Come and go as please like a twinkle in a star On and on and off again you’re spinning me around You recklessly abandon me that’s just the way you […]

We’re getting put down My karma tells me You’ve been screwed again If you let them do it to you You’ve got yourself to blame It’s you who feels the […]

[Intro] I'm evil I'm not like other people I'm a-a-a-a-… [Verse 1] Do my worst Shoot the moon. Stab the sun Got a curse On the tip of my tongue […]

Trouble is here to stay Lesson for learning now, trouble won't go away Love I've scorned and death desired I placed my bets and watched them lay Time erodes the […]

[Letra de "Piel y Huesos"] [Verse 1: Sharif] Tan sólo dime a quién pretendes engañar Con esa pose tuya de canalla Si rapeas, porque no   sabes   cantar Como […]

[Verse 1] My sweatshirt says Wutang I'm a saint in a flipped gang Hashish and buffalo shoes Skinheads in bombers   and   boots In Stockholm to   pick fights […]

That first cigarette, it burnt your eyes [Chorus] Evil Angel on my shoulder Boy, you sure do know your stuff First you start ’em with a little Till they just […]

& Azad] If you see it through my eyes Oh, maybe then you’ll know If you step into my shoes Oh, maybe then you’ll know (Drr), oh-oh If you see […]

[Testo di “Come persa” ft. Tutta la notte a fare sogni sul balcone Fino a quando spuntava il sole E ora potrei avere in mano il mondo intero ma Non […]

You get blue, you turn blue Can't handle the truth Can’t handle the truth She sit in that same spot you pulled over Drove top Gave me top, that drop […]

Tu’n hale naa ghabraa dila Din hor v maarhe aaunge… Oho karr gaye maarhi bol reha Ohnaa ajjey ta satt hi maari ae Tenu Farh sooli latkaungey Tu’n haale naa […]