Sandra of ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ says ‘I am the best player ever’

How do you think the other players see you? Are you the best Survivor player ever? So when the opportunity arose, the invitation came out, and I said yes. I think people say they don’t understand how I won once, much less twice, and now I’m going to get to the end — not that I can win a third time because I don’t know who would give me a third million dollars — but that I can get to day 39? Watch the video above and read the text below to get the full Sandra Diaz-Twine experience! I don’t like the unknown. They should have left her on her sofa back in Connecticut. Just ask her! I think people are positive and receptive to me because who else could show them how to get to day 39? Does that automatically make her the best player of all-time? Who do you want to work with? SANDRA DIAZ-TWINE: I come back because I can’t say no. I can help them along, maybe ease the transition. If I can show an alpha male that I am valuable to them, maybe not in a physical sense because I know I lack physical strength, but my game is here [points to head] not here [points to arm muscle]. That’s all she wrote. RELATED: Hear more of the latest TV news from this week

How do you handle these two new players from last season that you don’t know? Any concern about tarnishing your perfect record and your legacy? (Also make sure to follow @thedaltonross on Instagram to see exclusive on-location photos, including one of Sandra casting her pre-game vote for whom she’d like to vote off first.)
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why come back? I love Survivor. Yes. But I can assist them to getting to day 39. That’s all I know how to do is get to day 39 and then win. If they go ahead and take care of me at the beginning, where I’m vulnerable, if I can just stay in the game, I will return the favor and make sure when the tribes merge and it’s every man for himself and they come after these alpha males that I am there to then go ahead and give them my loyalty. Sandra Diaz-Twine has played Survivor twice and won Survivor twice. Because I saw some footage of her where she said that not only did I not deserve to win the first time, but the second time, and my feelings are that I don’t understand why she’s back out here for a fourth time. How should other players handle you? And I think that I can get that point across to these alpha males. Which we did out on location in Fiji just before she returned for a third time to play Survivor: Game Changers (premiering March 8 on CBS). I don’t think I would tarnish my legacy or my record because they either get rid of me on day 1 or I go ahead. Ozzy, Malcolm, Culpepper, and Troyzan being the top four alpha males. I am the best Survivor player ever and when I make it to day 39, I expect everyone to finally not doubt that I am the true queen of Survivor. For more Survivor scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss. No one here will give me a third million dollars, so that’s why I’m the perfect person to take to the final three. We don’t know what their game is like, so they need to go home. I just need my foot in the door, and that day 3 will mark my foot in the door —   mission accomplished. It’s how I make my money, how I hustle, how I feed my family — it’s just in me. If I can get through day 3, the first Tribal Council, that’s it. No doubt — 99 percent sure I can get to day 39. My ultimate goal is to align myself with an alpha male or alpha males —   period. That’s all she wrote. I don’t think anyone’s sizing me up in a negative way, other than Cirie. I hope everyone else also targets them because we’re here for a reason. If you have me at the final three, that’s one less person you have to worry taking votes from you. You think people doubt it? It’s in my blood. Show Full Article I can get to day 39. So if they don’t get rid of me at the first Tribal Council —   and that is not necessarily to say my Tribal Council;   whatever tribe loses, whether the opposite tribe loses and they go to Tribal Council —   if I can just get past the first Tribal Council, and if I’m not present, that’s it. Not any female. You have to worry about three people at the final three. Once I get my foot in the door, that’s it. I’ll give them my loyalty from the get-go. She had plenty more to say as well, including her strategy for getting to the end once again and the one player at which she had no problem throwing a little pre-game shade. I think if they know the game of Survivor, they would want me in the final 3 with them because who is going to give me a third million dollars?