám. #Bratislava #IWD2017 #IWDoursharedshelf @the_bookfairies
— Nadege (@greenhorsesass) March 8, 2017

HAPPINESS ✨💜💛📚 Someone just received magic today!!!!! Spreading the words of @GloriaSteinem for #IWDoursharedshelf! Our book fairy is out and about in Nairobi, hiding copies for #IWDoursharedshelf Do you believe in Book Fairies? hint: these two ladies on Market Street have 2 books for you! This month’s book is   Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. She's out and about with #IWDOurSharedShelf books including #TheColorPurple @wnbooks #IWD2017
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2. @randomhouse @GloriaSteinem #IWDoursharedshelf @the_bookfairies
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➡Eyes open Buenos Aires, @the_bookfairies are out and about 📚💫 #ibelieveinbookfairies #IWDoursharedshelf #DiaInternacionalDeLaMujer
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Watch out, Kenya! #IWD @randomhouse
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Bonjour Paris!!! In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, actress and activist Emma Watson’s feminist bookclub,   Our Shared Shelf is partnering with   the charity, The Book Fairies   and Books on the Underground in order to promote and spread feminist literature around the globe. There have been droves of fairies leaving copies of Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel,   Persepolis, Gloria Steinem’s memoir,   My Life on the Road, Caitlin Moran’s memoir,   How to Be a Woman, and Maya Angelou’s final   autobiography,   Mom & Me & Mom. Our Irish Book Fairy is hiding treats around the city for #IWDoursharedshelf 😀
— The Book Fairies (@the_bookfairies) March 8, 2017

If you want to be one of the more than   175,000 members of Our Shared Shelf, all you need is a Goodreads account   before you can join on the official page. From midnight NYC time, book fairies around the WORLD will start hiding feminist books to mark #IWD #IWDoursharedshelf @the_bookfairies 📚
— Emma Watson (@EmmaWatson) March 8, 2017

Books   have popped up in cities all over the world, with dedicated fairies traipsing from London to Berlin, to Bratislava, and even   Dubai and Auckland. Can anyone recognise where I've been to drop my first #IWDOurSharedShelf books? Watch @EmmaWatson & @DerekBlasberg hide Maya Angelou books in NYC's subway
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Show Full Article ✨ #ibelieveinbookfairies #iwdoursharedshelf #mydubaibookfairy @the_bookfairies
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Find Persepolis at Britomart Transport Centre @vintagebooks #persepolis #IWDoursharedshelf #ibelieveinbookfairies
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Shoutout to our #bookfairy in Japan, Doris!

‘Scandal’ will finally explain Jake’s Election Night disappearing act

I think that’s the reason that he’s in this marriage now. Not everybody picked up on it, but some of the fans who were paying attention really noticed that, and we’re going to find out exactly where he went, who the call was from, and what he had to go do.”

So, if Jake is involved in Frankie’s assassination, the question remains whether he’s working alone, or if he’s still under Rowan’s (Eli Pope) thumb. No way Jake would stay in this relationship doing these things that he didn’t necessarily want to do if he thought they were done.”
Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. Olivia and Rowan both said this is what he needs to do in order to gain the power to get in the Oval. They spent a couple months on that island, just the two of them. A lot can transpire, and you can really fall in love with someone in that amount of time. Yes, he’s married, but we know that it’s a sham; it’s a marriage of political convenience. “That’s a difficult question to answer,” Foley says. So do I think they’re done? “I never think they’re done,” Foley says. I don’t think they’re done. ET on ABC. Jake believes there’s always hope with Pope, if you will. “A lot of these astute fans recognized that Jake conveniently disappeared when the results were announced in Mellie’s hotel suite. Now that it appears Cyrus Beane may be innocent in the assassination of Frankie Vargas, there’s renewed interest in the prevailing theory that Jake Ballard is actually to blame. “I think Jake serves three masters, the first one being Rowan and his allegiance to him; no matter how hard he tries to pull away, B613 and Rowan have a grip on his life. I think that really happened. I think he, and maybe she, are longing for that to happen again. “I can tease that in this episode, we’re going to find out exactly where Jake was on Election Night,” Scott Foley tells EW. “I believe there to be a bond there and a connection that was made when they were on the island together that she doesn’t have with anybody else. The third master, the most important one and the one we see in [Thursday’s episode], is himself.”
RELATED: Scandal: Before They Were Stars
With all that in mind, does Foley see a future in which Olivia and Jake could once again be together? Show Full Article The second is Olivia Pope. After all, he did mysteriously disappear the night of the election — and Scandal is finally about to reveal why.

R.L. Stine talks writing Marvel’s ‘Man-Thing’: ‘It’s not just scary’

I just wanted it to be fun and very fast and I wanted to make it funny. I’m looking at this thing, it keeps coming back to me and back to me. So that works really well for me with comic books. R.L. It’s to get kids reading. I do an outline. Stine has written his still-popular   Goosebumps series. Goosebumps books have no messages. No… I just write a plot. They captured it in the movie. It’s always that balance. These comics were a big influence on me because they were very scary and very dark. STINE:   When I was a kid, I was a comic book freak. I love the art and what he did. With Stine’s first ever comic coming out today, EW caught up with the author to find out what his experience is like, and what readers can expect. Giant snakes are all over the place, and the wrong animals are in the swamp. That’s why my books are mostly dialogue. They’re all for entertainment. So I had to write. This comic book is the same way. I plan every   Goosebumps book. In the old books, this creature couldn’t even talk. I wanted to change the character a bit. He would fly headfirst into brick buildings. [Laughs] It just sounded like good basic horror. You’re too ugly. I actually did a Goosebumps last year called, “Here Comes the Shaggedy” and it was about a swamp monster. This whole thing is like coming full circle for me, because when I was nine, in fourth grade, I started doing little comic books. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Were you a big comic book reader? It sounded like something you’d write? [Laughs] I thought it was funny. But I just didn’t understand. Now, he’s trying something a little different with Marvel’s   Man-Thing, the prolific   Fear Street author’s first ever comic book. They put the words on at the very end, which I’m sure all comic book people are used to. What were some of the comics you used to read back then? Everything is out of order. The comic has the same thing as the movie. And I said, “Maybe I should just do a straight horror comic, just like the old EC comics and just do two or three horror stories.” And then I thought, “Gee, I have this opportunity. Do you think you’d write more comics after this? What are you reading right now? Anyway, here I am, writing a comic book. “Man-Thing was a very brilliant scientist who created a serum to build the perfect warrior, and decided that he didn’t want the army to get their hands on it, so he ends up injecting it into himself to keep anyone else from having it,” explains Stine of the character he’s writing. We started out talking about what we should do. [But] he’s wonderful. I would love to. Is that what inspired you to do these “Chamber of Chills” short stories at the end of each issue? And Man-Thing goes to Old Father’s tavern, [but] he’s been kidnapped, and the doorway to the nexus of all realities is open. It’s not just scary, it’s also funny. No. [Laughs] I always make everything up. Comics are weird to me. Well, they have to ask me. I do that in my books. I said, “I can’t be on it. I’ve never actually seen the swamp, but it’s basic horror. I’ve never done it.”  
Considering you were a big comic book fan was there anything, in particular, you wanted to do when writing your first comic? [But] it was fun to do something different. Stine has also written short “Chamber of Chills” stories that will featured at the back of each issue. So he goes to find a character called Old Father, who controls the swamp. And I plan everything out first. So that’s the one I picked. This is my first one ever. And the art was amazing. That was fun for me. I started out with him seeing all these other characters at Marvel and they all have movies. I made him talk   so he could be sarcastic and I could make it funnier. So there could be chaos in the whole world. Well, when I was a kid there were EC horror comics, “Tales From the Crypt” and “The Vault of Horror” and “The Witch’s Cauldron.” I just loved them. You can read the first few pages below:

Show Full Article I plan everything. How was it working with German Peralta? Everything I have is the same balance. We’re using everyone else, but we can’t use you in the movie.” And then they even refuse to fly him home. “Unfortunately, he has a terrible car accident and it mixes with water and turns him into this hideous pile of mulch. [Laughs] I’ll be waiting by the phone. But for me, it was a little strange way to work. I’ve never done research in my life. I have a friend, a wonderful Irish writer, Sebastian Barry. But I’m all plot-driven. The whole process is strange. For 25 years, R.L. You suck!” And they were right, I couldn’t draw. He keeps order and keeps chaos away. Marvel’s   Man-Thing #1 is currently available for purchase online and in comic book stores. They say, “How are these?” You say, “Well, they look nice.” And then he sends in real sketches, and then he does pencils, and then he does inks, and then they color it. You know, I’ve written so much, I took this as a whole separate project. He just won the Costa Book Award in England for his new novel called Days Gone By. Did you use your recent experience with the Goosebumps   movie to do that? I just finished that. And so it’s just a matter of really good, tight dialogue and finding out a good story that people will like and putting in some twists. And he does pencil sketches, and I see these. But I never have anything I want to say. It’s an amazing book. He has to go back to the swamp, and there’s horrible chaos in the swamp. What will Man-Thing be going up against in the series? The writer doesn’t have to do that. And they always had funny twist endings. He’s a hideous swamp monster, and I’ve always loved Swamp Monsters. Why do I have to go rescue him?” But he has to go into the nexus, where reality keeps changing, and find Old Father and try to rescue him. Not really. I would write a script, and send it to him. It’s kind of a disgrace. [So] he’s this beast who is mostly animal.”
But that won’t be the only thing readers of the first five issues will encounter. I read mostly mysteries and thrillers. The only message is, “Run away!” They have no morals. Considering he’s not a traditional superhero like Iron Man or Thor,   how did you approach coming up with a story for him? Someone one wanted me to be on a panel talking about researching books. Everyone always says, “What books did you read when you were a kid?” I say, “None!” I loved comic books. It might be more fun to use one of their characters and see what I could do with one of them.” So Marvel sent me a list of characters they weren’t using and said, “Pick one you’d like.” So I picked the ugliest character they ever had. We’ll see. I had this character, “Super Stooge,” who was the world’s dumbest superhero. And everyone said, “You can’t draw. You know, I’m horrible at writing descriptions. I had no talent. And that’s basically the through-story. You’re in the swamp! They were gruesome, horrible, bloody comics. I’ve never done a comic book before. For me, that’s very bizarre. Because the artist does all the scene setting. And I drew these little things and would bring them to school and pass them around. All those guys went on to do MAD comics, and then MAD magazine. I always like to make things funnier. So that’s why it starts out in Burbank and he’s at the studio and they say, “I’m sorry. You scare the kids. Is that why it spoke to you? Meanwhile, there are no words on it! Did you have to do any research about Man-Thing’s backstory so you could draw on it possibly? And Man-Thing thinks, “Why me? Always.

Watch Ryan Gosling imposter shock Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell

Audiences of the German film awards show Goldene Kamera got quite the surprise over the weekend when an imposter Ryan Gosling accepted the actor’s special award during the televised ceremony. In a thick German accent, he thanks “Joko and Klaas” before saying “bye-bye” and walking away with the prize in hand, leaving a baffled audience and the announcer to clear up the confusion. RELATED: Ryan Gosling’s Best Moments
Looks like the Oscars weren’t the only awards show this year to confuse everyone. Audience members Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, and Jane Fonda — who of course are used to rubbing shoulders with the real Gosling — appeared to be stunned by the joke. (Farrell and Kidman both took home awards for best international actor and actress, respectively.) Express reports that two German comedians, Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer, promised access to the real Gosling for the show, now in its 52nd year. In a clip from the evening’s event, the announcer excitedly introduces the La La Land actor. But instead, out walks a clearly lackluster impersonator of the charismatic actor. But the impersonator who showed up was, in fact, not the actor receiving the honor, leaving viewers at quite a loss for words. Show Full Article “Here is the one and only Ryan Gosling,” he says as the audience prepares to welcome the star. Not even the jokesters themselves expected to pull off the prank, according to German news. This story originally appeared on Watch the full acceptance speech including the audience reactions above.

Superheroes clash in exclusive ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ cartoon clip

local time. RELATED: Comic-Con 2016: See Portraits of Marvel Studios Stars
In this exclusive preview of the   premiere, Star-Lord and the rest of the crew end up on the Avengers’ bad side when they try to sneak an important piece of Thanos’ asteroid   out of Avengers headquarters. The Hulk has something to say about that, but stopping Gamora isn’t as easy as it looks. The Guardians of the Galaxy enjoy a unique privilege in this regard because they get to spend most of their time in space and away from interference from fellow superheroes. Show Full Article The   Guardians of the Galaxy   season 2 premiere will air on Disney XD on March 11 at 9 p.m. Since most Marvel superheroes are based   in New York City, characters often collide and trip over each other in unexpected ways. Watch the clip above. But when circumstances force them back to Earth, like in the upcoming two-part season 2 premiere for Disney XD’s   Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon, they end up running headfirst into the Avengers — and neither team is too happy about it.

Samuel L. Jackson thinks ‘Get Out’ should have starred an American actor

But Samuel L. Idris Elba starred as Stringer Bell on The Wire. I tend to wonder what would that movie have been with an American brother who really understands that in a way. “Maybe he’s a little more observant than we would be in his shoes if we didn’t know it was a horror movie.” Peele said initially that he wasn’t interested in casting a British actor because he felt the situation was specifically American, but those concerns dissipated once he met Kaluuya. During a recent interview with New York radio station Hot 97 promoting   his upcoming film   Kong:   Skull Island, Jackson discussed   the casting of Kaluuya in Get Out, a   horror film that tackles race in America, specifically how white American liberals treat black men and women. All the time. There are a lot of black British actors that work in this country. … So what would a brother from America made of that role? Which is fine.”
Jackson’s comments echo his frequent collaborator Spike Lee, who said in a Guardian article in 2015, “Their training is very proper, whereas some of these other brothers and sisters, you know, they come in here, and they don’t got that training.”

As for how Kaluuya ended up as the star of Get Out, Peele told EW in an earlier interview that he chose the actor because of his charisma and relatability. All British actors. It’s all good. “That’s a whole other story,” he said when asked about Get Out. Michael Douglas has previously asked for the industry to rethink its hiring practices while director Spike Lee recognized in the past that British actors get the classical training that American actors often don’t receive. Sullivan   contributed to this report. Some things are universal, but everything ain’t.”
In addition to Kaluuya, Jackson cited the decision to cast David Oyelowo as civil rights icon Dr. “There are some brothers in America who could have been in that movie who would have had a different idea about how King thinks or how King felt,” he said. Hollywood   has been casting British actors in American parts for years. Jackson is wondering why that part didn’t go to an American. I don’t know what the love affair is with all that. Asked why he felt black British actors scored roles ahead of African-Americans, Jackson said, “They’re cheaper than us for one thing. Because Daniel grew up in a country where they’ve been interracial dating for a hundred years. They come here because there are more opportunities, and they actually get paid when they work here. Christian Bale played Batman. “I needed a guy who at no point in the movie made you go ‘Well, he’s just stupid right here.’ That’s Daniel,” he said. Show Full Article Unless you’re an unknown brother that they’re finding somewhere.” He added, “They think they’re better trained, for some reason, than we are because they’re classically trained. Everybody needs to work, but there are a lot of brothers here that need to work too. The latest British thespian   to play an American in a blockbuster hit is Daniel Kaluuya, who stars as the lead character in Jordan Peele’s Get Out. “I think it’s great that that movie is doing everything it’s doing, and people are loving it and they’re feeling it … but the thing in my mind is, I know the young brother who’s in the movie, and he’s British. I’m sure the director helped. in Selma as another example. Jackson is not the first Hollywood celebrity to point out the number of British actors taking American roles. Britain, there’s only about eight real white people left in Britain. They don’t cost as much. Daniel Day-Lewis was Lincoln. Neither Peele nor Oyelowo responded to requests for comment. All traditionally American roles. —   Kevin P. And even all-American Peter Parker was played by Andrew Garfield and now Tom Holland. Martin Luther King Jr. Henry Cavill is Superman.

On International Women’s Day, check out this montage of great female cinematographers

But as we celebrate International   Women’s Day, there is a little bit of good news on the sun-dappled, beautifully framed horizon. One explanation could possibly be traced back to the boys’ club of cameramen   that was established during Hollywood’s golden age, which has remained the norm   even as women have made gradual progress in other below-the-line fields such as film editing and production design. All three of those brilliant DPs, plus nine more, are featured in this wondrous, sumptuous supercut of clips from movies shot by women   (above) from the website Fandor. 12 Essential Women Cinematographers from Fandor on Vimeo. As of 2017, there is still only one category at the Oscars (besides Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor) that has never nominated a woman. It’s for Best   Cinematography. The problem is obviously systemic. Along with stills like these (below) from this video. But make no mistake: That five percent figure is an embarrassment that should be pinned on every studio executive’s wall, male and female. Women in fact account for only five percent of all working cinematographers, an inexplicable number   even lower than the paltry seven percent of woman directors. Ryan Coogler, the director of Fruitvale Station and Creed (both shot by women) has tapped Rachel Morrison as the director of photography   on Marvel’s   upcoming Black Panther, a significant breakthrough for the male-dominated superhero genre. It appeared online last August (along with this accompanying article) but the four minutes are worth savoring today — both as a tribute to the work that women behind the camera have done and as an optimistic nod to the many more opportunities ahead.  

Show Full Article This past year’s Oscars marked the first time that a film lensed by a female cinematographer   was nominated for Best Picture — and there were actually two, Fences (by   Charlotte Bruus Christensen)   and Hidden Figures (by Mandy Walker).

Scarlett Johansson trains hard for ‘SNL’ hosting gig in new promo

The night will mark the   Avengers   star’s fifth time as host on the   Studio 8H stage, joining the likes of Tom Hanks   and Justin Timberlake in the Fiver-Timers Club. I know I’ve kinda been missing, on social media and on the show. Davidson   has been   absent from the show recently to promote his sobriety. “I have to look the part, I have to transform my body and my mind.”
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Also spotted are Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant, who aren’t about to tell Johansson she doesn’t have to prepare so physically for the late-night sketch comedy series. Scarlett Johansson readies for her upcoming hosting gig   on   Saturday Night Live   — and it’s a big moment. “Just wanted to let you guys know I’m okay. Show Full Article I quit drugs and am happy and sober for the first time in 8 years,” he wrote in an Instagram message on Monday. Watch the promo in the video above. Nobody prepares for a role like ScarJo. “Hosting SNL is a big deal, and I know how to prepare for a role,” she says. Johansson will be joined Saturday by musical guest Lorde. The promo takes a page from the intense trailers for Johansson’s Ghost in the Shell, as she trains hard for her big moment.