First Listen: Hear a triumphant track from the ‘Wonder Woman’ score

“History Lesson”
3. “Angel On The Wing”
4. Pain, Loss & Love
6. “Wonder Woman is an origin story; we meet Diana before she understands her powers, so her theme needed to reflect her innocence and naiveté,” Gregson-Williams   says. “Amazons Of Themyscira”
2. “Wonder Woman’s Wrath”
9. “We Are All To Blame”
11. “No Man’s Land”
7. EW has an exclusive snippet from   Gregson-Williams’s score with the jubilant “Angel on the Wing.” The composer evolved the music to mirror a young   Diana’s growth from   warrior to Wonder Woman. By the end of the movie I brought in orchestra, full choir, percussion, and a large palette of electronica.”

“Angel on the Wing” marks the third track on Wonder Woman‘s   official motion picture soundtrack. 1. Labrinth)
The soundtrack is now available to pre-order. “Action Reaction”
15. “To Be Human” – Sia (feat. The Amazonian fighter   roared into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to the electric cello-fueled “Is She With You?” from composers Hans Zimmer and   Junkie XL. I used a hybrid of orchestra and ethnic drums and vocals for the origin story, and as the character grew I introduced electric cello and more electronic colors. Show Full Article “Ludendorff, Enough!”
5. “Trafalgar Celebration”
14. Jenkins praises   Gregson-Williams for embracing the challenge of   “bringing a legendary character to life with a score befitting one of the greatest super heroes   of all time, while musically bridging three entirely different worlds.” She adds, “He found her voice, her hope, and all of her dreams, and brought them to life around her.”
The full track list offers a few more clues as to what fans can expect from the film, hitting theaters on June 2. “Hell Hath No Fury”
12. See the full track list below. DC fans should know the   Wonder Woman theme song by now. “Fausta”
8. “She moves from young girl to a woman who knows her path through the journey of the film. “The God Of War”
10. “Lightning Strikes”
13. With the superhero’s solo film, directed by Patty Jenkins, it’s   Rupert Gregson-Williams (Hacksaw Ridge) shaping   a new sound for Diana. Wonder Woman,   also starring Chris Pine, Robin Wright,   David Thewlis, Elena Anaya, and Lucy Davis, is in theaters next Friday. Wonder Woman will see Diana as a young girl beside her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), so it’s fitting the first track is   “Amazons Of Themyscira,” followed by   “History Lesson.” Further down, we see   “Ludendorff, Enough!,” perhaps referring to Danny Huston’s   General Erich Ludendorff, and a nod to Ares with “The God Of War.”

Sia’s “To Be Human”   (shown above)   will close out Wonder Woman as the end-credits song.

‘Survivor’: Jeff Probst answers season finale burning questions

Yeah, I felt same way. Yes, I think it worked very well and I’ve heard from a lot of fans that they liked it and the jury from Game Changers also liked it. I did notice they did not interact with each other at all during that segment. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We always start these finale Q&A’s the same way —   with you giving me your take on the winner. So he did. We are always tracking how many advantages are in the game, for obvious reasons. Brad tied the record for most individual immunity wins with five, but he also won the last four in a row. The vote must happen within the context of the 39 days. But more than even that craziness, we never dreamed Tai would play both of his. Three questions for you about this: First off, would Troyzan have voted right then and there before coming back to the United States? Never. doing the math over and over to make sure it was right. You can’t have so many that the numbers no longer work. It just wasn’t contributing anything valuable and it was bringing the show down. Let’s jump to the Reunion show. Just one. But I did notice that Culpepper was not panicking. Was that a decision on your part, a request by one or both of them, or just the way it played out? When you put all those idols and advantages into play earlier in the season, did you ever anticipate something like this happening? He brought Sarah and not Tai. All of us were taken aback at how adept he was at something that isn’t a real sport. And with such crazy game play we never even considered that Tai would hold onto two idols and Troyzan would hold onto one idol and that they would both still be in play at the final six when the Legacy Advantage came back into play. All in all, I was very happy with this season and I thought the entire group did a great job of raising the bar… once…. Once his tribe caught up I realized why… he started tossing sandbags with incredible accuracy. I had been feeling that the standard final Tribal Council Q&A format had gotten a bit stale lately, so I really like the fact that you tried something new with more of a debate-and-discuss open forum type set-up. And yes, this is the new norm. In the case of if Brad had brought Tai to the end instead of Sarah and that had resulted in a tie, then Troyzan would have cast the deciding vote (for Brad). I was really impressed with her on all levels. But… I had a very difficult time telling that story because Culpepper was determined to block me at every turn! I decided to reveal it because it just felt like a perfect storm. Look, I love the Culpeppers, but they are a force and when they are not in control of the situation, they try their best to get back in control. again. So how would you sum up Sarah’s game this season? So he made his decision based on emotion. So I just started thinking of how we could make it more like a regular Tribal Council. It had become very frustrating for me to see people on the jury stand up and say   “Why did you vote me out? Survivor is an ever-evolving game. She played that like a con artist. Then when Sarah revealed the Legacy Advantage, Troyzan wisely panicked and played his idol — again one episode earlier than I think he had planned. And finally, do you think this knowledge will impact anything in future seasons in the way people decide whom to bring to the end, or how they bring them there? It was a big change to the format and that is not something we take lightly, but we always push the players to make big moves so we feel as though we have to hold ourselves to the same standard as producers. I found it fascinating that you revealed the Survivor final vote tiebreaking procedure, when you said how if two people are tied with votes that the third person in the finals then jumps to the jury and acts as the tiebreaker vote. And that one bad decision will haunt him forever. Poor Cirie. Here, he discusses the season finale and reunion show. Culpepper was feeling extremely confident, so he decided he could bury Tai and still win the game by beating Sarah. Show Full Article I told Culpepper after the show, I was trying to illustrate how strong a game you played but you really made it tough. Brad was the sandbag thrower, but his tribe was far, far behind. JEFF PROBST: I thought Sarah played a great game. Each week, host Jeff Probst has been answering a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: Game Changers. As she said, “I’m playing like a criminal.” And in a season of crazy gameplay, her best move was probably the subtle way she handled herself during the last decision Brad made — who to send to the jury and who to leave in the game. It wouldn’t be fair to let him watch the entire season. I would never tell two people to not talk to each other. I think it’s probably just a natural thing given the situation. We had an emotional blow up between Culpepper and Tai. Let’s go back to the first Tribal Council of the evening, where five out of six people ended up with immunity, meaning Cirie was voted out even though nobody actually voted for her. After the challenge we all had the same realization — Culpepper is a true athlete. I don’t have any further insight into whether they discussed it or not. And we had Sarah, who knew this was a potential $1 million mistake and she played it beautifully by pretending to stay open to all options, knowing full well she was going to vote out Tai. There was a tribe challenge earlier in the season where the last leg was to throw sandbags at targets. Yes, Troyzan would have voted then. We had a laugh about it. Secondly, why decide to reveal this now? Never. So my intention was to show how difficult Survivor is to win by using the situation as example — Culpepper actually did play a game good enough to win the million dollars… but he made one bad decision. That’s when my head started spinning…. You checked in with both Zeke and Jeff Varner about the outing incident, and it was nice to see them now both doing well. What a time to “make a move!” He was guaranteed final five and could have made so many different choices, but to his credit, Tai wanted to do something big. Separating it into outwit, outplay, and outlast was when it really came together. Where did that idea come from and how do you think the experiment worked? Also, make sure to check out Probst’s comments on next season of Survivor, as well as our finale recap and interviews with Sarah, Brad, Tai, Aubry, and Cirie. You’ve seen a lot of challenge beasts before: How does his performance under pressure in that department stack up? Ever. Is it because I was better than you? Make no mistake, I was nervous. Truly gifted at all things physical. And, on the flip side, why did Brad’s social game seem to fall apart down the stretch?

Katy Perry pays emotional tribute to Manchester victims at London show

Katy Perry teared up while paying tribute to the victims of this week’s terror attack in Manchester, England that left 22 dead following an Ariana Grande concert. Because we all love music. “The London O2 shows this week have been canceled as well as all shows through June 5 in Switzerland. You think about it: And that’s my friend, that’s my cousin, that’s the person [who] loves music.” As some in the crowd clapped, Perry began to cry. I don’t have the words.” Her tour has since been suspended. "If you can't do anything to help that's fine, but what you should do, is not let them win." Beautifully said, @KatyPerry 🙏 #WeStandTogether
— Capital (@CapitalOfficial) May 25, 2017

As reported by the Associated Press, the Islamic State has “claimed responsibility” for the attack,   which killed 22 and injured at least 50 more. In the wake of the incident, numerous artists around the world have offered condolences to the victims. Grande herself tweeted, “I am so so sorry. “It was hard,” Perry said, addressing the crowd at a small club show in London. It’s awful. “Due to the tragic events in Manchester, the Dangerous Woman Tour with Ariana Grande has been suspended until we can further assess the situation and pay our proper respects to those lost,” Grande’s team said in a statement to EW. We’re all listening to the same music, y’know? But what you should do is not let them win.” The Witness singer then led the crowd in a moment of silence. “It was hard for you guys I know, it was hard for me. Our way of life has once again been threatened but we will overcome this together.”

Show Full Article “It’s awful. We ask at this time that we all continue to support the city of Manchester and all those families affected by this cowardice and senseless act of violence. Watch the video below. It’s awful.”
Perry asked members of the crowd to do whatever they could to help the victims, “and if you can’t do anything, that’s fine.

Jimmy Kimmel has kids read Trump speeches

As Kimmel told his audience, Trump   “stays in the middle and uses vocabulary even a child could understand.”
Watch in the clip above. Not according to Jimmy Kimmel, who tapped   fourth graders to illustrate how simplistic Trump’s speeches really   sound. Show Full Article Is President Donald Trump more   eloquent than a fourth grader? “In addition to ancient wonders, this country is also home to modern ones,” another said. “The Middle East is rich with natural   beauty vibrant cultures and massive of amounts of historic treasures,” one girl said in the segment from Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Noticing how Trump’s presidential addresses are “a lot like a fourth grade book report,” with the president speaking “very slowly and simply” and “not too bigly,” the   late-night host had actual fourth graders read some of POTUS’ scripted speeches from his international trip compiled   in a “My Big Trip” presentation. Kids took turns reading pieces that were then compared to footage of Trump   delivering the remarks IRL.

Oscar Isaac fondly recalls Carrie Fisher’s slap-happy scene in ‘The Last Jedi’

The actor both celebrated his first day of filming Episode VIII with Carrie Fisher and acknowledged the “heartbreaker” that was her death at the age of 60 last December. “I remember the first day of shooting was a scene with Carrie. “She was by far the quickest-witted, funniest, most down-to-earth, real human being as I ever had the opportunity of working with and she does amazing work in this,” Isaac said. Oscar Isaac’s discussion of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Thursday night was bittersweet. 15. “I love her so much, man,” Johnson said of Fisher   during the convention’s Last Jedi panel. At the end, there would be a four-word line of dialogue that came from that.”
Star Wars: The Last Jedi will hit theaters on Dec. “Actually, a large amount of the stuff I got to do was with Carrie, which was amazing,” Isaac, who plays Rebel pilot Poe Dameron,   began. I’m still… often times that first day, the filmmaker’s, everybody’s trying to get the tone and figure it out and I remember it was a scene where I come up and talk to her and she’s very upset with me and slaps me, and [director] Rian [Johnson] kept doing it over and over … It ended up being like 27 takes of Carrie just leaning in and every time she’d hit like a different spot on my face.”
While Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy told EW Episode IX   essentially “started over” in the wake of Fisher’s death, General Leia Organa will be a force in The Last Jedi. And I connected first and foremost with her as a writer. “I just adore her. Show Full Article She had a brilliant mind, and I’d sit on her bed for hours, going through the screenplay, and we’d have these stream-of-consciousness ad-lib sessions. “It was definitely a heartbreaker.”
Star Wars fans learned a great deal about the next installment of the Skywalker Saga in the latest issue   of Vanity Fair   after Disney and Lucasfilm rolled out the first footage at Star Wars Celebration in April.

‘This Is Us’: Watch the cast tease season 2 with absurd spoilers

But as they got carried away hyping the upcoming action, Justin Hartley said, “In episode 2, I like it when we find out Rebecca has got a long-lost brother — that’s a good episode,” before he was   shushed. “Please donate to Red Nose Day. Season 2 of This Is Us, which sadly contains none of these spoilers, debuts this fall on NBC. #ThisIsUs AND #RedNoseDay? A lot of kids out there aren’t as lucky as my character Randall, who finds out that his biological father is not only still alive, but is actually his older brother.”
All that was left to do was for   Milo Ventimiglia to divulge that Jack donates a kidney this season and for Susan Kelechi Watson to reveal that Randall and Beth are getting divorced. “No spoilers,” explained Mandy Moore, a.k.a Rebecca. They opened the segment by talking about how “mind-blowing”   the season 2 scripts were, but they couldn’t tell viewers about it. “Your donation will make a child as happy as my character, Kate, when she ends up dating Dennis Rodman,” said Chrissy Metz, who, after being scolded, added, “It’s not Dennis Rodman. Sterling K. Yes, please. While you wait, you   may also want to check out these real-life fans being surprised by the show’s stars. Show Full Article Brown told Metz and her worked-up onscreen fiancé Chris Sullivan to let a real professional handle this, and then   fared no better himself. It’s actually, it’s Dennis Quaid.” As Ron Cephas Jones (William) told her she was just   making it worse, she changed her hint to   a guy whose name was not even Dennis.
— NBC (@nbc) May 26, 2017

The cast of This Is Us   was back together on NBC — the first of many times you’ll be seeing them on Thursday night —    to urge people to donate money to fight child poverty   as part of the network’s “Red Nose Day Special.” But they also ended up giving away a lot of juicy, shocking, and definitely bogus intel about season 2.

Watch Conan O’Brien work out with ‘Wonder Woman’ star Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman opens June 2. highly anticipated Wonder Woman movie, and the results were pretty hilarious. Eventually, O’Brien donned his own late-night-themed superhero costume, complete with padded muscles, in an effort to impress Gadot. Keeping up with Wonder Woman requires peak physical conditioning, martial arts expertise, and unshakable resolve. Would you say that already I’m making incredible progress?”
“No,” Vrba replied flatly. Whereas Gadot spent six months training for the movie and also boasts two years of military experience, O’Brien tried to get up to speed in a little more than half an hour. “I think you will be shocked what this can do,” he said of his physique. Show Full Article After engaging in some questionable swordplay, O’Brien turned to Vrba and said,   “We’ve been doing this a very short time. Nevertheless, the late-night host attempted   to go toe-to-toe with Gal Gadot, the star of Warner Bros’. “It’s really, really, really … it’s just different,” she said. One of   O’Brien’s first displays of skill was turning a high-kicking exercise into a can-can dance —   with a dash of “Hava Nagila” — alongside Gadot and trainer   Ruda Vrba. Unfortunately for Conan O’Brien, he doesn’t have any of those. Watch the video above for more from O’Brien and Gadot.

Watch the first look at Megyn Kelly’s upcoming NBC Sunday night series

ET. The series will   begin its limited summer run on June 4 at 7 p.m. Watch the video above. Next month, Kelly   will share the stage with Russian President Vladimir Putin when she heads to Russia to moderate the St. Sunday Night will be the first of Kelly’s two new NBC shows to premiere. Show Full Article In the fall, she’s slated to launch a daily morning show. The first promo for Megyn Kelly’s upcoming Sunday night series is promising “sharp, strong journalism, and the power of NBC News.”
With the former Fox News host officially reporting to duty at NBC this month, the network has released the debut preview for   Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Julianne Moore on ‘Wonderstruck’ breakout Millicent Simmonds: ‘She’s just magnificent’

You’re making me understand something about myself.’”
She added of Simmonds, “I think being deaf or hearing is inconsequential to the ability to act and the ability to communicate.”
Haynes told EW and PEOPLE   that casting a deaf performer to play Rose   represented   a both a challenge and an opportunity. Todd Haynes’ storybook drama Wonderstruck   has   received a warm welcome at the   Cannes Film Festival, with many critics hailing the performance of 14-year-old deaf newcomer Millicent Simmonds. Watch Moore and Haynes in the video above. “What we found in Millie was a remarkable thing,” he said. But   critics aren’t   the only ones impressed by Simmonds: So is   her considerably more experienced costar Julianne Moore, who   told EW and PEOPLE the young actress is   “just magnificent on screen.”
Based on Brian Selznick’s YA novel, Wonderstruck   tells the parallel stories of two deaf children — played by Simmonds and Pete’s Dragon   star Oakes Fegley — taking place 50 years apart. The film is partly wordless, but according to Moore, it speaks volumes about the   reason we go to movies:   to have “a human experience. Show Full Article 20. “And then her experience as a deaf kid and a deaf person obviously enriched and deepened that performance immeasurably.”
Wonderstruck opens Oct. We’re able to say, ‘You’re making me see something.

‘Three Men and a Baby’ star unravels that famed ghost story

If you ever watched   Three Men and a Baby   and had to pause when   you thought you spotted a ghost in the background, you weren’t alone. Go to, or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile and web devices. Hear about them in the interview above. Go ahead.”
Colin shared some other fun revelations in the   interview, including advice she’s learned from her costars over the year and the “wild times” she has with Jennifer Lopez on   Shades of Blue. “For years, people believed there was a ghost on the set of Three Men and a Baby,” says actress Margaret Colin (who played Rebecca in the ’80s comedy) in a   segment for Entertainment Weekly: The Show. She adds that she made a lot of money from people continuously renting the movie to see if they could spot the mysterious ghost figure in the background. For anyone who has not yet solved the spooky mystery, Colin is here with your answer. “Spoiler alert: it’s not a ghost — it’s a cutout. “Rent the movie again, see for yourself. Show Full Article Catch more of Margaret Colin in the full episode of   Entertainment Weekly: The Show, available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Of Ted Danson. In a tuxedo,” she says.

‘Game of Thrones’ final season is officially 6 episodes

Martin’s novels. (The trailer has now surpassed 61 million views in just 24 hours!). For ongoing   Game of Thrones   coverage, follow @jameshibberd for the latest (non-fake and spoiler free); subscribe to our GoT newsletter   for breaking news alerts, and check out our GoT podcast. Also this week, HBO unveiled the trailer for season 7. Show Full Article The producers are currently writing those final hours while also doing post-production work on the show’s seventh season — which makes its eagerly anticipated return this summer (and will consist of seven episodes). Get your copy here   and check out our gallery of exclusive photos. The projects are still early days — none are yet written and there’s no certainty that HBO will necessarily greenlight any to series. Game of Thrones debuts July 16 on HBO. For more GoT scoop, EW has released its annual Game of Thrones preview issue behind the scenes in Westeros and offering five collectible covers. We’ve been hearing this for a couple years, but now it’s a done deal: The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will be six episodes, sources confirm. Check out Darren Franich’s deep-dive analysis of every shot. Behind the scenes, HBO is also developing four (possibly five) GoT prequel ideas from different writing teams to potentially continue the franchise. Wrapping the hit series at 73 episodes has long the plan of Emmy-winning showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, who have known for years precisely how many episodes were ideally left in their intricately constructed HBO fantasy epic based on George R.R.

Sophia Bush departing ‘Chicago P.D.’

Well, it looks like it’s going to stick. Co-creator and showrunner Matt Olmstead left in March. No word yet on if he’ll be returning to Sergeant Voight’s (Jason Beghe) task force, but fans can certainly hope. Earlier in the season, Jon Seda made his bow to join the team on Chicago Justice, which was canceled earlier this week. NBC declined to comment on the departure, which isn’t the first Chicago P.D. Sophia Bush is leaving the show, EW has learned. At the conclusion of the season 4 finale, Bush’s Detective Lindsay was staring wistfully at the Chicago skyline, having just accepted a job offer with the FBI in New York City and declining a call from her on-again, off-again flame, Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). exit in recent weeks. That decision Erin Lindsay made at the end of last week’s season finale of   Chicago P.D.? Show Full Article Deadline was the first to report the news and claims Bush may return for a guest-stint to wrap up the character’s arc.

‘American Gods’: Ian McShane names the show’s ‘sweetest’ sex scene

“They talk about ‘How did you audition for that?’” says Ian McShane, who plays the inscrutable Mr. American Gods airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Starz. “I always say to [Badaki], ‘Were there the same amount of people in the room at the end of the audition as there were at the beginning?’ Yetide’s great.”
But that isn’t   the only scene the Deadwood veteran   applauds   on the show. Go to, or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile and web devices. “Actually I thought that was one of the sweetest, tenderest, extraordinary things.”
For more of McShane’s interview, watch the clip above. American Gods may only be four episodes into its first season, but it’s already managed to serve up a few shocking scenes   — including the goddess Bilquis (played by Yetide Badaki) absorbing her lovers during sex. Wednesday in the Starz series, when he stopped by   Entertainment Weekly: The Show. “In episode three, you’ve got the Muslim, homosexual love scene, which people will be shocked by,” says McShane of a storyline featuring a young Arab man having sex with a Jinn (a.k.a. “genie”). Catch more of Ian McShane in the full episode of   Entertainment Weekly: The Show, available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Show Full Article

It’s #NationalWineDay! See how stars are celebrating

I'm not joking. #Scandal
— Scandal (@ScandalABC) May 25, 2017

Bottoms up! 🍷 #Catastrophe #NationalWineDay
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Happy #NationalWineDay! Happy #NationalWineDay #Scandal
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Of course.
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HAPPY #nationalwineday 🍷
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Happy #NationalWineDay from #QueenBaranski.🍷 RT if you feel this. 🍷 Happy #NationalWineDay from #PrettyLittleLiars! 👯🍷#ButtahBenzo
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Happy #nationalwineday 🍷💃
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#NationalWineDay…it's handled. Not only is May 25 a day to celebrate Star Wars   (A New Hope   was released on this date in 1977) and jazzy feet (it’s National Tap Dance Day), but it’s also an excuse to indulge in some grape. I'm thinking some @skinnygirl moscato. Hitting the #Sancerre this evening with my tagliatelle vongole. 🍷 #NationalWineDay #TheMick
— The Mick (@TheMickFOX) May 25, 2017

Expert or not — Cheers to #NationalWineDay! — Kyle MacLachlan (@Kyle_MacLachlan) May 25, 2017

Show Full Article #NationalWineDay
— Tony Goldwyn (@tonygoldwyn) May 26, 2016

Confession: I hate wine!
— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) May 25, 2017

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When we hear it's #NationalWineDay! #NationalWineDay
— Perez (@ThePerezHilton) May 25, 2017

How will you celebrate #nationalwineday? Hollywood seems to agree we could all use a glass, as   a slew of celebrities, TV shows, and networks have been tweeting about   the idyllic holiday. #TheGoodFight
— The Good Fight (@thegoodfight) May 25, 2017

When you just need the whole tray.
— Pretty Little Liars (@PLLTVSeries) May 25, 2017

Who’s up for a #MagiciansWineParty?
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Don't forget, it's still #NationalWineDay! That’s right — May 25 is National Wine Day!
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When it's that kind of day 🍷 #NationalWineDay #AmericanHousewife
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We’re with them. Kerry Washington told everyone “bottoms up!” with some help from her Scandal character, avid wine fanatic Olivia Pope, while Kyle MacLachlan took a sip with David Lynch before the premiere of Twin Peaks at   Cannes Film Festival. Are you? 🍷
— NBC (@nbc) May 25, 2017

Happy #NationalWineDay! Show us your glasses 😉
Happy #NationalWineDay, Fillorians. #NationalWineDay
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Happy #NationalWineDay!
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What are you drinking on #NationalWineDay? P.S. It's called a smorgasvein and it's elegantly cultural. 🍷
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The only question that matters today: red or white? Perfect excuse to stock up on #TheBachelor wines! (Then be sure to watch   Sideways or   Bottle Shock!)

Having a glass of red wine with @DAVID_LYNCH before the #TwinPeaks premiere in Cannes. 🍷🍷🍷
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Did you say National Whine day? The Fisher sisters celebrate with @Gary_TheDog #NationalWineDay @carrieffisher 💋🍷
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Celebrate #NationalWineDay with homemade sangria #tbt #emerilive
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Randy is celebrating #NationalWineDay. So sit down, pour yourself some red — or white, or rosé, whatever you fancy — and take a look at how your favorite stars and series are celebrating.
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We all celebrate #NationalWineDay in our own way.
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Grab a bottle… or four. #NationalWineDay #ModernFamily
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Happy #NationalWineDay – I think it's really important that we celebrate all the recognized holidays.

Jamie Foxx compares new Robin Hood film to ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

A little further down the road is Otto Bathurst’s   Robin Hood, currently slated for a 2018 release from Lionsgate. “He looks so great as Robin Hood, that f—ing jawline. Show Full Article Good-looking motherf—er.”
Robin Hood is out next year; Baby Driver arrives next month. Because of the protagonist’s tinnitus, he always drives to music, and much of the movie is choreographed to explosive songs. Aside from the cast and crew, not much is known about the film so far, but Foxx told EW it would shatter expectations. “It’s crazy,” Foxx says. This week sees the launch of his new Fox game show, Beat Shazam, in which contestants compete to see who can name songs quicker in exchange for prize money and the occasional impromptu Foxx performance. “It was directed by Otto Bathurst, who shot Peaky Blinders. The way they shot it was crazy, it looks like you’re watching Zero Dark Thirty. That motherf—er killed that sh–.”
Watch the Baby Driver trailer below. I saw that and was like ‘oh, they ain’t ready for this.’”
Foxx also had plenty of good things to say about his costar Edgerton, who also leads the   Kingsman   franchise. We’re shooting with our bows, but they computer-generated it so it’s rapid fire, almost like an AK. But Foxx has even more projects on the horizon, and in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor teased his upcoming roles in Baby Driver   and   Robin Hood. “Taron Egerton, man. First on the schedule is Edgar Wright’s   Baby Driver, which comes out June 28 and features Foxx playing one of the criminals associated with Ansel Elgort’s title character. “It’s different,” Foxx says about the new version of the classic legend. Jamie Foxx definitely knows how to stay busy. He kills this sh–,” Foxx says. “Edgar Wright, f—ing amazing. Foxx plays Little John in the new reimagining, alongside Ben Mendelsohn as the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham and Taron Egerton as the iconic radical   thief.

Rooster Teeth’s ‘Camp Camp’: Watch the exclusive season 2 trailer

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Each of the campers has a different argument for why they’re the best. But as shown in this exclusive trailer for season 2 of Rooster Teeth’s Camp Camp, the resident campers of Camp Campbell have some very big problems to deal with. Instead, the campers explore a horrifying Purification Sauna, experiment with cybernetic implants, face down a vengeful one-eyed squirrel, and even engage in magical duels over a boiling lava pit in their quest to prove who’s the best camper. Watch the exclusive trailer for season 2 of Camp Camp   above. For most people, that just means struggling with swimming lessons or being bad at archery. Blue   and   RWBY. David’s pleas to “not spend time arguing over who’s the best” fall on deaf ears. Neil believes   his love of science and disdain for adventures makes him the best, while   Nikki claims her title as “the most rambunctious and lovable,” and therefore the best. Show Full Article Max,   cynical as ever, claims he’s the best because “I know the ins and outs of this place.”
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To find who ends up on top, check out season 2 of Camp Camp when it premieres June 9 exclusively on FIRST, Rooster Teeth’s streaming service available at, and on Xbox One, Apple TV, iOS and Android apps. As any former camper knows, summer camp can get pretty crazy. In   their eternal battle against their camp counselor David’s unrelenting cheer, Max, Nikki, and Neil reach new levels of competition. Longtime Rooster Teeth fans should also keep an eye out for the rest of   Rooster Teeth’s Summer of Animation, which also includes new episodes of   Red vs.

T.J. Miller leaving ‘Silicon Valley’

Miller will be part of the rest of Silicon Valley‘s current season, which wraps on June 25. Miller has plenty of other projects in his orbit right now. has brought to life an unforgettable character, and while his presence on the show will be missed, we appreciate his contribution and look forward to future collaborations.”
It’s a significant loss for the show, which was renewed for a fifth season earlier today. “In Erlich Bachman, T.J. Show Full Article Miller have mutually agreed that T.J. In the film world, he recently wrapped filming the thriller   Underwater   and Steven Spielberg’s big-screen adaptation of the novel Ready Player One. Miller is leaving Silicon Valley. The actor who played Erlich Bachman is departing after this current season, HBO announced on Thursday. Pour out a container of Fage yogurt: T.J. Miller became   one of the early breakouts on the tech comedy   as the buffoonish-yet-articulate Erlich Bachman, an investor in Pied Piper and the owner of the house that incubated the company. “The producers of Silicon Valley and T.J. He currently stars on Comedy Central in The Gorburger Show, voicing an alien puppet and serving as an executive producer, and he’ll star in his first HBO stand-up comedy special next month. will not return for season 5,” the network said in a statement. He also voices the lead character in The Emoji Movie, which hits theaters this summer, and he’ll   be part of the cast of the upcoming   Deadpool 2.

‘Love Connection’ host Andy Cohen learned ‘women are really mean to short men’

“Women are really mean to short men — that’s one thing I’ve learned.”
Cohen also found out that a lot of singles today are being a little relaxed on manners. It’s crazy!”
See? The new hour-long Connection has contestants, including gays and lesbians, tackling three romantic rendezvous per episode, with a big-money twist. Explains Cohen, “If the audience vote is different from who the dater chose, the person can get $10,000 to give up his love connection to go with the audience vote.”
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The couples are also asked to score each other’s looks. Andy Cohen may have found his true calling hosting Fox’s revamp of the classic ’80s series Love Connection, which premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Says the host, “It’s incredible how many people are late for dates in this age. This reboot, from Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor), follows men and women going on blind dates with the hope of finding romance. A version of this story appears in Entertainment Weekly’s Summer TV Preview issue, on stands Friday and available here. Reality TV can be educational! Show Full Article People are late for dates all the time. Don’t forget to subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. “I reveal to them how they scored each other,” says Cohen, who shot the 15-episode season during a weeklong hiatus from his Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. “It capitalizes on everything I love, which is asking awkward questions of people and getting into their personal lives,” says Cohen.

Jamie Foxx explains the difficulty of being a game show host

Once I got that, then we were in the money. This is gonna be a chapter in my book: “The Game Show.” There’s a way that you have to do it, and certain things you can’t get away from. I know that I would guess country songs a lot quicker than people would think. Because once the studio audience is there, and I’m there, and they know millions of people are watching, they get nervous. So I remember that, going “Oh, I know that song!” This has the DNA of a musical hits show, and that’s why we’re excited about it because once you put the technology in it with Shazam, it really makes your heart beat fast. Are you ready?” It’s like a play-by-play. You’re too strung right now. Have you ever had a situation where someone isn’t getting a song, and it’s killing you? It’s about the contestants.” I had already said that I wanted this   to be about the contestants, but I had to get my lines learned in order for it to go smooth and be seamless. He said, “when I was in fourth or fifth grade, I would ride the bus and my bus driver played all country-western.” So I had to learn not to judge a book by its cover because their music knowledge was vast. So I had all this sh– I had to learn. Student loans. Before that, I couldn’t read the teleprompter right so I would just do a joke. We also had Snoop show up and have his playlist, and Terrence Howard, and Mariah Carey. You’re a multi-talented guy. We didn’t realize that was going be a main thing. RELATED: Classic Game Shows Coming Back to TV Right Now
One of the things that seem fun about the show is how music is a part of everyone’s lives, so everyone’s had the experience of competing for music knowledge or trying to guess a song but can’t remember the title. It was   crazy. In a parallel universe where you were a contestant on this show, how do you think you would do? Snoop surprised us, and then we played with Snoop’s playlist, so everyone had to guess what kind of songs Snoop would like. But then ADD kicks in, fatigue kicks in, and you’re off your lane. Are there any equivalences in this game to that kind of Name That Tune strategizing? And then when they play against Shazam, what impressed me was the different people’s backgrounds and what they know. JAMIE FOXX: Different. But they   were right. There’s also Steve Harvey, who does an awesome job by adding his personal touch [to Family Feud]. Then they ask the other guy, “How fast can you name that song?” And that guy goes, “18 notes.” He knows that he’s only saying 18 so he can bluff the other guy because he doesn’t know the song either. Where’s the money?” I had to get that learned so I could be like, “Here’s the category, the prize is $1,000, the category is disco, contestants are you ready? Ahead of the   Beat Shazam premiere Thursday night, Entertainment Weekly caught up with Foxx to learn about his experience on this show, the things that surprised him, and how to play to win. We wanted to make sure we peppered in enough of that to make sure we’re keeping people entertained, while still going back to “here’s the situation, here’s the money.” The thing about the contestants that really took us by surprise was that nobody played for themselves. When you’re bowling and you go down the lane one time and get the strike, you’re just trying to stay in that lane. Have you seen any plays you’ve been really impressed by so far? We had this one dude who would guess all the songs and he was loose, he’d be dancing. In his first outing as a game show host, Foxx brings all of his many talents to bear: extensive music knowledge, stand-up comedy, and his own singing abilities. I was like, how you know that? Show Full Article Well, I grew up on Name That Tune. That’s tough. If you can, play the song as quickly as you can in your head, to get to the title.” I keep telling people not to fall for the fool’s gold, which is when you hear a lyric and think it’s the title of the song, but it’s just a lyric. It’s like that. I don’t know! So people are expecting hip-hop or R&B, and then it’s something completely different. So I would only tell them, “just relax. It’s like musical bowling. When I tried to do the show without having everything learned, I was like, “All right… who won? Have any of your songs come up so far? Those are the types of things that caught us by surprise but in a good way. Contestants will play for prize money by trying to guess the name of the song before their opponents — and then, in the final round, against Shazam itself. How likely are you to break into song and dance on this show? But there’s nothing you can do because you’ve got Standards and Practices. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s your hosting style like? There was no genre – not hip-hop, not country, just Snoop. So I definitely stole tips from them, and then I do my own thing. Oh yeah. So when you hear, (sings) “You better know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,” you’d think it was “Know When To Hold ‘Em” or something, but it’s actually “The Gambler.” Times like that, you just try to help them know. But when he got tight he couldn’t remember anything so I said, “just stay loose.” It’s almost like bowling. There was this little white lady from South Carolina, 63 years old, who knew all of the hip-hop categories, all of the R&B categories. They were like, “Oh, man, I can pay my loans off.” The father had tears coming down his face. Some people have guessed the song in 1.2 or 1.3 seconds because they’ve been studying so hard. One kid from Montana won something like $250,000. Or someone would say, “I can name that tune in four   seconds,” and then you know he knows it. What’s your personal experience with that? To make things even more entertaining, the show is hosted by Jamie Foxx. Everybody was like, “I’m here for my mom, our house burned down,” or “I’m here for my friend who needs medical attention but doesn’t have health   insurance.” You know what we got mostly? Those stories really made the show pop, because it would always center or anchor back to what they’re actually playing for. They would be like, “Foxx, it’s not about you and the jokes. I used to watch it with my parents, and basically what Name That Tune was, they would give you the information like, “This song was written by a group,” so and so, all these vague descriptions, and then go, “How fast you think you can name that song?” So somebody might go, “I can name that song in 20 notes.” That usually means they don’t really know the song. The only thing I would tell people coming on the show is, study all of the music, all of the hit songs. That   was cool and fun. Fox’s new game show, Beat Shazam, plans to deepen that experience further by turning Shazam usage into a competition. And then this black dude knew all the country-western songs. Another lady won $346,000 and her husband’s out there, he bursts into tears and runs on stage talking about how they can get their life together and stuff. Oh yeah. So then the host will go, “Okay, name that tune,” and if he can’t name it in 18 notes the money goes to the other guy. Shazam is one of those apps, like Venmo or even Uber, that seems ubiquitous now because of how useful it can be in everyday life. I just don’t know how I would fare when it comes to the actual title. No, but Ray Charles songs did. It was merging those great game show hosts and at the same time taking advantage of what I do — jokes, fun, impersonations, having people like Snoop and Mariah Carey drop by, that kind of thing. Terrence Howard was crazy because the first song on his playlist was “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” People tripped out on that. And then relax. And stop thinking about the lyrics, think about the title. The guy   who coached me was like, “Listen, I know it seems funny to you that I’m saying you have to learn your sh–. I was on the set of Robin Hood with this huge book and someone was like “Oh, are those   your lines from the movie?” No, these are my game show lines. You’re like what the f—? Are there any particular game show hosts you looked at? But if you don’t have it down, we’re all gonna be sunk.” There’s certain regulations you have, Standards and   Practices, you can’t mislead the audience. I know Richard Dawson from back in the day, the original Family Feud host.

Who is Rob Quist? The Montana politician is actually a folk singer, too

“‘Wow, that’s really cool. Perhaps most notably, he’s publicly opposed President Donald Trump’s proposed health care bill, calling it a “disaster for our state” in a video message   posted Wednesday. He can’t really   win   this election.’ Well, guess what? You have gotten the Republican leadership very, very nervous. Just a few months ago, Quist showed off his musical skills when he stopped by the KGVO studio and played his campaign song, “I Will Stand Up For You.” The gentle, country-tinged ballad includes lyrics like, “You are not alone / I want you to know / This world wouldn’t be the same without you” and “If you stand with me / I will stand up for you.”

The song echoes his political platform, which is centered on opportunities for all. Quist has also been backed by former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Show Full Article Just came back from Washington Thursday. Because they know that Rob’s campaign has been a great campaign and that he is on the verge of pulling off a major, major upset.”

Thursday’s special election will determine if that’s true. Hear both Quist’s campaign song and solo track “Back in Harmony” above. Although the Mission Mountain Wood Band broke up in 1981, Quist formed the Montana Band with fellow MMWB members Bruce Robinson and Kurt Bergeron soon after. “When Rob began his campaign, a lot of people would say, ‘He’s an interesting guy, he can play the guitar, he can sing, he’s a poet,’” Sanders said at a rally for Quist earlier this week. Democrat Rob Quist is currently facing off against Republican Greg Gianfonte — who was accused of assaulting   a reporter Wednesday night — for Montana’s House seat, but the 69-year-old doesn’t only deal in politics. Quist is also a banjo-toting folk musician who co-founded the Mission Mountain Wood Band in college and went on to tour with the group for 12 years, according to the bio on his campaign page. But he’s not   serious. In more recent years, though, he’s focused on his solo career, releasing two albums in 2016 —   Living Wild and Free   and   Honor Bound   — and one in 2015,   Songs From Western Harmony.