Tai from ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ reveals who he plans on kissing this season

And it gave us some humanity to the game and some softness to the tribe, and I think that’s a good thing. Definitely Caleb. Maybe we’ll save all three chickens this time. I’m going to explain that, if I have a chance. Sarah, J.T., Caleb, and Debbie. I played with my heart. You gonna go in for round two? I’m a very touchy person. There’s a lot of boys here. Maybe I’ll save a coconut crab or something. I changed the direction of my game last time. I think these are big game players that know by watching it that I was not flip-flopping. Maybe Ozzy. We’ll see. You have four people from Kaoh Rong here. I want to introduce it. How did your boyfriend feel about that? He loved it. And will the number of people he kisses be greater or less than the number of chickens he saves? I’m gonna go in for round two. So whom do you want to be in an alliance with out there? ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why are you here, Tai? This is a game. I’m in control of it, and I’m glad to be here and to play with the big boys. For more Survivor scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss. Let’s get to the serious stuff now: How many chickens can you save this season? So who might Tai be smooching this time when he returns for Survivor: Game Changers (premiering March 8 on CBS)? It’s a nice thing outside of the game, just a pet to have around camp. Are you worried people will not trust you because the Kaoh Rong cast felt you flip-flopped a lot last time? And also make sure to follow @thedaltonross on Instagram to see exclusive on-location photos, including one of Tai casting his pre-game vote for whom he’d like to vote off first. We like turtles together. I’m going to correct my mistakes from last time. They know I’m loyal. Tai Trang was unable to steal the million dollars when he played Survivor: Kaoh Rong, but he was able to steal something far more valuable —   a kiss from island BFF Caleb! TAI TRANG: I’m here again because I’m a Game Changer. Only to people open to it. Maybe Malcolm. I don’t kiss anybody. I’m not going to worry about that. Place your bets now, ladies and gentlemen! I would like to save another chicken and see what happens. Show Full Article They invite me in. He told us! Place your bets! It’s a two-way street. I belong here, I feel like. I didn’t feel like I was flip-flopping. I mean, I wouldn’t kiss Nick. We’ll see. I think people will open up to that idea because everybody wants to have that at camp. Are you planning to steal another kiss from Caleb this season? But saving that chicken last season was a nice thing to bring the camp together   and the tribe. We have not talked about it. They know I changed the direction of my alliance because I was at the bottom of that with Scott and Jason. I think I’m open to anything. They know it was a strategy move. Caleb was so affectionate, and he’s really sweet. No, I’m not worried. Watch the video above and read the Q&A below to get more island insight from Tai. Instant alliance, it seems like it makes sense. Everybody has a pet at home. I’ll be really good. We have a target. I’m not going to change who I am, but I need to look at the bigger picture. Instant alliance or no? I think she has a soft spot for me somehow. They welcome it. So anybody who invites me in, I will kiss.