‘Cash me ousside’ teen to Dr. Phil: ‘You were nothing before’ me

If it wasn’t for him and his people, I wouldn’t be the way I am. Phil was the one responsible for her growth. The tough talk was no surprise coming from Bregoli, who became a viral sensation after appearing on the show in September with her mother, who was having a hard time reigning in the misbehaving teenager. “I guess what’s good for you is I made you just like how Oprah made you,” answered Bregoli, smiling. After saying that she hoped to become a nurse, Dr. Phil, returned to the show this week with some harsh words for   her mustached mentor. Phil this week follows her Dr. “You were nothin’ before I came on this show.”
“Thank you for that,” replied Dr. Though she claims her time there did help, Bregoli and her mom, Barbara Ann Bregoli, got into a heated debate over whether or not Dr. After she thought the audience was laughing at her during her initial appearance on the show, Bregoli angrily yelled, “Cash me ousside, how ’bout dat,” imploring them to fight her outside. Bregoli’s return to Dr. Danielle Bregoli, the 13-year-old who recently gained internet fame by becoming a meme after yelling ‘cash me ousside’ during an   appearance on Dr. Phil asked whether the attention she’s been receiving from the internet has been good or bad. I could’ve paid for it myself.”
Despite her protests, she   eventually gave in and offered a begrudged “thank you.”
Watch her latest appearance in the video above. It instantly became a meme and a phrase repeated by both teens and adults. Phil-funded stay at the Turn-About Ranch, a treatment program for troubled teens. Phil. The young woman behind ‘cash me ousside’ is back, and she’s not mincing words. Show Full Article “You have to admit, he helped you a lot,” Barbara said, to which Danielle quipped back, “If it wasn’t for his money, you can’t say if it wasn’t for him.

Nicholas Hoult puts pedal to metal in ‘Collide’ clip

The clip opens with a continuous take in which   Hoult hops behind the wheel of a sleek sedan, peels out, and narrowly escapes a swarm of bad guys and bullets. 24. Nicholas Hoult   is outgunned but won’t be outrun in a newly released first clip from the high-speed thriller   Collide. Collide opens Feb. Directed by Eran Creevy, the film stars Hoult (X-Men: Apocalypse, Mad Max: Fury Road) as an expert   car thief who crosses a mob boss and finds himself in a   race across the German highways to save his girlfriend. Show Full Article Watch the new clip above. Not pictured in the clip are costars   Anthony Hopkins, Felicity Jones, and Ben Kingsley.

16 funny Alec Baldwin ‘SNL’ sketches to celebrate his return as host

Alec Baldwin nails his impression of longtime Match Game panelist and actor Charles Nelson Reilly. RELATED: Hear more of the latest TV news from this week

5. Before there was President Donald Trump, there was Tony Bennett and Robert DeNiro. 4. It’s cringeworthy to say the least, but Baldwin still brings the laughs. 15. 1. That’s right — there’s a fourth Jonas Brother, and for some reason, he looks a lot like Alec Baldwin. This sketch was such a hit that Ben & Jerry’s named an ice cream flavor after it in 2011. “Canteen Boy and the Scoutmaster,” 1994
In one the most famous SNL sketches ever, Baldwin plays the increasingly pervy scoutmaster to Adam Sandler’s naïve   canteen boy, who is actually 27. “Brenda the Waitress,” 1990
Following a stellar monologue in his first hosting gig, Baldwin delivers a hilariously understated bit as a rogue cowboy full of sexual innuendos at Jan Hooks’ diner. “The Joe Pesci Show,” 1996
Baldwin nails his cool, calm, and collected impression of Robert De Niro opposite Jim Breuer’s spot-on Joe Pesci. “Love-ahs,” 2002
This sketch, featuring the rather passionate love-ahs Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch, is odd to say the least, but features Baldwin’s British accent and a cane, so it’s got that going for it. In honor of the gig, EW has rounded up sketches from each of his episodes as host, stretching all the way back to 1990. 13. Or maybe do, depending on your level of heartless-ness. 8. Baldwin’s been a constant fixture this season as President Donald Trump, but this week, he’ll take on more than the combover and hand gestures as the man of the hour and a half. But how about Gary? “Inside the Actors Studio,” 2001
SNL had spoofed the James Lipton-hosted show before, but never like this. Of course, the thing these men all have in common is Alec Baldwin, their smooth-talking portrayer   set to host his record-setting   17th episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend. Watch the funny videos below. “Glengarry Christmas,” 2005
In Santa’s workshop, Baldwin can hardly contain his laughter as he accidentally slips out of character and   quotes directly from Glengarry Glen Ross, his 1992 film he was spoofing. “Tipping” monologue, 1993
If you ever wanted to catch Baldwin, Lorne Michaels, and Paul McCartney in a scene together, this monologue, where Baldwin goes behind the scenes to tip crew members, is your shot. 7. 3. 14. “NPR’s Delicious Dish Schweddy Balls,” 1998
In what is arguably one of the funniest sketches to ever grace the SNL stage, Baldwin drops by Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon’s NPR radio show to tout his bakery’s famous specialty, Schweddy balls. This time Baldwin is Prince Charles’ private secretary Sir Anthony McCollum, who must deal with the British press’ hilarious innuendos regarding rumors pertaining to the prince’s sexuality. “Lank Thompson: Handsome Actor,” 1991
Lank Thompson (Mike Myers) may be handsome, but no one’s more handsome —   or hilarious —   than   Alec Baldwin playing himself, employing all the clichés audiences have come to expect from attractive actors. “The Tony Bennett Show,” 2006
Baldwin had been imitating   the legendary singer   for years, but his impression proved it held up when the real Bennett dropped by. “Sentimental Yard Sale,” 1997
Baldwin and Molly Shannon   learn the first lesson of yard sales the hard way: Don’t give away things you still care about! 11. “Swim Team Awards,” 2010
Come for the absurd wig, stay for the nasty burns Baldwin throws at the members of the   high school swim team he coaches. 12. Also of note is the appearance   by a young Conan O’Brien, who was a writer on the show at the time. 2. The world’s creepiest scoutmaster, bakery owner Pete Schweddy, and Gary Jonas also can’t be overlooked. 16. “Fourth Jonas,” 2009
You know Nick, Kevin, and Joe, who were at the peak of JoBro mania when this sketch aired. “Prince Charles,” 2003
More British accents! “All My Children Wrap Party,” 2011
Art imitates life for   the cast and crew of   All My Children, as they shut down their long-running soap opera with a series of wild twists and turns. 10. 6. 9. Show Full Article “The Baldwins Play Family Feud,” 1994
Baldwin hosted this episode with then-wife Kim Basinger, and he recruited   brothers Billy and Stephen   to join them as an out-of-touch version of themselves on Feud.

16 celebrities who are shopping at Nordstrom to spite Trump

A photo posted by Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) on Feb 9, 2017 at 9:14am PST

Meanwhile, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted out a photo of some online shopping and urged her followers to follow suit. I'm getting these @sjpcollection , do you think they are too #Charlotte"???? https://t.co/irgg7gTulz
— billy eichner (@billyeichner) February 9, 2017

I will be shopping the FUCK out of @Nordstrom tomorrow. Now ask @Macys to do the same. 💗😉
A photo posted by iamkristindavis (@iamkristindavis) on Feb 8, 2017 at 12:25pm PST

OK!! Terrible!”

My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. Yah, I shopped there but in high school I used to really get down on the panini in their cafe. JUST AS SOON AS I FINISH MY SHOPPING AT NORDSTROM!! https://t.co/OM8NEFWaM4
— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) February 10, 2017

Been very into Nordstrom for a long time. SEE YOU THERE!! Is this a great country or what! Terrible! pic.twitter.com/lDwRnkIch9
— ROSIE (@Rosie) February 9, 2017

See below for more celebrities who have taken their wallets to Nordstrom. — Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) February 8, 2017

Hey everyone when you go on emotionally-charged online shopping spree at @Nordstrom tonight,don't forget to also shop at @ACLU & @splcenter
— Rachel Dratch (@TheRealDratch) February 9, 2017

If only our so called President listened to her. — Ana Navarro (@ananavarro) February 8, 2017

Im going to do the American thing and support @Nordstrom 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️✨🇺🇸❤️❤️✨🇺🇸❤️
— Chelsea Peretti (@chelseaperetti) February 8, 2017

Show Full Article Joining the likes of Saturday Night Live, Meryl Streep, and the New York Times,   Nordstrom recently found itself the subject of an angry tweet from Donald Trump after the store announced it was dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, citing lagging sales. #grabyourwallethttps://t.co/WtNsU2mtBO
— Beau Willimon (@BeauWillimon) February 9, 2017

I've never plugged a store but Nordstrom is great
— Mia Farrow (@MiaFarrow) February 8, 2017

Keeping track of what to support or boycott: Supporting @AnheuserBusch, @Nordstrom, @Starbucks…oh, & hoarding tequila b/c of Mexico thing. shop nordstrom! A Jew and a Gay went to pick a Muslim up from the airport, headed straight to Nordstrom, and then headed over to @whitehouse to give our thanks! What's a good song for a "trying on shirts" montage? #Nordstrom pic.twitter.com/iFCphSiafx
— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) February 8, 2017

Been shopping at @Nordstrom https://t.co/ZARY7vzS9N pic.twitter.com/HnJh9gD7JD
— RuPaul (@RuPaul) February 10, 2017

Hey! Guess who carries some really nice shoes- @nordstrom! — Donald J. https://t.co/RggdS9mMr3
— Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow) February 8, 2017

You saw what was possible with @Nordstrom. — Aidy Bryant (@aidybryant) February 8, 2017

Anyone wanna meet me @Nordstrom …mama needs a new pair a shoes😜😜😜
— Joely Fisher (@MsJoelyFisher) February 9, 2017

PARTY AT @Nordstrom TONIGHT!!! “She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Chelsea Handler, who has been outspoken in her disapproval of Trump, went on a shopping spree at Nordstrom with two friends and showed off their purchases in front of the White House. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! I love @Nordstrom and will keep shopping there to make a point– and I need slacks! Here and on FB. @POTUS! “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom,” the president wrote on Wednesday. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2017

Trump’s ire prompted many celebrities who oppose him to support Nordstrom, which saw a   surge in stock following the president’s tweet.

Prince’s music headed to streaming services

12. “Why shouldn’t you be allowed to do that when it’s your music, your creation?”
Last   November, Universal Music Publishing Group acquired rights to exclusively publish Prince’s catalog worldwide. In June 2016, the service added 15 more of Prince’s albums, mostly spanning his ’90s and ’00s output, to their library. In July 2015, he pulled his catalog from services including Spotify and Apple Music — but left it on Tidal, where he debuted his final two albums,   Hit n Run Phase One and   Hit n Run Phase Two, exclusively in late 2015. Late last month, plain purple ads with the Spotify logo appeared in Manhattan’s Union Square subway station — and the streaming titan confirmed to EW on Friday that all of Prince’s Warner Bros. “Jay allowed us to pick the artwork, design the page, choose the related content,” Prince told EW in September 2015. Around that time, the late musician’s estate sued Jay Z’s Roc Nation over Prince’s Tidal exclusivity, citing copyright infringement and alleging the service had streamed his catalog without permission. (That includes albums released from 1978 to 1996.) Meanwhile, Napster wrote to NPR that “the rumors are true … music fans rejoice!”
Elsewhere, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio music confirmed to Pitchfork   that Prince’s music will also arrive on their services come Sunday. Show Full Article Expected to hit services including Napster, Apple Music, and Spotify by Sunday evening, the development will mark the first time   since the musician’s April 2016 death that his music has been available at digital outlets other than Tidal. Prince’s music will soon arrive on many streaming services, according to multiple reports. catalog would arrive on the service on Sunday, Feb. Prior to his death, Prince had a notoriously fraught relationship with streaming services.

‘Jurassic World 2’ adds ‘Shutter Island’ actor Ted Levine

Mesrani, ‘We’re not always going to be the only ones who can make a dinosaur.’ I think that’s an interesting idea that even if we don’t explore fully in this film, there is room for this universe to expand.”
He dropped another clue on the   Jurassic Cast   Podcast, saying,   “Dinosaurs and man, separated by 65 million years of evolution, have been thrown back into the mix together. Trevorrow, who is co-writing Jurassic World 2, teased of the sequel during an interview with Wired U.K., “Dr. Bayona, who tweeted in January that he’s “getting ready for the journey.” Official plot   details are currently under wraps, but Levine also joins the star of Netflix’s The Get Down, Justice Smith   for the second movie in the franchise reboot. How can we know what to expect?”
Jurassic World 2 is scheduled for theaters on June 22, 2018. pic.twitter.com/EDgsdUJyXv
— JA Bayona (@FilmBayona) January 26, 2017

Variety first reported Levine’s casting, and ranks   Toby Jones and Rafe Spalls among the cast. Levine more recently appeared on episodes of Showtime’s   Ray Donovan   and Lethal Weapon, as well as in   films   Bleed for This   and   Swing State. The sequel to Colin Trevorrow’s box office-busting dinosaur film will be directed by A Monster Calls‘ J.A. Wu says in the [first] film, when he’s warning Dr. Getting ready for the journey. Ted Levine, known for roles in Shutter Island and Silence of the Lambs, is joining Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard for Jurassic World 2, EW has confirmed. Show Full Article

‘Fifty Shades Darker’: 7 biggest changes from page to screen

A different opening
In the film, Christian and Ana reunite at José’s gallery show, after which he takes her to dinner and begs her forgiveness. In the book, both parties were fully awake for the proposal, which took place during the post-Leila argument. Flynn not only attended the charity ball — and even twirled Ana around on the dance floor — but he also sat down with Ana to answer any and all questions she had about Christian. iPhone of it all, or the fact that we don’t get to see Ana’s new car in the film. Once again, movie-Kate has less of an opinion. Also missing from the movie? The alleyway kiss that happened right as they left the gallery. Flynn, Christian’s grandparents, and Mia’s friends. With more creative involvement from author E.L. Spoiler: Christian wasn’t happy with her. She’s not drunk when she returns home, but Christian’s still not happy with her. 4. Ana then went out and grabbed a few too many drinks with Ethan in order to process everything that had just happened. 5. Flynn. Most notably, this film lacks a certain sex scene that involved ice cream, as well as the boat sex scene during Christian and Ana’s time on the water, and last but not least, the pool table sex scene. But in the book, Christian’s quest to get Ana back began much earlier, when he sent her an email and asked if he could accompany her to José’s show in the first place. 7. There’s no first dance auction at the   ball (and more)
For readers, the charity ball was an elaborate event filled with many, many faces, including Dr. She said yes, and the two enjoyed a long car ride — followed by a long helicopter ride — where they discussed what happened at the end of their relationship. And on a general note about Elena, the film cuts her entire “blackmailed” story line. Kate doesn’t find out
In the book, Ana had some explaining to do when her best friend, Kate, found one of her emails to Christian about a contract negotiation, but in the film, Kate remains blissfully in the dark. In the book, Kate’s brother, Ethan, is coming into town to stay with Ana and ends up being a big part of the Leila story when he shows up on the night that Leila pulls a gun on Ana. When E.L. But the film focuses more on the people we’ve already met. Flynn
Christian’s psychiatrist is nowhere to be found in the film, which is a big change from the book, in which Dr. The movie decided not to include their in-depth chat   or even mention that there was a Dr. 2. Where’s Ethan? Furthermore, Christian later took Ana to a house that he planned to buy for them. It’s not until the next morning that Ana’s even sure he meant what he said. And no, we’re not talking about the minor stuff, like the Blackberry vs. Here are a few of the more significant changes:
1. However, as is always a case, there were a few key differences between the book and the movie. James — her husband, Niall Leonard, wrote the screenplay — Fifty Shades Darker   followed the book very closely, even borrowing exact dialogue a number of times. There’s no house (and a different proposal)
When Christian pops the question, he does so after Ana wakes him up from one of his nightmares, after which he quickly falls back asleep. On a more intricate note, the conversation between Ana and Elena shifts in the film. Show Full Article Christian’s anger is the only part that carried over into the film. 6. James wrote it, Elena told Ana that she had better not hurt Christian again, whereas in the film, Elena tells Ana that she can’t change Christian and that he has needs she can’t meet. There’s a lot of sex in these books, and quite frankly, there’s a lot of sex in the movies, but they have to draw the line somewhere. One similarity: In both cases, Ana says yes with a keychain. And when it comes to plot, a   key moment is missing from the event: The film does not include a first dance auction, which in the book served as Christian’s chance to spend a ridiculous amount of money bidding on a dance with Ana. No Dr. 3. By eliminating Ethan entirely, the film instead sees Ana walk through the rain by herself after nearly getting shot by Leila. Well, if you thought the first Fifty Shades film was true to the book, the second one is even more so. There’s less sex
At this point, this is to be expected. You know, if you’re keeping tabs.

Will Smith will not star in Tim Burton’s live-action ‘Dumbo’

Last month, the Suicide Squad star was in early talks to star in Disney’s new live-action Dumbo movie, but EW has confirmed that those talks have fallen through. He’ll next appear in Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi film Bright, as well as Bad Boys for Life, the third film in the Bad Boys series with Martin Lawrence. Deadline first reported the news. Smith was circling the role of a father whose children befriend Dumbo, but he had never officially signed on. Dumbo is just one of the many live-action remakes Disney has in the works, from the upcoming Beauty and the Beast, which stars Emma Watson and will hit theaters in March, to Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King. Smith most recently starred in the superhero flick Suicide Squad and the emotional drama Collateral Beauty. Looks like Dumbo will be taking flight without Will Smith. Show Full Article Tim Burton is directing the new version of the film, which reimagines the beloved 1941 animated movie about the flying elephant.

ABC’s magic pilot ‘Deception’ lands lead

He’ll become the world’s first consulting illusionist, helping the government solve crimes that defy explanation and trap criminals and spies by using deception. Note: The project is not to be confused with NBC’s short-lived Revenge-style drama of the same name. Jack Cutmore-Scott has been tapped to star in ABC’s magic pilot Deception, EW has learned. The Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life alum will play superstar magician Cameron Black, who, after his career is ruined by scandal, has only one place to turn to practice his art of deception, illusion, and influence: the FBI. Renowned magician and New York Times crossword constructor David Kwong, who’s a consultant on Blindspot, will also serve as a co-producer on Deception. Show Full Article Chris Fedak (Chuck, Legends of Tomorrow) will write and executive-produce the Warner Bros. TV project with Blindspot trio Greg Berlanti, Martin Gero, and Sarah Schechter, as well as David Nutter.

‘SNL’ debuts Trump ‘Boycott’ video on Snapchat

Even the pedicab purchased his bike from Amazon, which sells Trump ties. ET on NBC. 📱 https://t.co/CmDQmba1xp #SNL pic.twitter.com/lrt318ugr0
— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) February 10, 2017

As they rant and rave in   despair, naked and outside their trashed home, they find hope in the news that Kalanick has left Trump’s advisory board. Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett play a couple attempting to boycott all products associated with the president, which proves to be no easy task. This week’s episode of SNL, hosted by Alec Baldwin, airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m. You shouldn’t buy clothes there.”

Introducing SNL's first-ever Snapchat show! “So he’s taken cheese from me, too?!” Bryant screams. Show Full Article Watch SNL Stories "Boycott" on @Snapchat Discover. They quickly trade   Lyft for Uber over CEO Travis Kalanick’s involvement in Trump’s advisory board, before trading a   pedicab for Lyft over investor Peter Thiel, a Trump supporter. Now you can get new   Saturday Night Live   shorts at the speed of Snapchat. RELATED: Hear more of the latest TV news from this week

The couple frantically realizes everything must go, including their clothing, as Bryant wears “head-to-toe Costco.” However, that’s mostly because “they sell mayonnaise and stuff. SNL/Snapchat
Check out screenshots from the sketch above   and head to Snapchat to watch the video in full. SNL launched a   new Snapchat Stories channel through   Snapchat Discover on Friday, and the debut video is “Boycott,” a short inspired by President Donald Trump. Their “voices matter,” but they still look like lunatics. “We’ll be safe at home,” says Bennett. But that too is a minefield of Yuengling, My Pillow, and Kraft   Mac & Cheese.

How ‘Game of Thrones’ influenced ‘Stranger Things 2’

It’s this weird thing. Season 1 of Stranger Things was basically shot in a bubble without much concern for leaks or paparazzi. Go to   PEOPLE.com/PEN,   or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile and web devices. We protect every story point, every page of every script.”
For more on this week’s cover story, watch EW The Show, available here, on the new PEOPLE/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Show Full Article Adds Levy, “We had no security protocols last season and we have extensive security protocols this season. “We literally consulted with the producers on Game of Thrones to learn security protocols,” say executive producer Shawn Levy (Arrival). “I just knew I used to throw my sides away and now they have to be burnt,” says co-creator Ross Duffer of his daily shooting notes. To read more on Stranger Things 2, stay tuned to EW.com and pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday, or buy it here now – and   subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. But all that has changed for season 2. “And now I have a code name! So when it came time to tackle one of the biggest obstacles for season 2 of Stranger Things, the show’s producers decided to ask advice from the HBO monster hit. I can’t speak about what they are because then people could crack them. For more on Stranger Things 2, stay tuned to EW.com and pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now. “Now we have a code name [for the show],” says Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven. Stranger Things 2 returns on Halloween. Even the cast is cloaked in secrecy. On the call sheets our names are across it and if we lose it, we’re dead.” But are you ever really dead on Stranger Things? Game of Thrones and Stranger Things are arguably the   two biggest genre shows on television right now and   share equally fervent fan bases.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter returns home after ATV accident

“Above all else we are so thankful for each and every prayer, because we know that is what truly made the difference. Less than a week after being hospitalized following an ATV accident, Jamie Lynn Spears‘ 6-year-old daughter Maddie is back home and recovering, PEOPLE confirms. “She is breathing well and interacting with loved ones. They are touched by the outpouring of support they have received during this difficult time.”
Maddie’s stepfather Jamie Watson also confirmed the happy news on his Instagram account with a photo of the family flying home in a hospital helicopter. The family has appreciated the thousands of people who have been praying for her recovery. Show Full Article Thank you again to everyone. “Maddie Aldridge, 8-year-old daughter of entertainer Jamie Lynn Spears, has been discharged from Children’s Hospital in New Orleans,” the hospital tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement via a Spears family rep. Doctors say she is on the way to a full recovery.”
“Aldridge accidentally drove an ATV into a pond on a relative’s property in Kentwood, Louisiana, Sunday and was trapped underwater. Her family would like to thank Acadian Ambulance paramedics and Air Med helicopter crew for their life-saving response during the crucial moments after the accident,” continues the statement. We are truly blessed🙏
A photo posted by Jamie (@jamiewatson985) on Feb 10, 2017 at 10:17am PST

“Thanks to the amazing first responders, and medical teams at University and Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana, we are headed home with our baby girl as she continued to recover,” he captioned the photo. This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.com. Thank you again to everyone. Above all else we are so thankful for each and every prayer, because we know that is what truly made the difference. Paramedics arrived “within two minutes” and “assisted in freeing the child from the cold waters,” states the report. We are truly blessed.”
The country singer’s daughter regained consciousness mid-day Tuesday at the hospital, which told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement provided by a Spears family rep that “it appears she has not suffered any neurological consequences from the accident.”
On Sunday, Maddie was driving an ATV within view of Spears, 25, and her husband   when she took a hard right to avoid running over a nearby drainage ditch, causing the vehicle to enter the pond on her parents’ property,   according to a police report obtained by PEOPLE. She and ex Casey Aldridge — who was also with his daughter in the hospital this week   —welcomed Maddie   in June of 2008 before splitting in 2010. Spears, Watson and other family members dove in and attempted to rescue Maddie “to no avail” because she was trapped and secured by the seatbelt and the ATV’s safety netting, said the report. Thanks to the amazing first responders, and medical teams at University and Children's Hospital in New Orleans, LA, we are headed home with our baby girl as she continues to recover. Spears announced she was pregnant with Maddie in 2007, at the age of 16. “They also extend their sincere gratitude to the doctors and staff of University Medical Center New Orleans as well as Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.

Universal sets ‘Scarface’ reboot for 2018

The new   Scarface   is currently set for release on Aug. Universal is introducing a new generation to an iconic gangster. No casting or director choices have been announced yet, but the new   Scarface   will be produced by   Marc Shmuger Scott Stuber,   Dylan Clark, and   Martin Bregman, who also produced the 1983   iteration. The gangster film was first brought to the screen in 1932 by Howard Hawks (based on the 1930 novel of the same name), and then famously remade by Brian De Palma in 1983. Show Full Article 10, 2018. The latest version of Scarface   will be written by Joel and Ethan Coen. The studio announced Friday that its previously untitled event film scheduled for 2018 is, in fact, a reboot of   Scarface.

Rosie O’Donnell is not playing Steve Bannon on ‘SNL’ this week

According to the political publication, Trump found the fact that Spicer was played by a woman “problematic.”
In the wake of O’Donnell’s campaign, other celebrities have also thrown their hats into the ring to play members of Trump’s staff. O’Donnell offered her services to the NBC late night show after   Politico reported that Trumpn— who sometimes   moonlights as an   SNL critic   — was “rattled” by Melissa McCarthy’s surprise portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on last week’s episode. SNL   airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. Saturday Night Live is apparently sticking with portraying Steve Bannon as the Grim Reaper, because Rosie O’Donnell will not be playing President Donald Trump’s controversial chief strategist this week, her rep confirmed to EW. Interest in seeing O’Donnell, who has long feuded with Trump,   play Bannon began over the weekend after she nominated herself to do so on Twitter. The Good Fight star Christine Baranski volunteered   to play Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos while speaking to   Vanity Fair, and Alec Baldwin’s brother Billy recently joked about playing Trump’s son Eric. She then continued to fan the flame by changing her Twitter avatar to a picture of her face photoshopped onto Bannon’s body. This weekend,   Alec Baldwin will host   SNL for the record-making 17th time, with musical guest Ed Sheeran. Show Full Article on NBC.

Riz Ahmed teases his role as the new boy on ‘Girls’

(It helps that he catches her eye.) In fact, Ahmed jokes, Paul-Louis is more Zen than even   Rogue One‘s one-with-the-force Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen). “It always struck me that surfing is like doing yoga or boxing or snowboarding, where you have to really concentrate on staying on your feet and you have to be really present,” Ahmed explains. I don’t have as much patience as Paul-Louis. After a jam-packed 2016   (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The OA,   and more), the breakout star makes yet another splash in the HBO dramedy’s final season premiere. “It’s hard not to crack up,” he recalls. When do we   really   become adults? She had me pissing myself.”
He also tried to keep up with her work ethic. It’s like, how do we escape childhood? “He thinks he’s got it all sorted, but underneath all the boobs and drunk rapping, he’s running away from something deep down,” he teases. “I think the idea that we have one essential person isn’t something I necessarily agree with… I’m very much a believer that we’re all products of our context.”
Paul-Louis clearly is — but even though the carefree surfer seems to have found paradise, Ahmed says he still has a long way to go. The Night Of‘s Naz would probably kill to live the life of Paul-Louis, Riz Ahmed’s latest small-screen enigma in Girls. The surf instructor is so chill he drunkenly raps at parties, practices free love, and even has enough patience to teach the less-than-enthusiastic Hannah (Lena Dunham) how to catch waves. She’s been really provocative, and other times she’s been really quick to learn, and I just admire her bravery as a person and as a creative.”
Girls returns   for its sixth and final season Sunday at 10 p.m. Show Full Article You know, is being an adult making your own reality and designing things to your desires or is being an adult facing responsibility?”
On set, Ahmed found himself facing a challenge far less profound: trying to keep up with Dunham’s improv. I need a little more Paul-Louis in me.”
Instead, it helped to inject a little bit of   himself into Paul-Louis. “It’s always been important to me to try out different versions of myself,” he says. Dunham encouraged her guest star, a member of the hip hop group Swet Shop Boys, to use his background as a rapper and spit rhymes during a party scene. “She manages to direct and act and all that and still wrap the shooting day at like 4 or 5 p.m. “If you listen closely in some scenes, I think you can probably still hear me laughing. A version of this story appears in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now, or available here. “That idea of escape is a really resonant one to start the whole season. Ahmed says he enjoyed playing someone dramatically different from his last HBO role, a murder suspect in The Night Of. “I tried surfing a little bit, but it takes a couple years to be able to work out what the hell you’re doing. I definitely left the experience feeling just inspired to push myself harder and to try, when I am ever in a position of leadership like she is, to lead in this generous and warm a way as she does.”
Ahmed adds: “I think she’s a genius. ET on HBO. And tapping into that peaceful state wasn’t easy, especially as a non-surfer. She’s been at the forefront of our cultural conversation for quite a long time. Don’t forget to   subscribe for exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. “Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it,” he says of filming.

ABC renews ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Scandal,’ and ‘How to Get Away With Murder’

Great news, TGIT fans: ABC has given early renewals to Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder. So that signals that people are still as engaged with it as before. ET, 9 p.m. “I haven’t even had the opportunity yet to read the pilot scripts that are in development, so for me to posit what next fall’s going to look like is a little too early,” she said. The pickup news means Grey’s Anatomy will hit season 14, Scandal will make it to season 7, and How to Get Away With Murder will continue into season 4. Dungy previously admitted to EW about being nervous over postponing Scandal‘s return. ET and 10 p.m. Honestly, I think that the show is going to continue as long as Shonda and the gang have a creative passion for telling those stories. “Notorious did not perform as strongly as we would have hoped… But if you look at How to Get Away With Murder over the seven-day period, we generally go up in triple-digit percentages, an average of 115 to 117 percent for the show. “Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder continue to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and wanting more,” says ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey of the Shonda Rhimes-created trio. I do think that the lack of TGIT pull-through did affect the number a little bit.”
As for Grey’s Anatomy, Dungey seemed optimistic about the show continuing for many seasons to come, and possibly rivaling ER‘s tenure. ET, respectively, on ABC. “I’ll take even more! “But, obviously we were thrilled for Kerry and her family and that’s all good news.”
No decisions have been made in terms of Scandal‘s episode count or whether it will be on in the fall or launch again in midseason — Dungey previously said it was too early to tell whether she’d repeat history and have another TGIT-less fall. “Scandal is a big hit show for us and nobody likes to go into their first fall season as president of entertainment without one of the biggest guns in their arsenal,” she said. RELATED: Hear more of the latest TV news from this week

Scandal‘s absence also affected How to Get Away With Murder, which has been strong creatively, but not in the ratings. “I think the lead-in certainly bears some responsibility,” Dungey has said. At the moment, it feels like we’re full steam ahead.”
Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal,   and How to Get Away with Murder air Thursdays at 8 p.m. “That’d be lovely,” Dungey told EW. Show Full Article “I’m thrilled to bring back these shows and the OMG moments that come with them.”
This season, Scandal was delayed until midseason to accommodate Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, meaning TGIT was not part of the fall lineup — new series Notorious aired in Scandal‘s timeslot and didn’t gain much traction.

Grammys 2017: Presenters include Kelly Clarkson, Laverne Cox, Taraji P. Henson

ET this Sunday on CBS. But they’ll be joined by major stars from other disciplines, such as   Taraji P. Show Full Article Henson, Laverne Cox, and John Travolta. Additional announced presenters include Jason Derulo, DNCE, Halsey, Paris Jackson, Katharine McPhee, Pentatonix, Thomas Rhett, Gina Rodriguez, and Ryan Seacrest. The Recording Academy has already shared a stacked lineup of performers for the show. The roster   includes plenty of marquee music industry names: Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Lopez, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Celine Dion, former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello, and Best New Artist nominees the Chainsmokers will all present. Adele, Chance the Rapper, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, and Sturgill Simpson will all take the stage. The Grammys air at 8 p.m. The 59th Grammy Awards are set for Sunday evening, and the Recording Academy shared the evening’s   star-studded list of presenters on Friday. And the event’s producers have also secured a number of buzzy collaborations: Lady Gaga and Metallica, Maren Morris and Alicia Keys, Anderson .Paak and A Tribe Called Quest, and the Weeknd and Daft Punk will also team up.

‘The Red Turtle’: Watch two clips from the animated Oscar nominee

In the clip above, the unnamed   protagonist   is attempting to leave the island via a self-made bamboo raft when he is waylaid by a creature from the deep. “The film plays very consciously with the idea of reality and dreams,” he says. “Usually those characters are human beings in animal bodies,” Dudok de Wit says. The characters seemed so comfortable together that they didn’t need it. It didn’t feel right. Just to see him. “When we were developing the movie,   I immediately thought   of Charlie Chaplin,” he says. “Isn’t it incredible,” Dudok de Wit says. “For sure, Tom Hanks was in my mind when I started writing. “But those little crabs are naturally like that. That’s not a bad idea at all. The 63-year-old filmmaker   spoke on the phone to EW from his home base in London about two of his film’s many extraordinary, imagery-rich scenes. So we spent a lot of time getting the dialogue right and then we just dropped it. “His films are a century old, more or less, and they’re so touching. It’s that classic thing that Spielberg did in Jaws, where you don’t see the shark for ages. They are cute but at the same time in they are slightly creepy. A man is stranded on a desert island at the beginning of Dutch director Michael Dudok de Wit’s sumptuous   fable The Red Turtle   (read EW’s review here). Tom Hanks is brilliant. And they become slightly tamed, which I don’t think would be true in real life.”
The Red Turtle joins an impressive list of recent feature films (including The Triplets of Belleville and Shaun the Sheep Movie) that tell their stories without words. “There are those two extremes but the separation line is so thin. I’ve seen many versions of the Robinson Crusoe, castaway story and that’s really one of the better ones. Dudok de Wit   and   his collaborators experimented   with adding dialogue to the plot but ultimately, he says, “it didn’t work, intellectually. So it’s hugely subjective. “Those big great American   films [Moana, Zootopia, Kubo and the Two Strings] and then two indies from Europe [The Red Turtle and the Swiss production My Life as a Zucchini], all competing for this wonderful award.”
Dudok de Wit is already an Oscar winner in the Best Animated Short Film category 16 years ago for his metaphor-rich Father and Daughter. He’s so expressive and when he’s talking to Wilson, it’s perfect. “Cast Away was inspiring,” Dudok de Wit says. His body language is so exquisite.”
And then there’s Tom Hanks and his volleyball friend. “Well, the title of the film may give you a hint,” Dudok de Wit says, “but we still wanted to make the turtle’s first appearance   a nice surprise. In this case it felt natural to keep what’s going on under the water mysterious.”
Asked what it all means in terms of the deeper symbolism, Dudok de Wit is coy but offers a hint in one direction. Not many close-ups, not many fancy camera movements. Yet that makes the suspense even stronger. And then suddenly it felt like such a relief.”
Two of his points of inspiration came from primal cinematic experiences that might seem on different ends of the spectrum. The crabs, in fact, act as a sort of Greek Chorus in the film, though without devolving into the cute sidekick role often reserved for critters in animated films. An audience member once   suggested to me that the whole story is taking place in the imagination of the turtle. They are like spiders and they move very fast. The wordless, enchanting, 80-minute movie, a   coproduction with Japan’s Studio Ghibli, is one of the five nominees at the year’s Oscars for Best Animated Feature. Also, his stay on the island is preceded by a drama and followed by a drama and that makes the film very complete.”

Show Full Article It wasn’t my intent   but I like it a lot actually.”
In this second clip, you can see some more of the small creatures that populate the island — including a small ghost crab and a crawling baby. The only compromise I made was that the crabs become   aware of the man and they become attached to him. Just one guy in his surroundings.

Watch Mandy Moore’s music video for Disney Channel’s ‘Tangled: Before Ever After’

Mandy Moore is letting her hair down and belting out the big notes in a new song titled “Wind in My Hair” for the upcoming Disney Channel original movie Tangled: Before Ever After. RELATED: Hear more of the latest TV news from this week

Watch the first look of “Wind in My Hair,” which Billboard first shared on Friday, in the video above. ET on the Disney Channel. A newly-released music video gives a hint at what’s to come in the TV movie, which tells the story of what happens after   Disney’s feature film Tangled   and the infamous hair chop but before Rapunzel’s (Mandy Moore)   happy ending with Eugene Fitzherbert (Zachary Levi) in 2012’s short film Tangled Ever After. In addition to dragging her super long hair across the kingdom,   Rapunzel gets to know her parents, her kingdom, and her people in   Tangled: Before Ever After. As Moore sings on the new track, the “fun’s   only starting.”
Rapunzel also returns to the screen on March 24   in the upcoming Disney Channel series   Tangled: The Series,   again   starring   Moore as the long-haired heroine and Zachary Levi as Eugene. Show Full Article Tangled: Before Ever After   airs Friday, March 10 at 8 p.m.

Spoiler Room: Scoop on ‘The Flash,’ ‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Supergirl,’ and more

But seeing Jane with another man could ultimately help him realize his true feelings in the long run. She really just did that?!” I’m not sure what exactly goes down, but Connell did say “it’s to do with Gavin coming back and her having a grandson, so there’s a lot more to be found out about Rowena.”
I only have one question for The 100: Can you tell us who will be on that list of 100 people Clarke can save inside Arkadia? “Otherwise, it’s too easy. — Katerina
I’ll keep this short and sweet: Kitty returns with a major bombshell secret relating to a new man in her life. “Kara is at odds with a lot of people — everyone basically,” Melissa Benoist says. Then again, showrunner Jason Rothenberg warns that having more options won’t necessarily mean saving more people. When episode 3 begins, she’s looking for a way to ration their resources and as always, save as many people as possible. Making a list of 100 people is only one option; another may present itself in the hour as well. “Weller is jealous,” EP Martin Gero tells me. Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Shirley Li. — Anna
How about this for awkward: Aram’s former hacker girlfriend Elise, a.k.a Janet, returns in the Feb. “I can tell you we have some returning people that I’m very happy to see on set,” showrunner Jeff Davis says. Be sure to email your questions to spoilerroom@ew.com or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams. — Kendra
When I asked how Cisco would try to help Caitlin quell her Killer Frost tendencies, Carlos Valdes dropped a truth bomb: “Caitlin has some secrets of her own that are going to come to light and are going to change not just the dynamic of the team, but also her own feelings about her dynamic within the team,” he says. — Miley
I cannot reveal when, but I can give you a tease about how. Only Kara stands by Lena, leading to some tension. —Tim
Gavin’s return will happen very soon, and his arrival will have quite an effect on Rowena. Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. In fact, I find myself all the time, if we set up a scenario, taking a side as a writer and then I’ll do a rewrite where I try to take the other side so that both arguments are well-represented and both people are justified in what they’re doing. Show Full Article — Kylie
Not great, Kylie. “Sometimes it takes the person you like going on a date with someone to realize like, ‘Oh boy, I have feelings about this person.’ Even though it will feel like we’re moving it away from Jeller, I think it’s an important step in the process.”
Is there anything you can tease about Kitty’s return to Elementary? If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to spoilerroom@ew.com. “He knows that she’s into something, and he knows that she doesn’t want to tell him about it, so he’s dealing with that in his own way,” Stephen Amell tells me. I’ve always appreciated how Kara has given her the benefit of the doubt and trusts her because Lena has proven herself more than once that she wants to make the world a better place and she doesn’t want to subscribe to her family’s narrative.”
Anything Blacklist? Did you get any Flash scoop on Killer Frost? How will Weller feel about Oliver and Jane’s new relationship on Blindspot? — Van
When Lillian Luthor breaks out of prison, all signs point to Lena assisting her. 16 episode, falling back into Aram’s orbit. And I’ve got an exclusive first look at her return:

Anything on Gavin’s return to Supernatural? “It all comes to a head.” Make of that what you will. Can you reveal when Snow and Charming will both be awake on Once Upon a Time? This week in TV: I can’t tell you what, but I am gleefully humming a song I heard on The Flash-Supergirl musical crossover set, which is permanently cemented in my head. She’s a Luthor, so can you ever really trust someone who was raised in that environment? “It’s providing some fun character stuff, and some people might return in very unexpected ways.” Submit your theories for who’s returning in the comments! “Ultimately, as with all things on this show, we try and set up situations where there is no good answer, where it’s sort of like, ‘What’s the least bad solution?’” Rothenberg says. “The manner by which they are brought out of the sleeping curse is moving,” Ginnifer Goodwin tells me. “It’s a smart story point to constantly keep people guessing about Lena, what her motives are and what she really wants. That’s when the show’s at its best.” Any guesses on what another option for survival may be? That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. According to Ruth Connell, she had a little bit of trouble rationalizing Rowena’s actions in that hour: “I was like, really? “For Felicity, it’s not something that she and Oliver discuss until they have what is actually an adult conversation about it in [a future episode].”
I need some scoop on the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf! — Mary
Well, I’m still not sure exactly when the show is coming back, but I do know one thing: The final season is going to feature a few familiar faces. Will Oliver find out what’s really going on with Felicity on Arrow soon? — Tiana
Not for several episodes, but you may be surprised by his reaction. — Turner
Not so fast — who says Clarke will definitely be making that list? “I became emotional every time I read the script and it has nothing really to do with David or me.”
I’m hoping for some Supercorp scoop for Supergirl!