Donald Trump tweets turned into those of an 8-year-old by ‘Daily Show’

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Show Full Article While Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again,”   The Daily Show has launched its own initiative: “Make Trump Tweets Eight Again.”
The Trevor Noah-hosted show launched a new site Wednesday, one that takes the president’s tweets and rewrites them in the scribbled handwriting of a child. We made a browser extension that converts Trump’s Tweets into their rightful state: a child’s scribble. A few of the techniques, displayed in the example below, include the dot over a lowercase “I” being a full circle and using colorful print. The browser extension, which is available on Google Chrome or Firefox, takes Trump’s various tweets — whether it’s about going to court over the controversial travel ban or Saturday Night Live — and puts a child’s spin on them. ET.

Octavia Spencer says #OscarsSoWhite didn’t affect 2017 nominations

And people are saying, you know, ‘Isn’t it amazing in a year how things have changed as a result of that campaign?’”
Spencer offered a simple way to make a difference at the box office: “If I look down a list of characters on a film, and it doesn’t have gay, African-American or Latin characters, I’m probably not going to spend my money on the ticket,” she said. “Real progress has been made,” said Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, at the Feb. Octavia Spencer is one of those actors, nominated for her role as a NASA mathematician in the film Hidden Figures. 6 Oscar Nominees Luncheon, according to Vanity Fair. These films were in production or preproduction for years before all of this,” she said. There are seven people of color nominated for acting Oscars this year, compared to zero in both 2015 and 2016. “I don’t like the way that they’re used as a response to that. “When you know how movies are made, the explosion of films with people of color is not a reaction to #OscarsSoWhite,” Spencer said. This article originally appeared on “The tide has changed, but we still have a ways to go, because they still aren’t inclined to greenlight a movie that’s starring a person of color, without a long list of white box-office people.”
Naomie Harris — who’s nominated for best supporting actress for Moonlight — echoed Spencer’s sentiment during an interview with New York Magazine. But in an interview with Deadline, Spencer was quick to point out that the diversity of this year’s movies has nothing to do with last year’s #OscarsSoWhite campaign because films generally take more than a year to make. “When we stop supporting things with our dollars that don’t represent all of us, then you’ll see an explosion of diversity.”

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‘Last Man on Earth’: Get a first look at Kristen Wiig’s character

To read a Q&A with   Mary Steenburgen in which she discusses all things Gail, who may or may not have survived the fall finale,   click here. ET. According to the network, the spring premiere brings us the first moments of the outbreak of the virus, and it appears here that she’s doing her best to avoid contracting the deadly disease by constructing a homemade Hazmat suit. Show Full Article But this photo sheds a little   light. The actress, who traded quips with   Last Man creator/star Will Forte for years on Saturday Night Live and in MacGruber, will appear in multiple episodes of the post-apocalyptic comedy. Kick open the doors and spread the news: Kristen Wiig is rolling into the spring premiere of   The Last Man on Earth. It also looks like   she’s going shopping. What do we know about her character? Last Man on Earth returns to Fox on March 5 at 9:30 p.m. The purple gloves are a nice touch, and pair well with the sky-blue mask. Almost nothing!

‘The Raid’ remake in the works with Frank Grillo, director Joe Carnahan

Show Full Article So, ask yourselves why would we be doing it, unless we had something really special.”

You can't remake The Raid, guys. Everybody take a deep breath. “It’s a fantastic film. In Carnahan’s video, the director name drops “Caracas, Venezuela” as a location, as he and Grillo   tease action that “no one’s ever seen.”

#WarPartyFilms @xyzfilms @frankgrillo1 @ghuwevans. — Joe Carnahan (@carnojoe) February 15, 2017

Frank Grillo and I are going to sit down with @colliderfrosty this week, do an in-depth and then all your fears will be allayed #theraid. “reimagining.”
Joe Carnahan (The Grey) announced   Wednesday over social media that he’s directing   a new adaptation   of the Indonesian martial arts movie, which starred Iko Uwais.
— Joe Carnahan (@carnojoe) February 15, 2017

“You can’t remake The Raid, guys,” the director   added. It's going down for real. It's a reimagining of the same scenario. It's a fantastic film. According to reports, Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) was   once attached to direct, with   rumblings   of Taylor Kitsch taking the lead role. We won't disappoint you, rabid-fanboy-from-Hell. — Joe Carnahan (@carnojoe) February 15, 2017

Carnahan and Grillo will offer more details on The Raid remake   reimagining later this week during an interview with Collider. The helmer appeared alongside his new leading man,   Frank Grillo (The Purge: Election Year, Captain America: Civil War), in a video posted to Instagram. A U.S. — Joe Carnahan (@carnojoe) February 15, 2017

There’ve been previous efforts to remake   The Raid. #theraid
A post shared by Joe Carnahan (@carnojoe) on Feb 15, 2017 at 9:46am PST

Carnahan tweeted that   Evans will return to produce his   film, which he stated   “will hew closer in tone & feel to THE GREY and NARC.”

THE RAID remake will hew closer in tone & feel to THE GREY and NARC.@Ghuevans is producing alongside & has given us his full blessing. So, ask yourselves why would we be doing it, unless we had something really special. team fighting for their survival inside a tenement run by a ruthless mob boss. Uwais, who performed   most   of his own stunts and fight choreography in the franchise, returned for The Raid 2, released in 2014. “We won’t disappoint you, rabid-fanboy-from-Hell.”

It's not a remake. The original film, directed by Gareth Evans, was released in 2011 and told an adrenaline-fueled story of a S.W.A.T. remake of The Raid   is actually happening — sorry, make that a U.S. But Carnahan clarified his film is “not a remake. It’s a reimagining of the same scenario.”
“Everybody take a deep breath,” he tweeted.

‘The Last Jedi’ gets prime spot at upcoming Star Wars Celebration

For more Star Wars news, follow @Breznican. Lucasfilm announced Wednesday that studio chief   Kathleen Kennedy and The Last Jedi writer-director Rian Johnson will appear on stage at the event on Friday, April 14, accompanied by “plenty of surprises and special guests.”
As of now, that’s all we know — but the Celebration gatherings have previously led to major footage reveals for the new wave of Star Wars films. Show Full Article Lucasfilm promises an entire weekend of activity at the event, which has become like a stand-alone Comic-Con centered squarely on all things Star Wars — from the books, games, and comics, to the animated Rebels TV series and the big-screen films. Details on the Orlando event can be found here. As fans await the trailer for the movie previously known as Episode VIII, the most likely place to see early footage will be the annual Star Wars Celebration fan gathering, taking place in Orlando, Fla., this spring. The Force Awakens dropped its “Chewie, we’re home” trailer at the Anaheim fan convention in 2015, and last year in London, a behind-the-scenes reel for   Rogue One   was showcased — along with still images from the making of Episode VIII. Lucasfilm will release information about wristbands and wait-lines for The Last Jedi panel closer to the event. Time to get first dibs on The Last Jedi.

Disney’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ ride to open in May

You can see a previously-released first-look video about Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT!, below. and Super Hero Encounters, in which park visitors come face-to-face with Groot, Captain America, and Spider-Man. So, who wants to go on a ride with a short-tempered raccoon? Show Full Article Temporary adventures available to visitors during that period will include Avengers Training Initiative, in which Black Widow and Hawkeye   assemble young recruits for a series of tests to see if they have what it takes to join the ranks of the Avengers. According to the official announcement, the ride will will blast park-goers into the Guardians of the Galaxy world where they will help Rocket bust his pals out of the Collector’s Fortress. Marvel announced Wednesday   that Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. will open at Disney Adventure park on May 27. RELATED:   Disney Quietly Raises Theme Park Admission Prices Again

The launch of the ride kicks off the park’s Summer of Heroes, which runs until Sept. Riders will experience randomized experiences complete with all-new visual and audio effects and music inspired by the popular film soundtracks. Other new year-round experiences include Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off! Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT! will open at Disney California Adventure park in Anaheim on May 27. 2   hits theaters earlier that month, on May 5. 10.

‘Big Little Lies’: EW review

Hopefully it can transcend to big little truths, too. Still, Vallée’s fluid storytelling — a lovely, dazed naturalism spliced with flashes of troubling memory — casts a spell. Big Little Lies is Desperate Housewives: Prestige Cable Edition, a soap-noir about postfeminist identity and post-community idealism — satire over slapstick, serious themes over fun-time escapism. The women of Big Little Lies present lives of   fulfilling motherhood, and they work overtime to make themselves believe it. Kidman and Woodley deliver moving portraits of still-life women, paralyzed by trauma and avoidance. Can the whodunits offer anything more interesting than just shocker payoffs? Adapted from Liane Moriarty’s 2014 novel by David E. Just when you worry the show is a pageant of ugly clichés about female rivalry, it gives you a poignant, nuanced scene to deepen the whole. Police interviews with judgy, jealous townspeople function as both unreliable narrator and catty Greek chorus. Kelley’s writing grabs you with whodunit? ET on HBO. Her character recalls two career triumphs: the spark of Legally Blonde‘s Elle Woods trapped inside a retrograde version of Election‘s Tracy Flick. They reside in sun-kissed Monterrey, California, an oasis of serenity and progressiveness, with majestic homes overlooking a churning ocean that speaks to a yearning and tumult they can’t bear to fathom. She flails for significance through her kids and grudges against a hard-charging working mom (a sparky Laura Dern) and her ex-husband’s new wife, a neo-hippie yoga instructor (Zoë Kravitz). Show Full Article When the deadly explosion comes, there’s no shortage of suspects. Each is a ticking time bomb, and their mounting stress affects everyone in their cloistered village. Shailene Woodley is Jane, a single parent devoted to a boy born of sexual violence; she seeks a new beginning, but she isn’t ready for it. Nicole Kidman is Celeste, the envy of everyone, a former attorney who gave up work to raise her twins, married to a suave family man (Alexander Skarsgård) with terrible demons. Kelley (Ally McBeal, Boston Legal) and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (Wild), the seven-episode miniseries continues the gold rush of starry event TV (see: The Night Manager, The Night Of), though its heaviness may discourage obsessiveness. B+
Big Little Lies   debuts Sunday at 9 p.m. Witherspoon is marvelous in a rare role that allows for comedy and drama. Both she and haunted Jane burn slowly, maybe too slowly, toward breaking points. intrigues (a mysterious death, victim unknown, frames the season) and balances the heavy with salty levity. Reese Witherspoon is Madeline, a helicopter mom and queen-bee busybody hooked on high drama. TBD after four eps. A subplot involving Avenue Q amuses, because, you know, puppets. Celeste’s arc, a tough story of cyclical abuse, grows dark over time. His juxtaposition of trapped, frozen souls and the iconography of California dreaming — the warmth, the beach, the expanse of ocean — is full of meaning. Big Little Lies invests you in mysteries and the renewal and re-liberation of its women.

Hayley Atwell, Matthew Macfadyen, Tracy Ullman to star in ‘Howards End’ miniseries

Hettie Macdonald (White Girl) is   directing. Starz is also joining as co-producer, per an announcement Wednesday. Hayley Atwell, Matthew Macfadyen, and Tracy Ullman are taking up residence in Howards End. and Starz   in the U.S. The Howards End   limited series will film in and around London. Atwell (Agent Carter) will play   Margaret Schlegel, Macfadyen (Ripper Street)   will portray Henry Wilcox, and   Ullman   (The Tracey Ullman Show) will play Aunt Juley Mund. The hourlong episodes will air   on BBC One in the U.K. Forster novel. Published in 1910, Howards End was previously adapted to the big screen in 1992, with a cast including Anthony Hopkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Helena Bonham Carter, and Emma Thompson (who won the   Oscar for best actress). Show Full Article The trio have been cast in the BBC’s four-part limited series   based on the classic E.M. Manchester by the Sea filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan is writing the miniseries, which will explore the changing landscape of social and class divisions in turn-of-the-century England through the prism of three families: the intellectual and idealistic Schlegels, the wealthy Wilcoxes from the world of business, and the working-class Basts.

Hidden Figures writers analyze Janelle Monáe’s triumphant scene

AS: Also, that she was only allowed at the night classes, that was sort of the judge having a little bit of a leg to stand on. There’s the scene leading up to it, and you have to establish that even in the courtroom, she’s at a disadvantage. She did it all on her own. She uses this to appeal to his first and her first and how they could do it together. You got her dignity, and then you got to feel her let out this scream that she’s been holding inside. AS: It was just a true story. You scream with her. TM: We had one version where she appealed to his sense of fear about the Russians. We just had her book proposal. Does it appeal the need to get over the Russians?” But then that ultimately ended up being the opening scene of the film. Knowing that Mary ends up becoming the first African-American female aeronautical engineer at NASA and in the country, we kind of worked backwards and used this word “first” to propel the scene. This is Mary’s scene. There was one when someone from the white computing school had given her some tip-off to his backstory and what would appeal to him. TM: By that point in the movie, you’re so personally connected to Mary — you know her as a human being and you know her personality — to see her go the opposite way of her personality kept it fresh. She looked him in the eye, pled her case and won. AS:   It was important   that she was very dignified in the courtroom and very in-control, but the moment that she left it, you saw her erupt in joy. ALLISON SCHROEDER: We didn’t have Margot Lee Shetterly’s book yet when we started writing this. TM: Not often do you get to see someone petitioning a judge and presenting the judge a case that’s not an attorney. We thought, “No, it should all be able Mary. You expect her to be feisty and fiery like she’s been the whole movie, and here she tries a completely different tact, so it’s unexpected for you in my mind. AS: Right, as a military man. 26, EW is taking a closer look at some of the screenplays honored in the original and adapted categories. Henson), but it’s really the story of three women and each of their individual struggles to get recognition within the space program. It’s based on human emotions. She’s not screaming. Janelle Monáe played that adorably. Hidden Figures, the first adapted screenplay in our Oscar series, may give some of its biggest moments to NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. In the scene, Mary petitions a judge in a segregated courtroom for the ability to attend extension courses at a all-white high school in order to become an engineer. The nominated writers will break down select pages that were essential to the stories they were telling. When you’re in the audience, you can feel the audience be excited with her. Mary   actually had to petition this judge. We didn’t want to hit that beat twice. THEODORE MELFI: We had 55 pages. We knew the judge said, “Yes.”   One of the things that we started with was that even the courtroom was segregated. In the lead-up to this year’s Academy Awards on Feb. AS:   Courtroom scenes tend to focus on the judge or the lawyer. Aside from Octavia Spencer’s Dorothy Vaughan, there’s also Mary Jackson, who’s played by Janelle Monáe and is the subject of the scene co-writer Allison Schroeder and co-writer and director Theodore Melfi analyzed for EW. The content of it and what actually happened, that’s where Ted and I had to use our imagination starts there. Show Full Article She’s not on a huge preaching monologue to the jury. That was very important. She’s the hero of this scene, and she works this judge to get him to give her what she wants. Then it became, “What would convince the judge?”

TM: Another key word for us was the word “first” and appealing to the judge’s   sense of history and being on the right side of it.

Lena Dunham comments on Taylor Swift election backlash

That’s how I hope to live my life, which is not as a slave to public opinion but just as somebody who continues to make things… People who understand how to protect themselves but aren’t so beaten down that they can’t be creative – that to me is the greatest.”
Swift has worked extensively with Dunham’s partner, the singer-songwriter Jack Antonoff, on tracks like “Out of the Woods” and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” and   once brought Dunham out on stage during her   1989   tour. Lena Dunham has been vocal about her political beliefs and support for Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election. Show Full Article You have to f—ing watch it because people are nuts.”
The Girls star continued, saying she admired Swift’s poise as a public figure. But she’s sympathetic to those like her friend Taylor Swift, who don’t speak out about politics. “She’s been in the public eye since she was 15,” she said. On Election Day, Swift shared a photo of herself at a local polling place and urged fans to “go out and VOTE.” It was the most-liked celebrity Instagram posted on Election Day last year. “I felt young when my career started and I was 23, 24. When I met her, she was newly 22, and she was a f—ing seasoned pro at this stuff. Watching the way that she understands the vicissitudes of the cycle, and she just keeps making her work, – that’s just really impressive to me. Asked in a new interview with Rolling Stone about the backlash Swift received online for “not speaking up” during last year’s election, Dunham said, “I just think everyone has to do it their way.”
She added, “When I was lesser known, I was like, ‘Who could not share their opinion?’ Then I found out that when you talk about politics, people straight up tweet you the floor plan of your house and say they’re coming to your house.

Jerry O’Connell talks parenthood, gets surprised with his Barbie doppelgänger

It’s   a great foundation   to start from.”
Dolly Rebecca Rose   and   Charlie Tamara Tulip, 8, are also being raised to be thankful for what they have. We live in a beautiful suburb of Los Angeles. I’m not even joking. “I have one daughter who’s boy crazy, who talks about boys all the time. Parenting two kids the same age at one time is a challenging task for any parent. Like, don’t make me watch   Dateline   with you. “Maybe now I’ll talk to them through my new Mattel doll, the new Mattel Jerry doll,” he jokes. Always look [people] in the eye and say your name. Tell Daddy doll what you’re feeling. “After that, I want to make sure   my kids have gratitude,” adds their dad. The craziest thing we have to deal with is traffic.”
“I’ve looked into volunteering places and such, [but] my job   is not nearly done yet. Hi Mr. “She’s the best.”
Watch the full episode of   The Jess Cagle Interview, streaming now on People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to, or download the app for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xumo, Chromecast, Xfinity, iOS and Android devices. Whatever is appropriate,” Cagle replies. “There we go. I don’t want to hear it.’ ”
Cagle then surprises O’Connell with a very special gift: a Barbie-brand replica of the actor, as part of PEOPLE’s campaign about   dads and their daughters. Cagle, nice to meet you.’ That is me.”
O’Connell confesses that Barbies were never a thing around his house when he was a child, since he grew up with just a brother. “They’re like, ‘Oh, people are trying to talk to me.’ I’m like, ‘You can’t talk to any of them. That really goes a long way,” the   Love Locks   actor tells PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Editorial Director   Jess Cagle. “Is this for me to play with or my kids to play with?” O’Connell jokes. That was all new to me. ” ‘Remember kids, eat your protein and be polite. ” ‘Girls, tell me what you’re feeling. “That’s for you to decide. This article originally appeared on And one of his girls is starting to take an interest in boys already — something   the father of two   confesses he tries to pawn off on Romijn. This is how it starts.’ ”
O’Connell touches on the fact that he named his daughter Dolly after   Dolly Parton, and that the legendary entertainer sent his girls a very generous gift when they were born. “I mean, she’s 8 and she’s like, ‘There’s this boy … ‘ I’m like, ‘Talk to your mom about it please. Saying thank you,” continues O’Connell, 42. “I never had girls. I’m like, ‘Listen, you can do all that when I’m dead, when I die,’ ” he jokes. “I tell them, ‘You can’t chat with anybody on there,’ ” he says of Roblox, an app his girls are a fan of. How are you?’ “

Show Full Article As simplistic as that sounds, it’s really important. “I think if they understand that and I think if they have gratitude, I think a lot more will follow.”
The actor notes that it’s also important that Charlie and Dolly   take care of their responsibilities   — and stay away from social media situations that could be potentially dangerous at such a young age. Hi. Saying their name. It’s   still is new to me. La la la. “When they meet people, looking them in the eye and greeting them. “We said we named one   of our daughters   Dolly after Dolly Parton, and she sent both of our kids a $500 bond when they were born,” he says. Girls are, like … my daughters can get emotional,” he shares. That’s me,” says O’Connell upon opening the package. But   Jerry O’Connell   says that he and wife   Rebecca Romijn’s first priority is to make sure their daughters are grounded people. “They’re pretty privileged. I want to make sure they have gratitude,” O’Connell continues. “The first thing we try to do is just make them polite. “Saying please.

Demetri Martin tackles grief in ‘Dean’ trailer

Show Full Article “So I thought, ‘Oh, if I’m going to try to direct for the first time maybe I’ll pick one that takes place in the regular world rather than try and make up a world.’”
Gillian Jacobs, Mary Steenburgen, Reid Scott, Rory Scovel, Christine Woods, Ginger Gonzaga, Peter Scolari, and Briga Heelan also star in Dean. During Tribeca, Martin told EW about how he sifted through his own library of scripts when deciding on his first directorial effort. narrative competition — and now you can get a glimpse of the work that the comedian   directed, wrote, and starred in through   the first trailer. Martin portrays the titular Dean, an illustrator who escapes to Los Angeles from New York — partly to take an interview, partly to run from the recent death of his mother. His father, Robert (Kevin Kline), a retired engineer, goes down a separate path in selling the family house. “[The other scripts] were more kind of concept-y, and this one was grounded, a little bit more in reality,” he said. But even as they   cope with grief in different ways, they need each other when unforeseen circumstances arrive. Demetri Martin’s directorial debut, Dean, earned early praise when it premiered   at last year Tribeca Film Festival, where it   earned the top prize   in the U.S. Watch the trailer above. The film opens in select theaters June 2.

‘This Is Us’ producer breaks down Jack and Rebecca’s fight, tension with Ben

Are we going to start to see more flaws in the Super Dad/Super Jack portrait moving forward? (And what about   Toby and Kate? We saw another side of Jack in the second episode, when he was drinking too much. I think that the question is not necessarily how much of a wedge her going on tour will drive between the two of them, as much as the issues that are presented in episode 15 — his jealousy and   his difficulty with her leaving, her need for independence and her need to be able to get back to her creative self. Let’s dive back into the action   with a man who has never played tennis with Salmon Rushdie,   Ken Olin,   the This Is Us executive producer   who directed “Jack Pearson’s Son.”
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:   If we were a little worried after   Rebecca told Jack that she wanted to go on tour,   now it seems we have true cause for concern. And the thing that’s probably the most ominous is when she says to him, “I thought that I could have this without you getting in the way.”   And what she means by that is, “I thought that I could have this for myself without the issues that you have and your dependency on me and your fears about losing me getting in the way.” So, it’s certainly something that will have to be dealt with in the final episodes of the season, because before we even deal with her being away for that amount of time, she will   have to deal with how much that threatens him   —   and how much she resents some of the sacrifices that she’s made. What is Ben thinking? William’s health was breaking down. Beth’s mother broke her hip. There was cause for alarm nearly everywhere on Tuesday’s installment of This Is Us. I think it’s a little early to tell. Toby cautioned that after all of the collapsing and   surgeries and surgeries that were postponed and breakups and makeups and expulsions from weight-loss immersion camps, perhaps it was time to pump the breaks and try to get to know each other better — and for her to be able to talk about Jack’s death — before they got   married, possibly (but probably not) in a water park. Sacrifices made for love are now being thrown back in each other’s face. I don’t think he’s a bad guy at all, but I don’t know that he’s a particularly good guy or a responsible guy. But it certainly is a significant issue. Don’t get us started, because,   well…    there wasn’t much to get started on. He’s a very interesting character because at the end of the season people are going to have to draw their own conclusions about what motivates him, and what motivates him in terms of his relationship with Rebecca. Those are the issues that drive a wedge that never really were   resolved. This is a person that hasn’t been drinking for six, seven years, and he clearly makes a choice because of the things that are happening with Rebecca   that he needs to have a drink in order to soothe his   anxiety. But it’s like anything in terms of relationships; part of it has to do with who’s perceiving it and why are they perceiving it a certain way. Jack and Rebecca’s relationship took a turn — a hard one — for the worse. [As for] the drinking, that’s another thing that will be dealt with by the end of the season   — whether or not the drinking is in fact a symptom of a disease, that we’re dealing with real alcoholism. What is Rebecca thinking? Or we are   dealing with some fundamental weakness on Jack’s part, meaning some of the fears or insecurities that he has, that he uses alcohol to self-medicate? But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all those issues and all those demons don’t exist anymore. Mm-hmm. They are duetting on that Etta James song with lyrics like “If you ever change your mind   about leavin’/leavin’ me behind/Oh, oh, bring it to me Bring your sweet lovin’.” When Jack notices their intense eye contact,   Miguel assures him that they’re just playing it up for the crowd. Where is this a product of Jack’s insecurities and where   is he really perceiving something accurately? Even if Ben isn’t nefariously plotting something, it just seems that there’s more than a musical connection there. He is deeply in love with her, and she makes him reach for his best self. Seconds from going on stage — and emboldened by advice from, of all people, stepdad Miguel (Jon Huertas) — the former star of The Manny   bolted from the theater (if you thought Sloane was pissed before, imagine her now) and   finally showed up for his brother, another step in repairing a historically fraught relationship. We’re going to find out a little more about the way Ben operates in the last three episodes of the season. She was willing to make that sacrifice, but I think for a lot of women who are really creative, when they make those sacrifices for their marriages and children, it doesn’t mean that those desires go away. Randall himself seemed headed for a breakdown. I mean, the only thing I can tell you is that as it plays out   —   and as it will play out over the final episode of the season   —   there will be enough information for people to draw their own conclusions about that. In the character that Milo created, the thing   that we really tried to   depict is that flawlessness, that Super Dad, is also in some ways a veneer that covers a person who has some real insecurities, some real damage. And there’s certain limitations he has that run directly contrary to some of the things that she needs in life, and that once she begins to express those things   —   and once she begins to demand some of those things for herself   —   he’s not as capable of keeping those demons at bay. In this episode, an   unpleasant jealous, insecure side reared its ugly head. In Pearson   present day, the responsibilities and pressures and anxieties (including a terminally ill biological father that just fired his nurse!) were piling up on Randall (Sterling K. And then Rebecca represents, in his mind, a kind of salvation for him. NEXT PAGE: Toby and Kate’s decision to slow things down   will ‘take us in a whole different direction’

Show Full Article And how ominous is that final moment   with Jack downing   a drink, a problem that he told Rebecca he would fix   —   and did? Was his mentioning to Jack that he used to date Rebecca designed on any level to get under Jack’s skin, or was it just an awkward stumble into a minefield? And given that we’re talking relationships, albeit a different kind, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) took theirs   in a strange, new direction: normalcy. Brown), causing the perfection-seeking family man and corporate star to be   reduced to a man unable to function, frozen in tears. How much of a wedge will the   tour with Ben drive between Jack and Rebecca in these last few episodes? Let’s talk about the conversation Ben and Jack had at the bar. And   we’re going to get enough information by the end of the season that people will have to draw their own conclusions about whatever their chemistry is. But   when Jack attended a Valentine’s Day gig for the band with Miguel (Jon Huertas), he saw the way they connected onstage   and validated his jealousy when Ben (Sam Trammell) let it slip after the show that he and Rebecca used to date. Kevin was stressed   that he would tank on the opening night of   his   play. They actually became   a force of reason   — that is, once Kate was kicked out of her weight-loss immersion camp.)
“Jack Pearson’s Son” opened with things seeming   stable between Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore), especially after that uncomfortable ending to last week’s episode, in which Rebecca told Jack   during their sweet romantic reconnection at their old apartment that she wanted to go on tour with Ben’s band. Collapsed on the floor of his office, he would be comforted by the sibling who teased and ignored   him in his youth: Kevin (Justin Hartley). You’ll just have to wait and see. That led to the cancellation of the traditional bacon cheeseburger date, a confrontation that   ended with Rebecca blurting out that   she “needed   to have something for myself without you getting in the way,” (that’s going to leave an emotional mark) and Jack retreating to the restaurant to not just consume   the cheeseburger   but also some forbidden drinks. We’ve seen that as a child he was the son of an alcoholic, and we’ve seen that every once in a while, we’d get glimpses of his anger. We’re going to see some things coming up. To the world, many people think, “Oh, this is a perfect Dad. It’s a superhero.” One of the things that we’re going to see is it’s not the same thing as being married to him and being really intimate with him, which Rebecca is. She put some of that behind her. (Chuckles.)
Is it more than that?

Korra and Asami enjoy a date in this ‘Legend of Korra’ comic preview

It’s set to hit stores in June. After a few years, fans finally get to see what happens next, thanks to Dark Horse’s new comic sequel,   The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars. “It’s gonna take place right after the finale, so it’s focusing on Korra and Asami’s relationship as a new threat emerges. Show Full Article The first comic based on   Korra,   Turf Wars   is written by series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino   and illustrated by Irene Koh. It’s kind of like the aftermath dealing with the new portal in the city, and all the evacuees coming back to find their homes wiped out because of the portal.”
Check out an exclusive preview of the first installment of   Turf Wars   below. The Legend of Korra   ended with its two female leads, the powerful Avatar Korra and the ingenious industrialist Asami, holding hands and walking together through a portal into the Spirit World. “Korra has to figure out how to find a new balance in the city with all this stuff that’s gone on,” DiMartino recently told EW. It features Korra and Asami dealing with the chaos caused by the new portal—both in the Spirit World and back home in Republic City.

Beyoncé-inspired video game lets you make lemonade

If you’re a Beyoncé fan who’s still fuming about her   Grammy snubs, you’re in luck. Show Full Article Players must also   maneuver around obstacles like “haterz,” “Illuminati conspiracists,” and “bulls—” to keep her from getting angrier. Created by Joe Laquite, Justin Au, Line Johnsen, and Colby Spear, the free 8-bit online game is themed around the   Formation singer’s “Hold Up” music video—complete with an 8 Bit Universe cover of the song as the soundtrack—and features Beyoncé in her iconic yellow dress, wielding her hot sauce bat. Players take on the role of Queen Bey herself as they walk down the street, smashing objects like cars, hydrants, and even   ads for good hair, in an effort to earn the lemons with which to make lemonade. You can play the game here. There’s now a game that will let you channel your own   Lemonade Rage.

Sports Illustrated partners with Jerry Bruckheimer Productions for TV series

Sports Illustrated and Jerry Bruckheimer   Productions are collaborating to develop a new TV series that will investigate athletes’ involvement in criminal activity and misdeeds. Show Full Article Representing Time Inc. The venture will begin discussions with potential distributors and streaming services soon. in the venture will be Bruce Gersh, Ian Orefice, Chris Stone, Jon Wertheim and Josh Oshinsky. Sports Illustrated: True Crime, the series’ working title, is inspired by the recently launched SI True Crime investigation franchise. and Sports Illustrated on what we feel is the next step in continuing efforts to bring crime drama to the next level on television.”
Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, and KristieAnne Reed will serve as Executive Producers. This article originally appeared on Jerry Bruckheimer Productions’s series include the   C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation   franchise as well as The Amazing Race. “It’s always so exciting to develop new creative partnerships,” said Jerry Bruckheimer, who has also produced dozens of films including Black Hawk Down and Pirates of the Caribbean. “We are really thrilled to collaborate with Time Inc. SI True Crime   has investigated multiple cases including   that of Randall Woodfield, the “I-5 Killer” who was drafted by the Green Bay Packers, and former MLB player   Milton Bradley’s violent crimes.

‘Hamilton’ alum Okieriete Onaodowan to replace Josh Groban in ‘The Great Comet’

It’s exciting to have that same opportunity. “Having the opportunity to have two black actors star is, to me, irrefutably huge,” Benton told the   Times. Okieriete Onaodowan is going from the American Revolution to 19th-century Russia. He’ll star opposite Denée Benton, who plays Natasha, and his casting means that the show will have two black leads playing Russian aristocrats. “Actors of color definitely feel the limitation to have to tell the stories the world has decided are your own, when if you look at the breadth of characters handsome white male actors can play, they’re given access to the whole range. “I like the fact that Pierre is a guy who really wants to move forward, but doesn’t necessarily know how, and I think a lot of people can relate to that for many reasons.”
Onaodowan was the last original cast member to depart Hamilton, and The Great Comet   marks his fourth Broadway show, after roles in   Rocky, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Hamilton. Show Full Article The former Hamilton star, who played Hercules Mulligan and James Madison in the original Broadway cast, has signed on to play the male lead in Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812, a musical that adapts a portion of War and Peace. “It’s very different from what I’ve done before — there’s a lot to dig into,” Onaodowan told The New York Times, which broke the news. Groban was already set to take his final bow on July 2, and Onaodowan will tackle the role from July 3 through Sept. 4. Onaodowan replaces Josh Groban, who originated the role of Pierre and made his Broadway debut with the show.

Kellyanne Conway no longer welcome on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’

Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, is “not credible anymore,” Mika Brzezinski said during the program. “I won’t do it, because I don’t believe in fake news or information that’s not true,” Brzezinski said. Brzezinski’s ban comes after Conway has been criticized for her behavior on TV, including referencing the nonexistent “Bowling Green Massacre” while defending Trump’s controversial immigration order, and endorsing Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessory brand during a Fox and Friends interview. “I don’t even think she’s saying things she knows to be untrue, she’s just saying things just to get in front of a TV set and prove her relevance,” Scarborough said. Kellyanne Conway is no longer welcome to appear on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the show’s co-host said Wednesday. This article originally appeared on “Every time I’ve ever seen her on television, something is askew, off, or incorrect.”
“She’s out of the loop, she’s in none of the key meetings,” co-host Joe Scarborough said in response. “She doesn’t know, she doesn’t have the information.”
Later on, Scarborough referenced an interview Conway had with NBC’s Matt Lauer on Tuesday, alleging she gave “misinformation” on   TODAY. “Because behind the scenes, she’s not in these meetings.”
Watch the full video at the top. Show Full Article Brzezinski said Conway has tried to get booked on Morning Joe, but she won’t appear on the show in the future.

‘The Royals’ sneak peek: Robert and Liam get into another fight

And as you can see in the exclusive clip below, the younger royal has been doing his research about some of the details of his brother’s time away, and unfortunately for Robert, he’s not too thrilled with what he found. ET on E!. Things get heated once again in the show’s third season finale when Liam finally confronts Robert about what really went down on the island, even presenting Robert’s charred flight helmet. Elsewhere in the episode, Jasper — who is now caught between both brothers — will make a final attempt to win Eleanor back, while Helena copes with heartbreak. Looks like   The Royals are back to throwing punches once again — or, at the very least, rage-induced tackles. Show Full Article The Royals   season 3 finale airs Sunday at 10 p.m.

Lena Dunham comments on Taylor Swift’s political silence

On Election Day, Swift shared a photo of herself at a local polling place and urged fans to “go out and VOTE.” It was the most-liked celebrity Instagram posted on Election Day last year. You have to f—ing watch it because people are nuts.”
The Girls star continued, saying she admired Swift’s poise as a public figure. Watching the way that she understands the vicissitudes of the cycle, and she just keeps making her work, – that’s just really impressive to me. Lena Dunham has been vocal about her political beliefs and support for Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election. When I met her, she was newly 22, and she was a f—ing seasoned pro at this stuff. But she’s sympathetic to those like her friend Taylor Swift, who don’t speak out about politics. “I felt young when my career started and I was 23, 24. That’s how I hope to live my life, which is not as a slave to public opinion but just as somebody who continues to make things… People who understand how to protect themselves but aren’t so beaten down that they can’t be creative – that to me is the greatest.”
Swift has worked extensively with Dunham’s partner, the singer-songwriter Jack Antonoff, on tracks like “Out of the Woods” and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” and   once brought Dunham out on stage during her   1989   tour. Show Full Article Asked in a new interview with Rolling Stone about the backlash Swift received online for “not speaking up” during last year’s election, Dunham said, “I just think everyone has to do it their way.”
She added, “When I was lesser known, I was like, ‘Who could not share their opinion?’ Then I found out that when you talk about politics, people straight up tweet you the floor plan of your house and say they’re coming to your house. “She’s been in the public eye since she was 15,” she said.