Jimmy Fallon spoofs Donald Trump’s press conference: ‘You’re all fake news’

So now you know.”
Fallon then spoofed Trump’s statements about CNN. Four more weeks! All his answers — like, “all signs point to sad,” “fake news,” and “‘gina” — come from a magic eight ball he shakes. As it turns   out, there’s a reason why Trump   handles reporters the way that he does. First of all, you’re all fake news, I hate you all very much, and thank you for being here.”
Fallon’s Trump continued to provide   a blanket response to questions, even before they were asked, and a flurry of   wild assumptions. “One more shake, and this is gonna make the ratings go through the roof,” Fallon joked. Four more weeks!”
In response to Flynn and reports Trump knew about his ties to Russia, Fallon’s Trump rambled, “Look, I knew that he knew that I knew, but he didn’t know that I knew that he knew that I knew that he knew that I knew that he knew. Daddy came to play. During the actual press conference, POTUS said he’d replace his “fake news” claim   with “very fake news.” Fallon’s Trump has a different   take: “I’m calling it faux news. “This is gonna be a crazy one. “Who knows more about going into labor than someone carrying twins?” he said. “We’ve made so much progress. The late-night host reprised his Trump impersonation to address the president’s reported connections with Russia, Michael Flynn, the new secretary of labor, and to lambast the media as “fake news.”
“Thank me and buckle up because I’m comin’ in hot,” he announced at a   podium. “Four more weeks! Show Full Article Jimmy Fallon’s cold open on The Tonight Show Thursday night was dedicated to what some called President Trump’s “unhinged” press conference. Instead of Alexander Acosta, it’s   Beyoncé. It’s much classier.” He has a different take for secretary of labor, as well. Watch the cold open in the video above. In fact, if you ask any American, they’ll say that I’ve managed to make the last four weeks feel like four years,” he said.